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BLACKMON, CDR Larry Retired av8usn@starpower.net "...Preflight class 33-62, commissioned (May 1964), VP-22 (November 1964 to October 1967), VP-31 (October 1967 to November 1969), NWAL (November 1967 to May 1970), CPW-8 NAS Moffett Field, California (May 1970 to September 1971), USNPGS (October 1971 to June 1975), VP-48 (September 1975 to December 1977), NAVELEXSYSCOM (December 1977 to September 1979), NAVPERSCOM (September 1979 to September 1981), NAVELEXSYSCOM (October 1981 to June 1983), and retired June 1983 Still working! Chief Pilot and clerk for private company in Richmond, VA..." [E-Mail Updated 17FEB2004 | Updated 07MAR99 | 00XXX97]

BOBE, Sidney (Sid) 102227.1323@compuserve.com "...I was Plankowner in Patrol Wing 8 (later Fleet Air Wing 8 Hedron) NAS Norfolk, Virginia and NAS Alameda, California. I became Storekeeper striker 1941. I was assigned to Chief SK Burns in Disbursing, up to SK1c with Chief Alston (aka Sea-Pappy). CDR (to Commodore, poss Adm) John Dale Price CO; Aaron Putnam Storrs, LTCDR, XO until about 1943. Students of Naval Air History will know those names--an honor to have worked for them! FAW-8 well known in SF Bay area for dancing abilities of its personnel. I ocassionally still find 'girls' that recall our "Wing-Dings". Seeing VP-81, VP-2, VP-3, and VP-4 mentioned brings back memories of pre-war NAS Norfolk, Virginia days. If anyone knows of Stoney Arnold, Joe Cable, "Turlo O'Hagen", Tony Cinquano, LTjg A. Fogel, or anyone else from FAW-8's Pay Office? BIT OF HISTORY: FAW-8...arrived from NAS Norfolk, Virginia mid-December 1941, NAS Alameda, California and immediately was shipped to Pearl Harbor (by mistake which we learned about an hour too late) as we were in a 100? ship convoy. FAW-8 returned to NAS Alameda, California in January '42. PS: The west bound ship was chartered by the Army, the food was lousy, and many of the solders were seasick and had to be taught to heave over the leeside and not into the wind. BIT OF HISTORY: FAW-8, NAS Alameda, California; Lt.Cmdr J. V. (JigVictor) Riley and his crew died in a PV1 crash near the city of Redding, Calif. Accident occurred during a training flight with a PV1 (Lockheed Vega) which were new to the Squadrons (exact date not recalled)..." [07AUG99]

Memorial Picture "...EAGAN, CDR B. R. Shipmate Pix...Based on my research, Dad served with VP-92, CPW-8 and HS-8 Commanding Officer. I am still collected information. If you knew my Dad - I would love to hear from you..." Contributed by Rick Eagan edugeek48@live.com [31MAY2011]

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