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Circa 1957

HistoryA BIT OF HISTORY: "...1957 Cruise Book..." Contributed by ROBERT [N] BELL captbell@tampabay.rr.com [30MAR99]

In the fall of 1945, in a small reserve station at Grosse Ile, Michigan, a new patrol squadron, designated VPB-905, was organized. The reserve pilots who made up this new squadron called themselves the "SUNDAY FLIERS" because of the "SF" markings on their PBM seaplanes.

In 1946, they were redesignated VP-ML-55, and soon thereafter, redesignated VP-731. In 1950, they were called to active duty, to take part in the Korean conflict.

A three month training cycle in San Diego was followed by a six month deployment to the NS Sangley Point, Philippines.

Six months later, the squadron left Sangley Point and returned to the San Diego area to reorganize and retrain.

Now the squadron deploys yearly to Iwakuni, Japan to patrol the waters from Korea to Hong Kong, and further their training in Anti-Submarine Warfare and advanced base operations. It was during this period, in 1953, that the squadron received its present designation of VP-48.

The only Navy Patrol Squadron still retaining the SF markings, but now flying P5M "MARLINS", the present day Sunday Fliers laugh, live and work together as a closely knit team. This book was created to show you the many aspects of life in our squadron; the fun we have, the work we do, the lighter side and even the dreary side of things as they happen in our daily routine..." Contributed by ROBERT [N] BELL captbell@tampabay.rr.com [30MAR99]

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