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Note NOTICE: "...I found your site relating to RAF Squadron 23 during my research into men from the book "War Birds, Diary of an Unknown Aviator". My Grandfather's Uncle was one of these men and my family has his scrapbook. I have found RAF paperwork signed by an "LA Strange." I am assuming the Strange that founded RAF Squadron 23. This book contains many photos of the men and machines in this time, possibly even one of LA Strange...Chris Wojton cwojton@hotmail.com..." [08FEB2003]

RAF Heraldry Trust

"...The RAF Heraldry Trust is entering the third year of its project to build up what will become the definitive reference collection of the heraldic history of the RAF. Readers will have first read about the work of the Trust and seen some of the paintings already completed in past issues of Flypast. It is intended to paint every badge granted to a unit of the Royal Air Force or the Commonwealth Air Forces because, unknown to most people, these badges have never been fully described or recorded. To date, approximately 150 badges have been completed..." [02AUG98]

Note NOTICE: "...Does anyone remember an RAF Nimrod crew from 203 Sqn, Malta, staging through NAS Moffett Field, California at the end of November 1973? We were on our way back to the Mediterranean after winning an international ASW competition in Australia. We are holding a 25th Anniversay celebration at the end of this month (27th - 29th November) and would love to hear from any of those VP folk who made us so welcome at 'Frisco....Colin Pomeroy CPomeroy@aol.com..." [19NOV98]

UPDATE "...We held that in November 1998 - and since then have just held a second one in Malta, where 203 Sqn was based (Shackletons, then Nimrods) 1969 to 1978. We had an excellent turnout of 274 people - probably the largest ever UK single squadron Reunion held out of the UK..." [11JUL2002]

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