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Newsletter VP-24 Alumni Association Newsletter
(VB-104, VPB-104, VP-104, VP-HL-4, VA(HM)-13)

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VP-24 Newsletter The VP-24 Alumni Association - known as the Batmen - represent the veterans who have served in VB-104, VPB-104, VP-104, VP-HL-4, VA(HM)-13, VP-24. Our mission is to represent the long proud heritage and legacy of our squadron from 1943 until 1995. Further, we encourage free membership for anyone who served in VP-24 or its predecessor squadrons, officer and enlisted alike. We conduct annual reunions, publish newsletters and have an active campaign underway to locate long lost shipmates. If you served in any of the above squadrons - WELCOME HOME AND WELCOME ABOARD!

"VP-24 (VB-104, VPB-104, VP-104, VP-HL-4, VA(HM)-13) Alumni Association"