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VP CrewCREWs: VP-200 Crew ThumbnailCameraVP-200 Crew "...August 1945 VPB200 LTCDR Slater and Air Crew. I am in center of front row. We flew numerous patrols in large triangles 700 miles out. 300 miles across and 700 miles back that took all day. We searched for debris, hostile ships and especially enemy subs. We spotted the wake of a periscope, activated IFF (identification friend or foe) called on a radio with no response. We then attacked with 2 700lb depth charges straddling the sub amid ships causing a heavy diesel fuel leak. Had to conserve gas back to Kanohe and never knew the outcome. Lost track of whole crew after war..." Contributed by Donald D Smith Banner93@Yahoo.com [12JAN2000]

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