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To All -

Reunion News

New information about the reunion follows. One major point (not really a change) is that we are encouraging people to check into the Marriot on 3/15 because significant functions will occur during the day on 3/16. This includes excursions (e.g. to St. Augustine), Happy Hour, and the beginning of the Great Sea Story Tell-Off (see below).

I urge all who need lodging in JAX to use the Marriot (our flyer is attached, again), as we have quotas to reach in order to get our *reasonable* group rate ($82 per room per night, single or double). When you make your reservations, please mention that you are with the "VP-7/VPB-119 Reunion Party". We don't have a definite price for the banquet but it will be in the range $30-$35 per person.

A certain group of agents provocateurs among our Brunswick comrades have suggested that the Broomstickers have better sea stories than any other era, most particularly better than the JAX-Offers. Some of us consider this a gauntlet thrown. We know more sea stories about Tom Raffo alone than all of the Brunswick sea stories put together. This calls for The Great Sea Story Tell-Off; rules (if any) and [crooked] judges TBA.

A tenative sked follows. Details later.

Yours in perpetual Dimviewability,



The following is a summary of Reunion events, definite or in prospect, as I know them at present

March 14, 2001

I will be checking in along with at least two Broomstickers who are arriving early to practice their sea stories while flogging a perfectly innocent white ball. Constructive bar time planned for the PM - one&all invited.

March 15, 2001

Many people will be checking in on this date. Snake and Rajah will be Flogging and trying to get their acts straight for the Great Sea Story Tell-Off. We expect to have our own Cash Bar set up for Happy Hour in our hospitality rooms.

March 16, 2001

We can have an excursion on this day (e.g. to St. Augustine). This will not preclude having others on the 17th.

Golf and tennis, by arrangement.

The Concierge Suite becomes available to us at noon, for byo socializing.

The Great Sea Story Tell-Off begins (no rules have been determined and probably none are possible, and the judges are sure to be crooked) in the Hospitality Rooms, around the pool, and in the Concierge Suite.

Happy Hour (cash bar) in our Hospitality Rooms.

An evening function is planned at the Fleet Reserve Club, time and details TBA.

March 17, 2001

The Great Sea Story Tell-Off continues. Judges will have been bribed by this time - but, by whom (N.B. - J&B is considered an acceptable bribe; Lagavulin is considered excellent)?

Morning activities at NAS JAX: Briefing and A/C tour by VP5, and possibly time in the P3 Flight Simulator. Quonset Pointers will be trying to find the guns on the P3.

Also at NAS, the Great Pilgrimmage to the Seawall and the Former VP7 Spaces. The climax of this event will be Sacrificing a Virgin (we have suggested Lurch Adams) by throwing him off the seawall with a 3350 tied to his tootsies and seeing whether he can drown in two feet of Coke-colored St. Johns River water.

Excursions (to, e.g., St. Augustine or Shopping areas of JAX) for those not interested in the NAS activities.

Afternoon Golf and Tennis.

Happy hour in the Hospitality Rooms, or around the pool if wx is good.

Banquet featuring Frank Houle and Wyc Toole, comments by Bob Wenzel and other former skippers; Hopalong Cassidy, Marylin Monroe, Joe Louis, and mystery guests - just got a call from Elvis and he definitely will be there.

March 18, 2001

Individual activities.

Golf and tennis.

Conclusion of the Great Sea Story Tell-Off. Winner gets a cheap prize and gets thrown in the pool by the crooked judges.

March 19, 2001

Hasta la vista baby.

Contributed by William H. Woodruff whw00dy@att.net [17JUL2000]

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