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This Great Big Gala All-Hands, All-Eras Reunion will be held in Jacksonville FL, St. Patrick's Day Weekend (March 16, 17, and 18), 2001. Specific arrangements are pending.

The Reunion organizers and the contact people for the various eras of squadron history are the following (this list is incomplete and more contacts will be added as "volunteers" are identified):

Fearless Leader, Bob Wenzel Rfwdew2@aol.com
Chairman Emeritus, Frank Houle fhoule@bellsouth.net
Organizers-at-Fault, Tom "Lurch" Adams upsouth@aol.com
Pete Travis Ctravis532@aol.com
Woody Woodruff whw00dy@att.net
Archivist-to-blame, Woody Woodruff (who will be glad to receive all photos, facts, fabrications, and incriminating stories)JAX era, Cecil Alton,CCALTON@aol.com
Jim Arnold freddy@ecentral.com
Charlie Calkins sailorboytwo@aol.com
Brunswick era, Roger McTighe Mctiger@nifcu.org
Jack "Snake" Waltzer jwaltzer@computer.net
Quonset Point era, Norm Weber navcad@hotmail.com
VPB-119 era, TBA.

Look forward to seeimg all of our shipmates in JAX in MAR '01

Contributed by William H. Woodruff whw00dy@att.net [17JUL2000]

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