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Memorial Picture "...APLING, AEC Jerome Douglas...My late husband, Jerome Douglas APLING, proudly served in the U. S. Navy and was Honorably discharged July 9, 1956. He served aboard NAS Seattle, Washington, VR-8, VR-7, COMPRON-3 (VC-3), VF-11 (NAS Cecil Field, Jacksonville, Florida) and NATTC (NAS Jacksonville, Florida). Jerome was awarded the Good Contact Medal (5th), American Theatre, Asiatic-Pacific, American Defense, World War II Victory Medal, Presidential Testimonial, Navy Unit Commendation Insignia and National Defense Medal..." Contributed by Gene Apling oahugene@gmail.com [07DEC2012]

Memorial Picture "...BAKER, ADR1 Wayne T... my father, Wayne T. Baker, died December 1962 (with three others) when their VR-7 C-121 crashed on a mountain in Guam while delivering relief supplies to typhoon victims on Guam Island. Dad's previous service was with VA-54 with deployments aboard the USS Kearsarge (CVA-33) (1955-1956) and USS Bon Homme Richard (CVA-31) (1957-1958) and attended FE school prior to serving with VR-7..." Contributed by Thomas Baker thomas.baker5246@gmail.com [30JAN2017]

BELL, Gene gbell@beckerbell.com "...I joined the Naval Reserve at NAS Los Alamitos, California on my 17th birthday (9-5-56) and was assigned to VP-19 or VP-23 (I can't remember). My first ride was in a Twin Beech, but my second and most memorable was in the P2V from our squadron--I almost walked into the prop while trying to get my parachute harness on. I ended up in VR-7 as an AT2 in a Flight Radioman job on MATS Super Connies from 1958-1960. But still love the P2V. In 1977, I became a private pilot and have had my Bonanza since 1981 and now have a total of 3700+ hours, mostly flying in my consulting business. Once bitten..." [20JAN2001]

BRACKEEN, AK3 Luther luther_brackeen@bellsouth.net "...I served with VR-7 Detachment A (1962-1964) as a Flight Attendent..." [06OCT2011]

CARTER, ADR3 Harold jlbshreading2000@yahoo.com "...I served with VR-8 from November 1960 to January 1961, VR-7 January 1961 to July 1963, and VS-23 from July 1963 to August 1964. I know the whereabouts of W. Cronas, R Mecham, and C. Gresley..." [04MAR2003]

CASTANEDA, Gilbert N. "Cas" gcasta7843@cox.net "...I served with VR-7 (1965-1967) as a Load Master and VO-67..." [24JUN2016]

Memorial Picture "...CLAYTON, CAPTAIN Oramel I. "Mel"...My father, CAPTAIN Oramel I. "Mel" CLAYTON, passed away July 28, 2000. Dad served with VC-7, VOC-2, VC-20 (05/1944-11/1945), VP-41 (07/1948-08/1949), VR-3 (05/1951-12/1954), VR-7 (01/1955-02/1957), VR-6 (03/1957-06/1960); NARTU NAS Jacksonville, Florida (07/1960-01/1963) and retired 06/1967. I would like to hear from anyone who knew him and the type of aircraft Dad flew. Thanks!..." Contributed by Retired c/o His Son Greg Clayton dgclayton@verizon.net [E-Mail Updated 08APR2015 | 12OCT2000]

Memorial Picture "...CWIKLA, Walter (Wally) T...My father, Walter (Wally) T. Cwikla, passed away on July 10th, 2002. He served in VP-1, VP-9, FAW-10, and VR-2. His bio is listed in the Shipmates listing. If anyone remembers serving with him please feel free to contact me. I am trying to keep his memory alive and getting to know some of his former Shipmates will help. The only Shipmate I ever met was J. J. Smith, but unfortunately the phone no. my dad had is no longer working. I would appreciate any help in this matter. Thank you all for your service to our country and you help to me...Walter (Wally) T. Cwikla, Jr. earlvilleeagle@juno.com..." [19JUL2002]

