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BARNARD, Harold C. "Barney" davidmcgraw@adelphia.net "...I served with VPB-180 and VPB-200 from 1945 to 1946 in CA and Pacific Islands. It would be great to hear from former Shipmates!..." [24MAY2004]

BUZZI, AMMF2 Robert L. "Buzz" robalbbuzzi@aol.com "...I was stationed at MCAS/NAS Kaneohe Bay, Hawaii serving with Hedron, FAW-2 VPB-200. I was a crew member AMMF2/c flying on PB4Y2 and PV-2 Ventura aircraft. I would like to hear from any crew members serving during WW2 between 1944-1946. Crew mates called me "Buzz"..." [12JUL2001]

Memorial Picture "...COLES, Clarence Jr...My deceased father, Clarence Coles, Jr., served with VPB-128, VPB-198 and VPB-200. Dad flew as a Radar Operator aboard a PV-1 in China..." Contributed by Richard Coles richard@colesintr.com [14MAR2012]

COLLINS, ATC R. L. Retired W6WBY@ISAT.COM "...Greetings from another long time VP crew member. Served in PatWing Four, PatWing Six, VP-61, VP-200, VPB-104, VP-871, VP-19, and VP-28. Retired in 1963 at NAS Barbers Point, Hawaii. Would very much appreciate any information to the address of William "Bill" Brown AEC(?) and/or wife Maury. Bill and I were shipmates at NAS Alameda, California while attached to VP Squadrons there. Bill, his wife Maury (Maurie?), and I also worked off-duty at the NAS Alameda, California CPO Club during the latter 1950's. I will value any information allowing me to get in contact with them. Thanks fellows, see you at one Re-Union or another in the future. My Very Best To All From: R.L."Pinky" Collins ATC (Ret), 11-5-97, 3251 W. Simkins Rd. E-Mail w6wby@isat.com, Pahrump, NV 89048..."

DIXSON, Gilbert dgiljune@capital.net "...I served with VPB-108, VPB-117, VPB-197, and VPB-200 as replacement crews in 1944-1946. I wonder if any of the old timers remember me. I was the baseball team catcher..." [07OCT2001]

Memorial Picture "...EVANS, AMM1 Horace O. "Hank"...Sorry to note Dad's passing on October 25, 2005. Dad served with VP-54 and a number of other squadrons (VP-43, VP-200, VU-7, FAW-14, FAW-8, Airborre Early Warning Squadron PW-2 and VU-2) in the Solomon Island area (Bougainville) as an AMM1 during WWII. I would be interested in corresponding with anyone who has addiitonal information about the squadron's activities in the area. TC Bill Evans wevans80@comcast.net..." [26NOV2009]

EVANS, H. O. c/o his son LTC Bill Evans wevans80@comcast.net "...My Dad, H.O. Evans, served as a member of PBY squadrons during WWII in the SOuth Pacific, specifically with VP-43, VP-54, VP-200, VU-7, HEDRON FAW 14, HEDRON FAW 8, HEDRON PW2, and VU-2. Crashed in the Ellice Islands on Sept 5, 1944, rescued by the crew of the USS Renshaw. Now lives in Michigan..." [02NOV98]

Memorial Picture "...FROHNE, CDR Charles T...Dad's first squadron was VP-8 in 1942, and later served in a test unit for Fleet Evaluation of the PV-2 Harpoon. He served with VB-00 in the Hawaiian area, and VPB-133 in the Marshalls where he saw combat action at Wake, Tinian, and Iwo Jima. Total of 162 successful combat missions. In 1948 he served as maintenance officer with VP-4 flying the P2V in NAS Whidbey Island, Washington, NAS Kodiak, Alaska, and NAS Adak, Alaska In 1954 he joined VC-8 flying the AJ-1 Savage and then was appointed as Executive Officer of the newly formed VAH-1 flying the A3D in 1955. In 1959 he assumed command of VAP-62 and began the transition of AJ-1's to the A3D-2P. He was KIA aboard the USS Saratoga on July 29, 1960...C. Thomas Frohne t@frohne.com..." [BIO Updated 31DEC2006 | E-Mail Updated 05JUN2006 | 21JAN2001]

