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USAB, Martin (Deceased) c/0 His Daugher Christine Stulik christinestulik@aol.com "...My Dad, Martin Usab, was with the VPB-108. He flew on the Privateer and the Liberator. Waist gun position and Plane Captain. My son has his squadron book, log book, medals and citations all in safe keeping. Would share all this for those who might have known Dad. I can find out the information soon. He flew on the "Nippo Nippin Kitten" and the "Flying Dutchman" I believe. If memory serves me (will check later) the crews were #11 and #13. We have lots of photographs of the crews and planes in the Pacific. Hope this helps. Will verify soon, please forgive mistakes. Sadly, he passed away in 1984. His most fond memories were of that time. His life was successful, in so many ways, we were proud to know him, and love him, Regards..." [01SEP2001]

USERY, AE1 Jerry R. Retired j.usery@att.net "...I attended Boot Camp at Great Lakes boot camp (1960), USS Essex (CV-9) during Bay of Pigs invasion, VR-6 at McGuire AFB, New Jersey, VP-23 at NAS Brunswick, Maine during Cuban Missle Crisis and VP-31 at NAS North Island, San Diego, California with both P2's and P5's. Trained Army aircraft electricians for the U. S. Army Crazy Cat's/1st Radio Research Company. I also served aboard NAS Agana, Guam OMD, VA-176 NAS Oceana, Virginia, NAS Whiting Field, Milton, Florida AIMD Electric Shop and retired in 1981..." [E-Mail Updated 04JAN2010 | 16JUL2006]

USHER, Jack chief413@aol.com "...I was in TRIM (VAH-21) from 1967 to 1969..." [10JAN98]

USTICK, Perry W. Retired pustick@bellsouth.net "...I was the CO of VW-3 in 1959 to 1960 at Agana, Guam. I retired in 1964 as the director of Aeronautical Standards Group, Bureau of Naval Weapons, Wash. DC. Following retirement I was with American Cyanamide Corp. in Wayne, NJ from 1964 to 1979. I then retired to Gulf Breeze, FL where I am now teaching at the University of West Florida. My home address and phone is: Perry W. Ustick 228 Pine Tree Drive Gulf Breeze, Fl 32561 (850) 932-6979 home (850) 474-2552 office...After spending 1yr (11/22/41 to 11/30/42) aboard the U.S.S. Northampton CA-26 until she was sunk in a battle off Guadlcanal, the battle of Tassafaronga, qnd spending 4 months at Halavo Bay, Florida Ils in the VCS Detachtment (VS-64} cosisting of the surviving 'V' Division Pilots and crews from the U.S.S. New Orleans, Minniapolis, Pensacola and the HONOLULA, I was transitioned to a PV1 (Ventura) squadron VPB-144 in June 1943. A recurrence of the Malaria bug I acquired at Guadlcanal, kept me from deploying with VPB-144 and I later trained at Vernalis, California and deployed with VPB-148. We returned to the States in late November, 1944 after a tour in the Pacific operating out of Emiru, Island patrolling to TRUK Island, a Japanese stronghold. On returning to the States I assigned to NAS Alameda, California. Thus ended my combat deployment from Nov. 1941 (before Pearl Harbor} to 1944..." [BIO Updated 06JAN99 | 28DEC98]

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