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MishapsMISHAPs: 17 JUN 66 A/C: C-130E LOCATION: Exploded over sea after departing NAF Cam Ranh Bay, Vietnam.

UPDATE "...My name is Christopher Williamson, and I am a Vietnam case analyst with the Defense POW/MIA Accounting Agency (DPAA) in Arlington, VA. I retired in 2013 after 20+ years in the USAF, the first twelve spent as a Vietnamese linguist working this issue out of Hawaii, with numerous missions in Laos, Cambodia and Vietnam to locate, recover, and identify our MIA's from that war. Currently I am the lead analyst for about 180+ open cases, about 360 unaccounted-for personnel from all four services, as well as a few civilian cases. One of the ones I just took over is the loss of a VR-7 C-130E off the coast of Vietnam on 17 Jun 66. In researching open source information on the loss and the crew members, I came across a post from a Rick Anderson on LCDR Ralph Cobbs' VVAF page that said his father (not named) had been assigned to their crew, but supposedly there was a late substitution with ADR2 Stanley Freng. He also said that his father was supposedly in a second C-130 flying at the time Cobbs' aircraft exploded, they were close enough to see the explosion, and "turned back to inspect their plane" (whether he meant their aircraft or the one which went down is a bit vague). This is the first reference I have seen anywhere to another aircraft airborne at the same time in proximity to the explosion. Any information on a second VR-7 C-130 operating out of Cam Ranh Bay on that date, who was aboard it or what they observed, would be helpful to perhaps someday resolving this loss..." Contributed by Chris Williamson michael.c.williamson.civ@mail.mil [16AUG2018]

MishapsMISHAPs: 04 DEC 62 A/C: C-121 LOCATION: NAS Agana, Guam Strike: Yes Death: 03 Injured: 05 CAUSE: MATS C-121G Crashed on a mountain in Guam while delivering relief supplies to typhoon victims on Guam Island.

UPDATE "...I am conducting a research on VR-7 and an incident which occurred in Guam on December 4, 1962. I was hoping to leave a message to the veterans whose memories and experience may shed light and meaning to what happened to the crew, aircraft, and memorial. If you happen to know of a veteran who served during December 4, 1962 on Guam or with VR-7 at NAS Moffett Field, please request kindly for a reply..." Contributed by Edward L. Mendiola Jr. edjrnmar@teleguam.net [30SEP2017]

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