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Circa 1956

HistoryA BIT OF HISTORY: "...I remember the squadron being split up between NAS Olathe, Kansas and NAS Memphis, Tennessee. I and some of my photomates were sent to Philadelphia Shipyard Receiving Station until we got orders to a "permanent" change of station. They went to NAS Anacostia, Washington, D.C. and I got NAS Lakehurst, New Jersey. I don't remember a thing about any of the officers. They were to be avoided and saluted, that's all I knew at the time. Although some of the were teachers at Hadley Tech HS in St. Louis. Our Personnel Officer was LCDR Jim Hutton who was my track coach at Hadley. I think the skipper was a history teacher. "Stoney" was a destroyer sailor, MM1, but was our chief mech. I worked with him at McDonnell Aircraft until I went active and stayed for a full career. McAir kept me on the payroll until I enlisted Regular Navy..." Contributed by CIOKON, CMC Joe Retired joejtsu@cox.net [16DEC2003]

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