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AW 30th Birthday

We have a big birthday bash comming to mark the begining of the AW rate. The AWs (Aviation Anti Submarine Warfare Operators, now called Aviation Warfare System Operators) evolved from the VP operators and came into being on 01 SEP 68. We will mark 30 years of excellence with a get together on 29 AUG 98. There are currently parties planned in San Diego and Jacksonville. Others are in the works. Info and updates are availible at the "HANGAR" WebSite at http://www.users.cts.com/sd/b/bwickes/forum1.html. Check out both the old and new "Forum" sections for ticket and time info. Watch for updates. And pass the word to all! Not everyone has moved into the 90's with email. We want to see all current and former members of this elite group at one of the parties..." Contributed by Tim Walker tmwalker@Bellsouth.net [14AUG98]

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