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Note NOTICE: "...I'd like to inquire about is the fate of FAETUPAC Det. NAS Moffett Field, California. When I arrived there in the fall of 1964, they seemed to have recently arrived, because we were berthed in the transient dorm. A couple of us PO's managed to get a dorm for our unit's on-base personnel in another part of the barracks, which was across the street from the Admin Building. We were bounced around a few more times till I was discharged in August 1967. When was the Unit's name changed, and was it shut down before NAS Moffett Field, California became a Federal Air Base? I'm not writing a book or anything like that. I've just continued to be somewhat of an aviation and Navy enthusiast and collect photos and articles on the subjects so my children and grandchild may be informed of the "good old days." WARREN, GF2/AT1 Craig S.cswarren3550@sbcglobal.net..." [24JUN2001]

Note NOTICE: "...FAETU, which trained both electronics repair and equipment operations, was the original designator or the training unit (Fleet Aviation Electronics Training Unit), but was changed to FASO (Fleet Aviation Sensor Operational Training). The NAMTG units took over the electronics training function and the FASO retained the operator training..." Contributed by AWC Ken Jackson (Ret) Ken@score.com [27FEB2001]

Note NOTICE: "...I am collecting for publication the personal recollections of those persons who flew, maintained, and supported the operational life of the P4M-1Q. I am one of the original 12 pilots that, on January 12, 1951, at NAS Whidbey Island, Washington, were given TDY orders that would, over four years later, lead to the commissioning of VQ-1. I left the unit on September 12, 1953, and have recently, thru the VQ Association, the VP NAVY website, and the Internet, located half of my original crew and all of the surviving original 12 pilots. I am especially interested in any incidents involving contact with Russian or Chinese aircraft, any operational incidents, or any personal recollections of interesting events that occurred during the operational life of the P4M-1Q. All stories will be edited and returned for approval before any are published. Contact Mel Davidow, LT, USNR (Ret), 8860 SW 87 St, Miami, FL, 33173. (305) 412-9732. meldavidow@earthlink.net or 71634.225@compuserve.com. According to my records and information VQ-1 evolved as follows: *** Jan 1951 Fleet Airborne Electronics Training Unit (FAETUPAC), NAS San Diego, CA, for a special electronics countermeasures course. *** Feb - May 1951 VP-21 & Electronics Test, NAS Patuxent River, Maryland, for P4M-1 training and waiting delivery of our four P4M-1Qs. *** May - Sept 1951 VC-11 Miramar Detachment, NAS Miramar, for operational training. *** Oct 1951 - Apr 1953 Special Project Division, Air Operations Department, NS Sangley Point, Philippines. *** Apr 1953 - Jun 1954 VW-1, Detachment Able, NS Sangley Point, Philippines. *** Jun 1954 - June 1955 VW-3, Detachment Able, NS Sangley Point, Philippines. (During this period the unit moved to Japan, I do not have the date of this move). *** Jun 1955 VQ-1 commissioned...Mel Davidowmeldavidow@earthlink.net..." [09AUG99]

Note NOTICE: "...I'm looking for a fellow, Dick Peterson. He and I were brand-new Ensigns in FAETUATLant, at NAS Norfolk, Virginia. He was assigned to a PB4Y2 squadron, in ComAirLant. I went to a PBM squadron, VP-34, in NAS Trinidad, British West Indies. All this, about August 1952. Do you know how I might find: where he is now; and what squadron, and where, he may have been assigned? Many thanks! Jim Haughian jameshaughian@webtv.net..." [16MAR2002]

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