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Memorial Picture "...SHEPARD, James Howard c/o his Daughter Janice Shepard Merritt...My dad, James Howard Shepard, served aboard the USS Hamlin (AV-15) with the Construction Battalion. 61st Naval Construction Battalion. He received the American Theatre, Victory Medal, Philippine Liberation (2 Stars), Asiatic-Pacific Area 1 Star, Point System..." Contributed by Janice Shepard Merritt cancer123@comcast.net [26OCT2021]

DELIH, Manuel dldelih@sbcglobal.net "...I served aboard the USS Hamlin (AV-15)..." [10APR2011]

NELSON, ETM1 Richard dimondik@a-znet.com "...I served aboard the USS Hamlin (AV-15) (1945-1946) C Division during the Okinawa Campaign in World War II. At 85 years of age - I'm still alive and kicking. I would like to hear from former Shipmates..." [06JUL2011]

Memorial Picture "...SHAVER, Elvin...My Dad, Elvin Shaver, passed away about six years ago and was a mechanic (I think) on the USS Hamlin (AV-15), Island hopping with the invasion fleet during WWII. I have a picture of him in Japan, right at the end of the war. I also have some aerial intell. photos showing damage to a city, some countryside shots, and some U.S. air squadrons over the sea. In addition, I have what appears to be an amateur shot of the signing of the Japanese surrender. My greetings to any vets or families connected with the USS Hamlin (AV-15)...Lee Shaver lcshaver78@verizon.net..." [04FEB2009]

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