CWIKLA, Walter T. [Deceased] c/o His Son Walter (Wally) T. Cwikla, Jr. earlvilleeagle@juno.com "...I reported to VP-9 NAS Alameda, California 12/21/62 assigned to AE shop. I deployed to NAS Kodiak, Alaska with VP-1 (during the earthquake). Back to NAS Alameda, California then to P-3 school at NAS Moffett Field, California. After school back to NAS Alameda, California, part or advance group to set up shop for squadron move to NAS Moffett Field, California. TAD to FAW-10 Inertial Nav shop until squadron deployed to NAF Naha, Okinawa, Japan until mustered out 12/4/64...I was assigned to VR-7 from December 4, 1961 to December 21, 1962. Have many fond memories. I would like to hear from any Shipmates...My father, Walter (Wally) T. Cwikla, passed away on July 10th, 2002. He served in VP-1, VP-9, FAW-10, and VR-2. His bio is listed in the Shipmates listing. If anyone remembers serving with him please feel free to contact me. I am trying to keep his memory alive and getting to know some of his former Shipmates will help. The only Shipmate I ever met was J. J. Smith, but unfortunately the phone no. my dad had is no longer working. I would appreciate any help in this matter. Thank you all for your service to our country and you help to me..." [BIO Updated 19JUL2002 | BIO Updated 03JUN2002 | BIO Updated 09APR2002 | 03APR2002]

DOMAGALSKI, Richard R. (Ski) Retired domagals2@aol.com "...I served with VTM-5 NAS Pensacola, Florida from 1946 to 1947, VX-1 Key West, Flordia from 1951 to 1952, ATU-10 and ATU-700 NAS Corpus Christi, Texas from 1952 to 1955, VP-47 and VP-50 NAS Alameda, California from 1955 to 1959, AEW-12 NAS Barbers Point, Hawaii from 1960 to 1964, VR-7 NAS Moffett Field, California, and retired in 1965..." [E-MAIL/BIO Updated 06SEP2003 | 03APR99]

DRAPER, TD2 Richard rldd178@aol.com "...I served with VR-7 (1958-1961) and helped run the Connie Simulator. I would like to get in touch with TD1 Brigham..." [25OCT2012]

FLEMING, AMH2 James flemingjjim@gmail.com "...I served with VR-7 and VR-8 at NAS Moffett Field, California from 1959 to 1962. I flew as a crew member on the C-121 while assigned to MATS - good duty. I am looking for Robert Wolfe and his wife Mary..." [18FEB2011]

FORMAN, Fred W. FForman3rd@aol.com "...I flew with VP-12 (the original Black Cat Squadron) then VPB-17, also Black Cat squadron, during WWII and then VRF-1, VP-661, & VR-7, post war..." [07JUL99]

FOSS, Terrence L. Retired usnretcac@aol.com "...Was the original FE on both of VAQ-33's connies. Also served at VP-42, VR-7, AEWBarRonPac, Pacific Missle Range an NAS Norfolk, Virginia before retirement in 1978..." [30NOV2001]

FRANDEMO, Ben benfrandemo@yahoo.com "...I served with VR-7 NAS Moffett Field, California from 1960-1963. Looking for former Shipmates to share photos, great stories and fun times..." [31OCT2003]

Memorial Picture "...FRANKS, AD3 Donnie...My Dad, AD3 Donnie Franks, passed away in 2000. Dad served with VR-7 (1955-1959) with deployments to NAS Atsugi, Japan. I would like to hear from any of Dad's former Shipmates..." Contributed by Richard Franks rickfranks1000@yahoo.com [26JUL2012]

FROST, Frank W. frostie@BTConline.net "...Served from 1951 through 1973. I started as an AD then converted ADJ. Served with VP-5, VR-22, VR-7, VSN-8, and VW-4. I was a Flight Engineer with all squadron except VP-5..." [07JUN2001]

