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Note NOTICE: "...I am trying to help a widow of AOU3 Sidney Warren Green..." Contributed by Michael Bracey micher2708@gmail.com [17SEP2019]

I am an independent researcher at the National Archives, College Park, Md. I am trying to help a widow of AOU3 Sidney Warren Green who was a member of VP-836 at NAS New York, New York in 1954. Mr. Green was a reservist from Brooklyn, NY.

Mr. Green had prior service during the Korean War and entered service 13 May 1950 and was discharged for the first time on 3 Feb 1954. He was discharged for the last time in 1958. His widow wants to know what unit he was in prior to serving with VP-836, so I can research the history here at the National Archives. The only documents found in St. Louis was his discharge that shows the unit he was in upon leaving service. The rest of his record was destroyed in the fire in St. Louis.

Of anyone knew Mr. Green while he was in VP-836, or before in another unit, it would help his widow reconstruct his service during the Korean War, and would be greatly appreciated.

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