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1. You need to make your reservations at the Jacksonville Marriot NLT Febroary 16:

Jacksonville Marriot Hotel - Reservations
Phone 904-296-2222
Be sure to identify yourself with the "VP-7/VPB-119 Reunion Party"
You will get our Group Rate of $82/night (normal is $140)
After 2/16 you may miss out on the Group Rate!!

2. You need to send your checks for the Banquet (March 17) to me NLT February 23:
The reason for this is that, unlike the rooms, we (that is, I) have to pay up-front $$$ for the banquet. No tickee, no washee. The banquet price is $38 per person (this is slightly higher than my original estimate of $35, but this includes all side dishes, tax, gratuity, ets - everything except wine & booze).

Please send checks NLT February 23 to:
William H. Woodruff
1401 Madrid Place
Santa Fe NM 87505
(Trust me, I work for the Government - Heh, heh, heh!!)

By sending $$$ you of course affirm how many will attend. It would be useful for me to have a count before the checks begin to arrive, so please send by email how many total people you have (yourself, spouse[s], significant other[s], offspring, etc, all in one tidy number).

To add to the zip of these messages and to pique people's interest in VP-7/VPB-119's rich history, I am going to begin sending photos attached to these Reunion-Grams. Attached hereto is a photo taken in 1945 in the Philippines, of a 3-plane flight of VPB-119 PB4Y-2's (thanks to Frank Houle). The format of the image is JPEG. AOL users be sure to save it to a file before opening otherwise you may get gibberish.

Look forward to seeing you all in JAX.
Dimviewably yours,
William H. Woodruff whw00dy@att.net

Contributed by William H. Woodruff whw00dy@att.net [21JAN2001]

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