Memorial Picture "...GILLESPIE, AMM3/c Cecil R...My father, Cecil R. Gillespie, served with VPB-118 as an AMM3/c and from what records I have, he recieved the Air Medal for service with VPB-118 in the vicinity of Western Honshu and Southern Korea July 24 to August 9, 1945. He also served with VPB-197 and VPB-200. My father is now deceased. Anyone who may have served with him and/or has information on his unit and plane crew, I would be very glad to hear from. I myself am a Vietnam vet. His Son Mick Gillespie mkgillespie@comcast.net..." [E-Mail Updated 18SEP2007 | 13JUN2000]

GOODELL, Billie N. Shipmate Pix ...Circa 2006 goodkemp@aol.com "...I joined the Navy at 17 and attended Boot Camp (Platoon 56) at NS Norfolk, Virginia followed by Aviation Machinist school. I reported to VP-83 in May 1941. VP-83 was flying PBY's. After training we departed for NAF Natal, Brazil (June 1942) and returned to NAS Norfolk, Virginia (May 1943). We exchanged our PBY's for PB6Y-1 and formed VPB-107. I reported to NAS Hutchinson, Kansas for Combat Aircrewman School. We formed a crew known as M68. After graduation we were sent to VPB-197 NAAS Camp Kearny, California. We arrived June 1945 to train for VPB-109 on Okinawa, Japan. We deployed July 1945 for VPB-200 at NAS Kaneohe Bay, Hawaii for additional training. I left VPB-200 for VPB-109 August 1945. They were disestablishing VPB-109 and reassigned us to NAS Alameda, California (December 1945). I was then assigned to VPB-197 NAAS Camp Kearny, California. VPB-197 was disestablished April 1946. I was assigned to FAETUPAC NAAS Ream Field, San Ysidro, California. I was then assigned to BTU 2 NAAS Corry Field, Pensacola, Florida (January 1950). I then reported to VR-24 Det 1 NAF Naples, Italy (July 1955). I reported to VPB-16 NAS Jacksonville, Florida December 1959 until retired in September 1962. Along the way I collected a Combat Aircrew Wings, Distinguished Flying Cross, Presidential Unit Citation with Star, Good Conduct Medal with Four Stars American Defense with Star, American Campaign, European African Mid Eastern Campaign Asiatic Pacific Campaign, World War II, and the Occupation Medal Europe and American Defense. After retirement, I got on civilian job at the Naval Air Rework Facility as a Production Controller where I retired after 18 years. I now live in Pleasant Grove, Alabama and enjoying life. I would love to hear from any former Shipmates..." [BIO Updated 25OCT2006 | E-Mail Updated 08MAR2005 | 27MAR99]

HADDAD, Charles M. chaddad@fdic.gov "...Served in Patrol Squardon 42 (VP-42) from May 1964 to October 1967. This was the best time in my life. My heart and soul will always be with the sailors and the sprit of the Navy which will never die...also served with VB/VPB-200 from April 1944 to December 1944 then with VB/VPB-151 till June 1945. We saw action in the Carolines, Mariannas and Iwo Jima...Several Shipmates had contacted me in the past, Larry Mason and Jack Steele. I have to say because of a computer glich I never got to read you e-mails. If anyone has the the yearbook from the 1994 Japan deployment and goes to the Mess cooks (ner the back of the book) you will find five of us in the picture (I wish we put names in this book). From left to right David Huddleston, Charlie Haddad (me), Billy Durham (I wonder how Michael is doing), ???? sorry I forgot your name, and the Cook Bill? Goode. I hope that everyone of you guys have had a good life. I got married and had three children. One is attending Salve Rigina College in Newport and the other two are doing great in high school. My wife Rosemay has been teaching the 2nd grade kids for as long as we have been married. It may be difficult to write everyone so I thought I put this information out about myself. I hope to copy everyone e-mail addresses into a file and send out an occasional newsletter..." [E-Mail/BIO Updated 14MAY99]

