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Reunion Information

The 2003 Reunion is being planned for Jacksonville, FL. It will be hosted by Don & Chris Hall (djhdestin@cox.net 850-650-3048). We expect it to coincide with the Blue Angel Show in the October timeframe (October 24th - 26th). A great spouse's program is being planned as well. We hope to obtain NAVY help - maybe a base tour and a visit to one of the active patrol squadrons at NAS Jacksonville, Florida. Don & Chris can use all the help we can give them! Can you volunteer to help?

Lastly, The History of VP-24 (1943 - 1995) is available in hardcopy (165+ pgs.) or CD-ROM, contact Andy Massa for copies.

Please assist us in making our alumni association bigger and better. Consider making a donation ($5, $10 or more) in support of our efforts (mailings etc.), help us recruit new veterans and activate old members!

Please fill out and return the attached reply form even if you are not planning on coming to the 2003 Reunion. Those with any interest in the reunion must send back the attached form in order to receive reunion details. Only those replying to this newsletter will receive the next mailing on the reunion details and sign up!

Mail / email the reply information to Don Hall. Your input, feedback and support are vital to making VP-24 the best veteran's association!

Also see us on the web at http://www.vpnavy.com/vp24.html and http://www.vpnavy.com/vp24news.html.

Regards and very Best Wishes,

2003 Reunion Hosts
Don & Chris Hall
4421Commons Dr. E., Suite # 413
Destin, FL. 32541-3487

The VP-24 History Project
Andy Massa
15 Michigan Dr.
Hudson, MA. 01749

Vol. I, Issue 1 The Batmen
December 31, 2002

A Reply to the Bat Cave

Contact & Personal Information (New or Updated)

Last Name:_____________________________ First Name:_________________________

Spouse's Name: ___________________________________________________________



Town / City:________________________ State: _______________ Zip: _______________

Phone: ____________________________ e-mail: ________________________________

Year's in Squadron: _______________________

2003 VP-24 Batmen Association Donation: (Covers mailing and logistics costs - please make checks payable to Don Hall (VP-24)). $____________________

Have you contacted any other VP-24 veterans and told them of our association? ____________

Are you interested in being a state or regional Recruiting Officer? (Answer questions, follow up contact, etc.)______________________

Are you more likely than not to come to the 2003 Reunion in Jacksonville? _____________________

How many guests (spouse, friends, children)? ______________

If you are less likely to come, please tell us why? (Schedule, health, costs, location, interest etc.) __________________________________________________________________________________

How can we make our association and reunions better? (Most important first!)



Other Comments: ____________________________________________________________________



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