GIESSMAN, ADRC George R. Retired jmgiess@gate.net "...Served with VR-7 & VR-8 from 1955-60; AEWRARRONPAC 1960-64; NASG Lynco 1964-67; VQ-1 1967-69; VW-4 1969-70; NASG Lynco 1970-75. Flight Engineer last 12 yrs of my career. Like to hear from Shipmates who flew those times. Anyone know where Ed Yarga is. Last heard was flying flight engineer for Japan Airlines. Thanks..." [29JUL98]

GREEN, Joe joegreen@insightbb.com "...I served with FASRON-104 from 1958 to 1959 (NS Rota, Spain), AEWBarRonPac from 1960 to 1963(NAS Barbers Point, Hawaii), NRL 1964 (NAS Patuxent River, Maryland), and VR-7 from 1965 to 1966 (NAS Moffett Field, California)..." [24AUG2003]

HALBMAIER, William T. pedalmore@yahoo.com "...I served with VR-7 Det. 'A' from 1960 to 1962 at Tachikawa AFB Japan. Would like to hear from anyone serving during that time frame in VR-7..." [12MAR2006]

HALL, ADRC Marty Retired mjhall@awc.fairbanks.ak.us "...F/E Willie's AEWBarRonPac , VQ-1, NRL, wrenched the Willies VW-13 and VW-15. Let's see... also F/E'd Herc's in VR-7 and Plane Capt. station C-54 on NAS Kodiak, Alaska. Misc other squadrons wrench'd and flew misc other aircraft but my thoughts go back mostly to The " Q " and PR-21..." WebSite: http://home.awcable.com/~mjhall/ [E-Mail/URL Updated 11OCT2004 | 03NOV98]

HARRELSON, Melvin c/o Crystal Harrelson McDonald bammagirl1967@gmail.com "...I served with VR-7 Alpha and would like to hear from former Shipmates..." [03AUG2013]

HENTZ, Jerry Retired janjer2@sbcglobal.net "...I served with VW-3 NAS Agana, Guam from 1952 to 1972, VP-4 NAS Whidbey Island, Washington (deployed to NAF Naha, Okinawa, Japan) - VR-7 and VR-8 NAS Moffett Field, California, AIMD NAS Barbers Point, Hawaii, VT-28 NAS Corpus Christi, Texas, and USS IWO JIMA (LPH-2 SD.CA./Vietnam). Retired from NAS North Island, San Diego, California (AIMD) 1972. I had a lot of great friends for that 20 years and only stayed in touch with a few. I would love to talk to any and all former Shipmates..." [E-Mail Updated 07JUN2004 | Bio Updated 25MAY98 | 27FEB98]

KINGSLAND, Arthur J funtime@dave-world.net "...I was in VP-47 in 60-61 and we did have a great time. WE did have afew things happen. Like one of our boats run into a buoy and cart wheel. And good old E. L. Williams, AM1 put it back together. I have a old plack that shows a goose riding a bomb down to the sea from VP-47...Duty 2-1-56 USNR, 2-2-57 Active 2-3-57 VR-8, 1-2-58 VR-7, 1-1-59 USS Norton Sound AVM1, 12-59 VP-47, 1-62 VT-23, 65-66 uss currtuck AV 7 and in 1976 I retired AMH2. I also was in the sea bees for the last 10 years SW2..." [03AUG98]

LANE, Tom tlane@fidalgo.net "...VR-7 Detachment Alpha 1962 - 1963. Boat builder and marine mechanic. Spare time activities flying, boating, camping, fishing..." [26JAN2005]

LUKA, CDR Earl Retired eluka@charter.net "...Served with VP-10; XO 1962, and CO 1963. Other squadrons/duty stations were as follows: VBF-98; VF-100; VF-99, VF-89, BTU-3 Saufley, USS Valley Forge CV 45, USS Philippine Sea CV 47, VR-7, and USS Lake Champlain CVS. Retired 1967. Current homeport is StillWaters Resort on beautiful LakeMartin (http://www.stillwaters.com) in East Central Alabama. Would welcome hearing from my former Shipmates..." [E-Mail Updated 19FEB2002 | 28FEB99]