HAHN, Daryl E. xwxman@cox.net "...I served with VB-200 from April 1944 till December 1944 and VPB-151 from January 1945 till June 1945. I was an AMM plane captain on PV-1 aircraft. We made raids on Woleai, Yap, Pagan, Lamotrek and spent a week on Iwo Jima March 13th through the 20th, 1945 going after picket boats..." [BIO Updated 19OCT2009 | E-Mail Updated 17JUL2009 | E-Mail Updated 10AUG1992 | 22SEP1998]

HOLLAND, Clarence c/o Mark Holland marmelemly@aol.com "...My Dad, Clarence Holland, served with VPB-119 and VPB-200 in 1945. Dad would like to hear from former Shipmates..." [22JAN2011]

JANKORD, Emery (Deceased) c/o His Son Gregg Jankord greggs1950@yahoo.com "...My Dad was Emery Jankord, an Aviation Radioman 3rd, then 2nd Class. He was assigned to PW11 HEDRON at NAS DeLand, Florida in 1942, VB-131 NAS Boca Chica, Florida in 1943, VB-131 NAS Whidbey Island, Washington in 1944, VPB-199 FAW-6 HEDRON NAS Whidbey Island, Washington in 1944, and VPB-200 FAW-2 MCAS/NAS Kaneohe Bay, Hawaii in 1945 to 1946. He and 5 of his buddies owned Harley Davidsons and while riding back to Kaneohe on the night of June 16th, 1946 he hit a car on a bridge near the Blow Hole and broke his leg, which ended his Navy career. I would like anyone that knew my Dad to contact me. He passed away unexpectedly in 1993 and I didn't ask all those questions I wanted answers for until he died. An help would be greatly appreciated. A good friend of Dad died on a flight that he was supposed to take, when the plane went down after takeoff. His last name was Gregg, whom I was named after. Any info about Dad or Gregg would be greatly appreciated. Sincerely..." [22AUG2002]

MAGIDOW, Harold c/o His Son-In-Law Richard J.Ziccard RZ9BALL@aol.com "...Served with VPB-200 while stationed at MCAS/NAS Kaneohe Bay, Hawaii..." [03APR2000]

McNEIL, LT John V. mcneil3@worldnet.att.net "...We were attached to VPB l09 in Camp Kearney but both Lt. Mason and I were held at Kaneohe prepatory to being sent back for discharge by reason of points and lenght of service. The balance of our crew was reassigned to a new Patrol Plane Captain and sent to Palawan in the Phillipines. Also assigned assigned to VPB-200 in MCAS/NAS Kaneohe Bay, Hawaii in Aug of l945..." [09DEC99]

Memorial Picture "...MULKINS, AMM2C Willam D. "Billy"...My father passed in 1979. He served in the Pacific with the VPB-108 and VPB-200. He with VPB-108 when they flew PB4Y-1's. My Dad always had a smile on his face when he talked about his fellow Combat Aircrew members and the missions they flew. I have his leather flight jacket with his name and the unit insignia painted on patch. It's "Bugs Bunny, VPB-108 painted on a red circle back ground and under Bug's it say's "What's up Doc". I even have a tube radio he built and used out in the Pacific. He shipped it home to Miss. It still works. The wooden shipping box still has his unit address on it, VPB-108. I would love to share the memories and photos and to fill in the blanks with his Combat Aircrew Members. Thank you. William Mulkins prussiansrule@aol.com..." [26JUN2007]

PENSE, Lee c/o His Son Mike Pense nibor@iso.net "...If anyone would like a crew picture containing some of the men from VPB-200, VP-198, and VP-100. I have possibly the only aircraft art for VPB-200 (it was never allowed to be put on because the birds changed hands so often). Please contact me, this art was drawn by one of my dad's crewmates. If anyone recognizes any of the crewmen, I would like to hear from you. My Dad's name is Lee Pense (radio operator) ARM3c. He flew the PV-1 and PV-2 Ventura. Dad's crew captain was Robert A. Willise..." [29JAN98]

ROGERS, Bruce Vernon [Deceased] c/o His Son Philip Rogers pbro@sprynet.com "...My dad (Bruce Vernon Rogers) flew as a tail gunner and radio operator in PB4Y-1s and 2s. Entered service 3/28/44, Gunnery School at Percell, OK (4 weeks), Radio School at Memphis, TN (18 weeks), Radar School at Memphis, TN (2 weeks), NAS, Miami, FL (5 weeks). He served with VPB-197, VPB-200, and VPB-111. He was a tail gunner and radio operator on PB4Y-1s and PB4Y-2s. Highest rank: ARM3c(T) Awards: Philippine Liberation Ribbon (1 star), Asiatic-Pacific Area Ribbon, Combat Aircrew Insignia (3stars), and the Victory Ribbon American Area. Dad's Date of Separation 1/19/46. He passed away at the VA Medical Center, Feb. 25, 1986..."

