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VP LogosLOGOs: Squadron ThumbnailCameraVP-722 Patch Contributed by Robert F. Dugger, Jr. YRHMM161@prodigy.net [06MAY2002]

VP LogosLOGOs: VP-722 Logo ThumbnailCameraVP-722 Patch [14JUN99]

UPDATE "...Re-designated: 1 July 1968 Nickname: None Listed Former Designation: None Listed Later Designation: VP-70V2 Approved: 20 March 1956 Discontinued: None Listed Reason: None Listed Photo No: 136 Significance: A blue hand rising from a blue sea, clutching four arrows; shadow of hand in white upon blue sea crasping an olive branch; sky is white; Border is yellow around the sky and yellow and white around the sea. White scroll outlined in yellow with blue lettering. Colors: None Listed. Record Location: Wash. Record Center Job No: 72-A-101 File: VP-722 Box: None Listed..." Contributed by Mick Nussbaum (Insignia Historian) T45_nditech@yahoo.com

"VP-722 Summary Page"