VPNAVY VP-5 P2 BUNO: 128358
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Lockheed P2 Neptune

VP AircraftAIRCRAFT: P2 ThumbnailCameraVP-66W-1/2/3 P2 BUNO: 135588 "...VP-66W-1, VP-66W-2, and VP-66W-3 SP2H (P2V-7) Neptunes approaching NS Roosevelt Roads, PR in July 1968 on their first deployment since being established on 1 January 1968. Note the 7W tail code of NAS Willow Grove, Pennsylvania pool aircraft. Photo by ADR2 Sam McNulty, Crew 3..." Contributed by ROBIDEAU, AWCS Larry Retired larobidoo@comcast.net [15MAR2005]

"VP-66W-1 Summary Page"