SMTH, Donald D Banner93@Yahoo.com "...Served in VPB-200 as a Radioman/Tailgunner. Searching for roster for VPB-197 and VPB-200. Two names I remember, Lt. Cmdr. Slater (pilot) and Seaman 1st Class Shaw. Would value any helpful information...I served with VPB-197 and VPB-200. Have been unsuccessful at locating anyone with a memory that coincides with mine. Any information regarding rosters, flight events, would be helpful. Would love to share some of my experiences as a tailgunner/radioman. Also served with PB4Y squadron. Helen (daughter of Joseph D Bulone), please reestablish contact; lost your email address. Have an experience to share with you. Thank you, your fellow Shipmate..." [E-Mail Updated 08JAN2000 | Updated 21JUN99 | 01MAR99]

STEMPLE, Herbert B. http://www.timesreporter.com/left.php?ID=22673&r=5&Category=5 "...Salute to WWII Veterans -- Stemple served as aviation mate - Herbert B. Stemple, 78, of New Philadelphia served as an aviation machinist's mate 2nd class in the Navy Air Corps for almost three years during World War II. He trained at Great Lakes, Ill., attended Aviation Machinist's Mate School at Chicago, Ill., trained at Naval Air Technical Training Center at Memphis, Tenn., and spent six weeks at Naval Air Gunnery School at Hollywood, Fla., three months at the U.S. Naval Air Station at Fort Lauderdale, Fla., and five months at Santa Rosa, Calif. Stemple was a member of Torpedo Squadron 6, which included fighter planes, dive-bombers and torpedo planes. His was among several crews combined to form a night flying squadron. He was transferred to patrol bombing squadron VPB-200 and then to VPB-119, the squadron he served with in the Philippines from the spring of 1945 until after the war ended. Stemple said a heavily armed, lone plane with a crew of about a dozen men patrolled one of three sectors every third day. Two other planes patrolled the other sectors. The average flight lasted about eight hours, but some lasted 12, he said. For his service, Stemple was awarded the Air Medal, Distinguished Flying Cross, Victory Medal, Asiatic Pacific Medal with one star and Philippine Liberation Medal with one star. A 1942 graduate of Tuscarawas High and a 1947 graduate of Akron Trade Institute, Stemple worked for several area businesses before retiring from the City of New Philadelphia in 1992, after 22 years of service. He and his wife, June, have one daughter, Jodotha Hren of New Philadelphia, three grandchildren and one great-grandchild..." [29NOV2005]

Memorial Picture Shipmate Pix "...WUETHRICH, CPO Chris...My Father, Chris Wuethrich, who passed away about 5 years ago. According to Dad's DD-214, he served with (and/or aboard) NAS Pensacola, Florida, NAS Whidbey Island, Washington, VPB-197, VPB-200, VPB-124, VPB-120 and VP-HL-10. Dad served with VPB-124 in July of 1945. His log book indicates that he flew in 3 different PB4Y2'S in and around Kwajalein, Tinian Island (Marianas Chain), and Okinawa. The BUNOS for these planes were 59629, 59536 and 59537. The pilot for all the flights was LT M.R.Wyatt. I have alot of photos, from his tour in NAS Kodiak, Alaska and NAS Whidbey Island, Washington, but, nothing from his tour in the south pacific. There are very few names and little imformation. My father was an Aviation Machinst Mate, not sure what rank he was at the time, but, have pictures in NAS Kodiak, Alaska as a Chief Petty Officer. If anyone has any imformation that could help my research, I would appreciate it. Kerry Wuethrich ktsw3@verizon.net..." [PIX Added 20AUG2009 | 15AUG2009]

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