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Note NOTICE: "...FOUND: Silver humidor box inscribed: CDR CL Kullberg for 30 years of Service from the Officers of VU-7. If you are family and would like to have it - please contact me..." Contributed by Laureen Torrison to_advantage_you@yahoo.com [24SEP2014]

Note NOTICE: "...I would appreciate it if anyone out there that may have a photo of "my" JD-1 from VU-7 nose no. 5, BUNO: 77141 would send me a copy. If anyone out there might remember my pilot LT Seeborg (or Seaborg) and whatever may have become of him....BACH, John johnbach1@verizon.net..." [31JUL2003]

UPDATE "...Years ago (31JUL2003) I posted a note requesting info on my pilot LT George Seaborg of VU-7, my JD-1 pilot. I rec'd a letter from one of his friends, a R.W. "Dick" Cater, also of VU-7, who told me that LT Seaborg retired form the Navy in "53 and went on to be a captain with TWA. LT Seaborg retired from TWA in '85 and died in 2000. It was a lot of fun flying with Seaborg and I was sorry to hear of his passing. Seaborg was an enlisted man at the end of WW2. in '49 he was a Aviation Radioman 2nd Class. In '49 he was a assigned as a Naval Aviator and sent to NAS North Island, San Diego, California...BACH, John johnbach1@verizon.net..." [21NOV2005]

Note NOTICE: "...I would like to find any information on my Father or anyone who served with him in VU-7. I beleive he was in during WWII, but I am not sure, he has been missing since 1973. I have a picture of him with his crew standing in front of a PBY. The Pilot was LT Murray from Kansas, Co-Pilot was ENS Mims from Alabama, Plane Captain was AMM1 Odom from Texas, and the Bombardier was AOM3 Davidson from California. My Dad was ARM1 Jack M. Bozarth from Sioux Falls, So Dak. Any help would be appreciated. I am just curious as to what he did in the service. Thank you...Jack M. Bozarth Jr beauz@xmission.com..." [22JUN2004]

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