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Military Connections - Reunions
Linkhttp://www.militaryconnections.com/reunions_main.cfm "...Reconnect with friends and plan your military reunion..." [10JUL2005]

Cool USA Military - Reunions
Linkhttp://www.coolmilitary.com Cool Military  "...Cool USA Military can provide your Reunion attendee's with quality T-Shirts, Caps and Accessories reflecting your squadron image, etc. Please feel free to contact me via my e-mail sales@coolmilitary.com or WebSite: http://www.coolmilitary.com..." Contributed HAWKINS, AW2 Ed sales@coolmilitary.com [15JAN2004]

Kilroy's Closet - Reunions
Linkhttp://www.kilroyscloset.com/ "...Kilroy's Closet is the premium source for custom clothing for all types of reunions and special group gatherings. We feature a hand-picked selection of high quality merchandise to make your reunion something special. Military reunions or any type of gathering will be more memorable with Custom Shirts, Caps, T-shirts, Mugs, Zippos, Lapel/Cap Pins, or Canvas Photo Reproductions of your ship, air craft, tank or other symbols of your unit, Yes, we can even help you to locate a quality Reunion Site or a Military B&B for family vacation travel at no charge. Be sure to check out these specials to get your reunion planning under way. Please feel free to e-mail KilroyIsBack@AOL.COM or Call Toll Free 1-866-KILROY-1 (545-7691)..." Contributed by Dick Alsop vet2vet@alltel.net (VB-103/FAW-7) [21DEC2002]

Magazines that Publish Reunion Announcements
Linkhttp://www.history.navy.mil/faqs/faq13-2.htm [09JUN99]

Reunions, Veterans Organizations Website
Linkhttp://www.history.navy.mil/faqs/faq13-3.htm [09JUN99]

Contact Planning and Production Website
Linkhttp://www.contactplan.com/ [23FEB2003]

Contact Planning and Production will make planning your next reunion easy and effective. Contact books over 100,000 hotel roomnights annually and works with the PT Boaters, Tin Can Sailors and Navy and Airforce reunions around the world. Contact will negotiate aggressively on your behalf with hotels and attractions, help you with all reunion logistics and save you time and money. There is no fee for any help Contact provides-- the company is paid by the hotels you select and you'll still receive the fastest service and work with a company that knows and appreciates a reunion group's special needs.

From hotel negotiations to ground transportation, from colorguards to buglers and chaplains, Contact Planning and Production will help make your next reunion a success. See the website, www.contactplan.com, or call Tom Pasha, Vice-president of Contact for more information.

Tom Pasha
CONTACT Planning & Production
Tel: 407-891-2252 Fax: 407-891-6428
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