MILES, Joseph D. "Jig Dog Miles" jigdogmiles@hotmail.com "...I served with VU-3 (1951-1952), VU-5 (1952-1954) at NAS Agana, Guam, VR-3 (1954-1957) MATS at NAS Moffett Field, California as well as VR-21 later assigned to VP-31, VR-7, VQ-1, VW-4 at NAS Jacksonville, Florida, VRF-31 at NAS Norfolk, Virginia and PMTC at NAS Point Mugu, California..." [E-Mail Updated 29JUN2013 | BIO Updated 23JAN2005 | 30MAY2004]

MOSKALIK, AT2 Larry Retired lmoskalik@yahoo.com "...I served in VR-7 Det. "A" from 1958 to 1960..." [05JUN2007]


O'TOOLE, Donald kismet51@optonline.net "...I served with VR-8 / VR-7 (1951-1953) and FASRON-4 (1954)..." [16MAR2012]

Memorial Picture "...RAY, CDR Willard Douglas "Doug"...CDR Willard Douglas "Doug" Ray passed away November 25th, 2011 in Creston, IA. Cdr Ray served with VR-8, VR-7, VP-6, VP-46, Naval Missile Center (NMC), VR-30. Celebration of life services will be 10:30 a.m. Thursday, Dec. 1, at the First Christian Church. The Rev. Merlin Wilkins and the Rev. Dianna Clark will officiate. Inurnment will be in Graceland Cemetery with military honors. There will be no public viewing..." [30NOV2011]

SCHRIVER, ADRC J.J. (Red) Retired c/o Robert Schriver rgs4x@yahoo.com "...I am the son of NATS ADRC Flight engineer J.J. (red) Schriver VR-7 retired in 1969. Dad is still alive and kickin. I grew up having NAS Moffett Field, California as my second home..." [03SEP2006]

WEBB, ADR1 Robert D. "Bob" Retired gagrip@earthlink.net "...I was stationed at NAS Point Mugu, California from 1958 to 1962 with the Line Division flying SNB-5, R5Ds and HUP2s. I served with VR-7 from July 1962 to 1967 where I started FE School on the Connie's (C-121) and did not finish. All C-121s were transferred to the Air National Guard and we started receiving Air Force C-130Es when I was about half way through the FE School. I flew MAC flights all over the world and was some of the best duty in the Navy, as some Shipmates started as Airman and left as a Chief Petty Officers. I then served with VT-31 NAAS Saufley Field, Pensacola, Florida from 1967 to 1971. We had T28 aircraft with a tailhooks and qualified student pilots in carrier landings. I next reported to VP-31 NAS Moffett Field, California in 1971 and attended FE School. I served with VP-19 NAS Moffett Field, California from 1972 to 1975 on Crew 4 (FE). VP-19 was one of the better tours as we got to see a lot of South East Asia all the way to Iran. I then served with VT-31 NAS Corpus Christi, Texas and was assigned to Power Plants and Quality Assurance. I retired from VT-31 on June 20, 1977 as an ADR1. I would like to hear from any old Shipmates..." [22SEP2008]

WILLIAMS, YN David L. dlwms1@verizon.net "...I served with VR-7 (Yeoman) at NAS Agana, Guam from 1947 to 1948. My very first flight was in an R5D from NAS Moffett Field, California, to Hawaii, Johnston Is, NAS Kwajalein, Marshall Islands and NAS Agana, Guam..." [14APR2009]

WILLIAMS, George E. comstockgeorge@yahoo.com "...I served with VR-7 from 1960 to 1963 as a flight attendent on MATS C-121G that went down on NAS Agana, Guam in December 1962. I am looking for ways to prove I was in Country during that time frame so I may get Disibility. Any help would be appreciated..." [06JAN2010]

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