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FALLAH, AT2(AW) and AWV2(NAC/AW) Jeremy M. jeremyfallah@gmail.com "...I arrived in Hawaii (VP-9) on Thanksgiving day in 2005 as an undesignated airman, deployed to Qatar a few months later where I struck "AT" and made it first time up. During that deployment I went on det to Djibouti, Africa with, at the time, AT2 Kevin Mullins as my CDI and Senior Chief Ogata as our maintenance Chief. After that deployment I ended up in CMO-2-2ís shooter shack and then volunteered to go to Iraq with VP-47 for the 2007-2008 Tallil Iraq deployment were I spent 8 months. I made CDI while deployed to Iraq and returned home to a 2nd Class crow waiting for me. In April of 2009 I transferred from VP-9 to Aircrew school where I was trained to be an EP-3E EWOP and MTS Op. I was then assigned to VQ-2 and flew over 100 combat recon sorties over Iraq, Afghanistan and Libya as a Biglook / MTS Instructor. I separated from the Navy in April of 2012 and now work at Cape Canaveral Air Force station where I have front row seats to the best rocket launches around...." [08APR2014]

McDONALD, AT2 Dan dan-mcdonald@live.com "...I served with VP-47 (2005-2008) and CMO-2 (2007-2008). At VP-47, we did 3 deployments in 3 years to Talil Airbase in beautiful Southern Iraq. The second was a large surge and the 3rd we had less than a months' notice. For many of us, we were only home for 5 weeks before redeploying back to Talil. As proud as I am of those successful deployments, I am very happy to hear they did away with CMO-2! My favorite aircraft would have to have 012, and my least without a doubt was 788. I am pretty sure we permanently ruined the HF2 system trying to rebuild its main harnesses. Many of us who experienced our first deployment within those 3 VP-47 deployments still remain close friends and are now in our retirement windows for those who stayed in. I may be most remembered in my squadron for parking in the Marine Corps Commandant's parking space, or getting caught stealing Aquafina water from the Air Force MP compound in Iraq and getting caught..." [8APR2024]

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