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BIALEK, Chester H. chbialek_usn@hotmail.com "...I served with VPB-114, VPB-904 (Reserves) at NAS Glenview, Illinois, VP-ML-54 (PBY and PV-1), VP-721 (PB4Y-2) and VP-722 (P2V). Retired in 1965 after 20+ years. Some hops in P-3's later at NBU. Participated in base closure ceremony..." [14SEP2009]

BOYD, Nelson nelsonboyd@mindspring.com "...I was in VP-724 and VP-722 around 1963-65. I went on the NAS Los Alamitos, California cruise and got to see the Watts riots up real close. The next year was NAS Patuxent River, Maryland. I went on to 5 years active 67-72 in the USAF, but flying in P2s was the best in my service years. The commute in R4Ds was fun too, especially when they were being phased out for R6s. We had 6 straight emergency landings. Nice to hear from the NAS Glenview, Illinois gang..." [06OCT2000]

CASSIDY, ADC Robert J. Retired https://naval-air.org/flightlog/moreinfo.asp?UID=2650 "...ADC Robert J. Cassidy, USNR - NFL Number: 2650 - Date of Birth: 5/18/1929 - Date In: 1/13/1947 - Date Out: 4/20/1974 - City, State: Vernon Hills, IL - School Attended: La Salle Univ. - Aircraft Flown: P-3, P2V, PB4Y, PBY5A, TBF - Ship or Unit: VP-ML-54, VP-721, VP-772, VP-62 and VR-54 - Pilot Desg.: Aircrew/Priv. Pilo - Theaters, Campaigns, etc.: Cuban Miss. Crisis - Associations/Service Organizations: ANA American Legion Glenview Survivors Fleet Reserve Assn. - Highest personal decoration or award: Navy Commendation - Significant Achievements: - 6054 Flight Hours. Vice Pres. Ilinois Small Business Assn. Juris Doctorate, M.B.A. and a B.A. Vice President AJF Industr. In Memoriam? No..." [04DEC2005]

HOECKELBERG, Bob Pbymech@CS.com "...I entered USNR in June 1949. First squadron was VP-ML-54, later changed name to VP-721. From VP-721 there was a split off and another squadron was created that was VP-722. I was in all three ending up with VP-722. Leaving two four year enlistments and one Truman year extension on all enlistments. Was Aircrew on PBY6A, PB4Y2 and with a few rides on P2V's..." [E-Mail Updated 30MAY2001 | 31DEC2000]

JOHNSON, Raymond RAYVIRGAGT@aol.com "...I had the pleasure of serving with three VP reserve squadrons from 1962 through 1968. They were VP-722, VP-726, and VP-70V-1 all located at NAS Glenview, Illinois. I flew as an Ordnance Man from 1963 through 1968. We flew P2V 5's, 6's, and 7's. We flew several versions of the 5's and had 6's with nose and tail turrets when I first joined the program..." [19NOV2000]

PELT, ADR2 Robert Van https://naval-air.org/flightlog/moreinfo.asp?UID=495 "...ADR2 Robert Van Pelt, USNR - NFL Number: 495 - Date of Birth: 5/4/1931 - Date In: 1/1/1949 - Date Out: 4/1/1965 - City, State: Chicago, IL - Aircraft Flown: PBY-5A, PBY-6A, PB4Y-2, P2V-5F - Ship or Unit: VP-ML-54, VP-721 and VP-722 - Pilot Desg.: Flight Engineer - Associations/Service Organizations: Nav Av Museum Fdn Tailhook Assn Survivors Club - Highest personal decoration or award: Armed Forces Medal - Significant Achievements: - V.P. Univ. Illinois Dads Assn. District Vice Chairman Boy Scouts Chicago. Listed in Who's Who in the Midwest and in America 1989. Captain with Chicago Fire Dept. In Memoriam? No..." [04DEC2005]

