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Memorial Picture "...UNDERHILL, Samuel Jackson...Samuel Jackson Underhill (25 August 1917 - 8 May 1942) was a naval aviator of the United States Navy who was killed in action during the Battle of the Coral Sea. Born in Jericho, New York, he received a bachelor of science from Yale University and attended Harvard Law School before enlisting in the United States Naval Reserve as a Seaman Second Class on 8 November 1940. After serving briefly at Floyd Bennett Field, Brooklyn, New York, Underhill was appointed an aviation cadet and was transferred on 6 February 1941 to the Naval Air Station, Jacksonville, Florida, for flight training. He subsequently underwent further training at Miami, Florida; was designated a naval aviator on 15 July; and was commissioned an ensign in the Naval Reserve on 6 August. Following advanced flight training at Norfolk, Virginia, he reported to Scouting Squadron 5 (VS-5). In May 1942, when Rear Admiral "Jack" Fletcher's Task Force 17 steamed in the Coral Sea seeking to foil Japan's attempt to extend her influence southward, Underhill was with VS-5 on board carrier USS Yorktown (CV-5). When VS-5 raided Tulagi on the morning of 4 May he flew his Dauntless dive-bomber against a heavy anti-aircraft barrage and contributed to the sinking or damaging of eight enemy vessels. On the morning of 7 May, a coordinated attack group of 17 SBDs from VS-5 took off from Yorktown and, in clear skies with unlimited visibility, launched a dive bombing attack on the light carrier Shoho. The American planes scored nine direct hits and two near misses that sent the hapless enemy flattop to the bottom. The next day, the two naval forces at last found one another and the stage was set for the first great naval action between aircraft carriers, the Battle of the Coral Sea. On the morning of 8 May, Yorktown launched the SBDs of VS-5, dividing the group to accomplish separate missions. One division joined in the attack on Japanese carrier Shokaku and, diving from 17,000 feet through broken cloud cover, dropped bombs which bent the enemy carrier's deck sufficiently to prevent the launching of her aircraft. As the bombers pulled out, Japanese fighter planes swarmed out to repel them but were fought off by the Americans. Later that morning, dive bombers of VS-5 conducted anti-torpedo plane patrol around Yorktown's formation. Pressed into service due to the lack of fighters, the slower Dauntless dive-bombers were at a disadvantage with the Japanese attackers. At 1110, eight of the American bombers intercepted and engaged a group of about 17 Japanese fighter planes, shot down six of the enemy and damaged seven more. When the fierce action was over, Ensign Underhill was numbered among those lost in the fight to protect the carrier. He was posthumously awarded the Navy Cross for his extraordinary heroism, and became the namesake for the destroyer escort USS Underhill (DE-682)...http://www.4reference.net/encyclopedias/wikipedia/Samuel_Underhill.html..." [10JUN2004]

UNGERMAN, AWCS Lon T. Retired daddybear5050@yahoo.com "...I served with VP-1, VP-26, VS-41, NMPC NAS Dallas, Texas and FASOTRAGRULANT NAS Norfolk, Virginia..." [20DEC2009]

UNDERWOOD, Roger Runderdog46@aol.com "...Served 7 great years with VP-28 from 1967 to 1974. Great times were had by all..." [04APR2002]

UNDERWOOD, AW1 Scott Retired undie@wildcats.com "...I've seen some people here that really bring back some memories... I started my Navy career at VP-67 in Millington, TN..Proud to call myself a Thunderchicken...then on to NAS Point Mugu, California and the Tridents of VP-65..from there to 'Nawlins and the VP-94 Crawfishers. Had some great tours and made some great friends. I finised up my career with the Aviation Training Division at NAS New Orleans, Louisiana. I retired on January 31, 2004. Had a great career, and would love to hear from any of my old Shipmates...Drop me a line and lets reminicse about the good old days..." [E-Mail Updated 10JAN2007 | 10NOV2004]

UNGER, Raoul Felix regnu@attbi.com "...Began my Naval career in NAS Olathe, Kansas as a Weekend Warrior. Became an SP2E/H Flight Crew Plane Captain in 1965. I was with what eventually became VP-67 when it moved to NAS Memphis, Tennessee in 1969/1970. I even still have my old VP-67 nametag. I left the squadron around 1970/1971 to go to Costa Rica, C.A. with my Dad. I returned to Florida in 1975, heard about the program at VP-62 and re-afiliated with the Reserves in 1976. I went to VP-30 for FE school and qualified in October 1977. That is when I recalled as a TAR and began my active duty career. I was stationed at VP-62 until 1981, when I transferred to VP-60 in NAS Glenview, Illinois. In 1985 I "moved down the hall" from Cobra country to Lion country and VP-90. In 1992 I returned to Snake country to become a Cobra once again. In 1993 I returned to the Broadarrows of VP-62. Where I was until my health grounded me. I am now stationed at HS-75 and plan to retire in 2000. I also have my own financial services, business funding and mortgage purchasing company. I would enjoy hearing from old friends, esp anyone who knows Kenny Bell...Transferred to the Fleet Reserve Retired List 1 February 2001. Still reside in Jacksonville, FL..." [E-Mail/BIO Updated 13SEP2002 | 28SEP98]

UNGERMAN, Mike mikeu@topservice.com "...I was a navigator in VW-13 from March of 64 until June of 65. Served with LCDR "Sparky" Sparkman and LT Will Leuschwager (sp?) crews primarily. Became a check navigator and wound up with more than 1000 hours before leaving checking out all the NFO navigators so they could qualify before leaving the decommissioning squadron. Dan Shirmer was my first navigator when I entered the squadron; he and I followed each other all over the Navy over the next 20 or so years, serving together in VAW-115 and again in Washington. Helped to coordinate one of the Reunions of East Coast VW in DC circa 1986..." [22MAR99]

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