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Note NOTICE: "...My Father, Col Donovan, was in the RAAF and based on Moriti and Labula towards the end of 1944-1945: he is a very reserved man and will not disclose any details, which I respect. We have just celebrated ANZAC Day, which is our way of thanksing the Service Personnel in which all Austrlaians and New Zealanders particiapted. The RSL is a wonderful organisation (the most powerful in Australia) and I wish the US held its returned Service Personnel with such honour and respect. God Bless you all...Colleen Donovan colleendonovan2000@hotmail.com..." [26APR2006]

Note NOTICE: "...I flew as a crewman on the P2V5 Neptune, as our Australian Squadron was equipped with this model. In Australia, a guy in Sydney and his group have fully restored a P2V7, and it flys in Airshows, and various displays. There are another two P2V7s being restored here down under that I know of, one was a French Neptune, and the other one was from 10 Squadron, Royal Australian Airforce ..." Contributed by Phillip Ware curlyw@bigpond.com.au[27OCT2000]

Note NOTICE: "...Maritime Squadrons Association..." Contributed by Neville Williams rancomp@bigpond.net.au [E-Mail Updated 28DEC2003 | 09JAN2000]


The Maritime Squadrons Association (MSA) was formed at the Golden Jubilee of 10 & 11 Squadrons (RAAF) in August 1989.

Membership is open to all personnel who served or were associated with maritime operations with the RAAF or Allied Services. (Ground & flying).

Membership is mainly comprised of Members of 10 & 11 Squadrons who served in the post war years and the majority would have flown or worked on Neptune aircraft. However there are many members who served in WW 2 on Sunderland (10 Squadron), Catalina (11 Squadron) and of course many P3 (Orion) people.

The Association came into being through 2 unrelated events 600 miles apart. Both occurred in the early 1980s.

In Sydney Gordon Johnstone organised a dinner for members of the crew that he flew with in P2V-5F in 11 Squadron Richmond during the 1960. This was such a success that it became a regular occurrence and other aircrews were involved.

In Brisbane Neville Williams met up with some past Ground crew that were in 11 Squadron during the 1960s. Between the two of them they knew about 20 people in Brisbane that were in 11 Squadron during that period. A get together was arranged which was repeated at regular intervals. As the number of names and addresses grew a small news letter was started and distributed. Eventually the MSA was formed. Currently all maritime Squadrons are represented.

MSA is a National organisation with events organised in each state of Australia.

Some contacts are:

Neville Williams rancomp@bigpond.net.au (Secretary)
Gordon Johnstone gordon@tech2u.com.au (President)

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