ROBERTSON, ATR1 Douglas G. dr_tug@dslextreme.com "...I joined the US Naval Air Reserve at NAS Minneapolis, Minnesota, taking the Navy enlistment oath on 27 December 1950 while still 17 during the Korean Conflict, as it was called then. I spent my 19th birthday while on two-week Winter cruise to NAS Oceana with VA-814. I served in VA-814 at NAS Minneapolis, Minnesota until transfer to NAS Glenview, Illinois VP-722 in September 1957 when I moved to Illinois to attend Grad School at Northwestern University. By then I had been advanced to ATR1. At NAS Minneapolis, Minnesota I graduated top of my class in AT basic electronics training for the AT3 rating under ATC Art Vikla and was asked to stay on as an Instructor. I instructed Basic Electronics for the AT rate the Summers of 1955, 1956 and 1957 at NAS Minneapolis, Minnesota while still attached to VA-814 TDY to the Reserve 85 day AT Basic Rate Training summer programs. I was aircrew in TBFs and SNBs getting flight pay at this time unitil VA-814 transitioned to the F-9F Panthers in about 1955-56. At NAS Glenview, Illinois I was aircrew in P2V-4s and P2V-5Fs. I had a two-week reserve cruise to AIRBETDIV NAF Santa Ana where I graduated top of class on APS-20 RADAR. I remember many day P2V aircrew training flights in the Chicago urban area and cross country 10-12 hours flights to NAF Litchfield Park, Arizona and return to NAS Glenview, Illinois non-stop in their P2V-5Fs. On a West Coast flight we had to make an emergency night landing at Salt Lake City airport when our P2V-5F voltage regulator went out and the battery acid boiled over, causing us to open the astro-hatch and go on portable oxygen bottles and masks. The SLC Tower was unfamilair with a Navy Neptune and asked whether we were larger than a DC-3, to which our aircraft Command Pilot replied "Give me your longest runway". We over-nighted there in a Quonset Hut and the squadron sent another P2V-5F for us to return to NAS Glenview, Illinois the next morning. I served in VP-722 until March 1959. Shortly afterward, VP-722 was called to active duty and sent to the Seattle are, then to the Aleutian Islands for 18 months.. I recall VP-722 winng the Conway Trophy for best Reserve VP Squadron two times, and believe that was instrumental in the squadron being called to active duty. In 1966 I took a civil service position at the Naval Missile Center, NAS Point Mugu, California and worked there 29 years, first in NMC to April 1975 where I was often TDY to WesPAC, then in PMTC until 1991 (in Flight Test Division from 1970 to 1983) and finally in NAWC Weapons Division NAS Point Mugu, California 1991 to January 1995 retirement. The last 12 years there I managed the HARM missile support program as HARM Acquisition Manager and HARM Technical Manager which entailed a lot of travel. I was awarded the Captain A. N. Perkins Award at NAWC Weapons Division in 1992 for Outstanding Performance in Acquisition Management of the HARM Missile Program. I retired as Physical scientist DP-3, Step 15. I earned my Private Pilot rating certificate from the FAA in 1966 and continue to fly. Aircraft photography is a hobby in retirement..." [08MAR2010]

Memorial Picture "...SVIHLIK, CPO George...My father, George Svihlik, passed away Friday, February 11, 2000. Dad served 23 years in the Naval Reserve. He was active duty from January 1942 until September 1945, recalled 1948 to 1950, then the reserves with VP-722 at NAS Glenview, Illinois from 1950-late 70's flying in the PBY, PBM, PB4Y and P2. Dad mentioned Shipmates Frank Getter; Barney Martin, Bill Sellers and other's. Dad was an inspector for Western Electric Company for 35 years before retiring in 1976..." Contributed by Richard Svihlik dockrick@hotmail.com [09FEB2014]

VLASATY, ADR2 Dave dkvlasaty@heartlandcable.com "...I served with VS-722 and VR-51 (1967-1972). I would like to hear from former Shipmates..." [21JAN2013]

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