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BooksBOOKs: TITLE: "Stoofs, Fudds, Guppies, Hummers, Sentries, and Willie," Victors: "The History of Airborne Early Warning, 1945-1995," AUTHOR: Lt.Cdmr. Edwin Leigh Armistead, USN, SIZE: Paperback, 5/5" x 8.5" x 0.5" format, pp. 193., PUBLISHED: 1996, Yuma, AZ (self-published book; no ISBN-number)., PRICE: $16.00 (includes USA shipping). AVAILABLE from: A & M Associates, Attn. Mr. Harlan Murray, 5313 Westover Lane, Virginia Beach, VA 23464. Any ex-AEW/CIC/Weather Reconnaissance crewman will find this book VERY interesting, not only for it's listing of Squadrons, Commanding Officers, commissioning / decommissioning dates, and deployments, but also for it's "insight" into WHY things happened (or, ended) as they did, especially the Pacific/Alantic Barriers! Until book this book, I really didn't know WHY the Navy's SeaDEWLine barriers (seaward extensions of the Distant Early Warning (DEW) Line) suddenly came to an end mid-1965; I only knew that they DID and that I had been caught in the middle....I recommend this book to ALL ex-AEW/CIC/Weather Reconnaissance crewmen who yearn to learn more about their old Squadrons. The line-drawings may not be very good, but the information is excellent! Too bad it has a USAF 'Connie (boo!) on the cover instead of a WV2, EC-121K, EC-121M, or WC-121N! Ha ha..." Contributed by McCAUL, AT1(AC) Earles L. elmccaul@q.com

UPDATE "...I saw a self published book advertised on the site titled: "Stoofs,Fudds,Guppies,Hummers, Sentries, and Willie Victors: The History of Airborne Early Warning,1945-1995". I ordered the book from A & M Associates, Attn. Mr. Harlan Murray 5313 Westover Lane, Virginia Beach,Virginia 23464 for $16.00 Postpaid in USA. The original printing is sold out and the second printing was updated and the Title changed to "Grease Pencils and Florescent Bananas: The History of Airborne Early Warning Aircraft." Author: Edwin Leigh Armistead, published 1998 in San Diego, California. This is a soft cover that measures 5.2" X 8.5" X 0.5" and has a black and white photo of a E-2 on the cover, there are no photos or illustrations in the book except for front and rear cover. Lots of reference text, and a good read that fills in a lot of gaps and answers some lingering questions of logic. E-Mail for Leigh Armistead is ArmisteadE@aol.com..." Contributed by Donald O. Dockendorf Haulinas@webtv.net[23SEP99]

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