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Memorial Picture "...DEAN, William J. Sr. "Bill"...William passed away on Thursday, December 22, 2011. He served ZX-11 WebSite: The Tributes http://www.tributes.com/..." [25NOV2013]

DEAN, AD2 Bill dean1176@aol.com "...I was assigned to ZX-11 as an aviation machinist mate in the fall of 1952 after graduating Mech school at NAS Memphis, Tennessee. I think I was in CAC 4 and remember we flew every fourth day if the ship was up. During my tour of duty there we lost two ships to a water spout. Both were moored at their mooring masts. Each ship had a man on board as pressure watch. They and the ships were blown into the mangrove swamp to the east of the runways. We were able to recover both guys unhurt a few minutes after the incident. I was transferred to NAS Patuxent River, Maryland in 1954 after making third class and was assigned to Electronics Test which had almost the same mission, ASW evaluation, as ZX-11. I was plane chief and flew on a P2V-5 for the rest of my time in the Navy. Discharged in November 1955 as a Second class AD. I have now completed a 37 year career and retired from General Electric Aircraft Engine..." [23JAN2007]

FARNETT, Nick njf5@comcast.net "...I was with VP-34 from 1/54 to 6/55 in NAS Trinidad, British West Indies and from 6/55 to 4/56 at NAS Coco Solo, Panama, Canal Zone when the squadron moved to Panama. I was 2nd Ord on EC8 and 1st Ord on EC6. The worst experience of my 71 years was on 31 Oct 1955 when we lost EC10 with a stbd engine failure on take off and, on single engine, contacted the rock seawall at the entrance to the canal. We lost LTJG David Ryan, pilot, ENS Wallace Sperlick, co-pilot, AD1 Mcclellan Childress, Plane Captain, AT3 Carrol Church, 1st radioman, AN William Hopkins, 2nd radioman, AN William Ward, ordnanceman, PHC George Ethridge, photographer, and PH1 John Meyers, photographer. ADAA Charles Airhart was the lone survivor. I was with ZX-11, an experimental Blimp squadron in Key West from 4/56 to 4/57, my final year of a four year hitch..." [E-Mail Updated 25SEP2010 | E-Mail Updated 17FEB2005 | BIO/E-Mail Updated 13FEB2005 | BIO Updated 12AUG2000 | 12MAR99]

GUFFEY, Delmer L. c/o Terry Guffey tg6363slam@outlook.com "...My Dad: Delmer L. Guffey, US Navy 1947-1956 was stationed at NAS Glynco, Brunswick, Ga in the 1950ís. I have a official photograph of ZX-11-1 personnel at NAS Glynco, Brunswick, Ga dated May 1, 1953 for viewing on the website..." [28MAR2022]

KING, Charles chask@wavecable.com "...I served aboard NAS Pensacola, Florida (1951-1953) and ZX-11 (1953-1954) and worked in the Electronics Building. I remember losing 2 airships..." [12JUL2015]

LEBA, Ronald James zukigirrl65@yahoo.com "...I served with ZX-11 at NAS Key West, Florida. I flew and maintained the blimps. Looking for fellow Shipmates Tom River, etc. I just celebrated my 83 Birthday!..." [26JUL2021]

McLAUGHLIN, AT David Shipmate Pix...Circa 1995... skow1az2@qwest.net "...I served with ZX-11 (1957 to 1958), VW-13 (1959), VW-11 (1960 to 1961), VP-11 (1962 to 1963) and VT-28 NAS Corpus Christi, Texas (February 1963 to April 1966). I was an aircreman AT. I would like to hear from anyone who may remember serving with me..." [BIO/PIX Updated 23OCT2006 | 22OCT2006]

O'BRYAN, ATCS Bob "OB" Retired bashfulbobus@yahoo.com "...Joined the Navy in 1942. Boot Camp at Great Lakes, Mech School at Navy Pier and Gunnery School at Yellowwater. Stayed a spell as instructor then went to Flight School in 1943. Washed out in 1944 and went to Flight Engineer School. Went to NAS Tanapag Harbor, Saipan, Marianas Islands and Okinawa with VH-6, Operated off several AVs and AVPs out of Chimu Wan flying ASR. After the war went to Shanghai and flew courier around the area, Trans to VPB-25 when VH-6 went back for decom. Squadron moved to Yokohama in early 1946 and continued courier out of there. Back to MCAS/NAS Kaneohe Bay, Hawaii and NAS Alameda, California for VPB-25 decom in summer of 1946. Mustered out of reserve in TI and reenlisted in Regular Navy, taking a bust from 1st to 3rd in so doing. Went to VR-5 in Sand Point and NAS Adak, Alaska working on check crews, loading crews, gas crew and flight orderly. Went to Radio Tech school at NAS Corpus Christi, Texas and NAS Memphis, Tennessee then to an airgroup in Charleytown, RI in 1948. Went to AEW school at NAS Norfolk, Virginia then VX-1 and ZX-11 in NAS Boca Chica, Florida in 1949. Back to NAS Memphis, Tennessee to teach in AT School in 1951. Shipped over for VP-4 in NAS Whidbey Island, Washington in 1956. No more than checked in when we were moved to Okinawa. Rotated to VP-1 in NAS Whidbey Island, Washington in 1958. Went to R&T in Oppama and stayed until station decom in 1961. Back to TI to retire..." [28MAY2002]

Memorial Picture "...SCHMETZER, AT Carl George "Bud"...Bud Schmetzer, 72, went to be with the Lord Jesus on Monday, December 6, 2004. He served ZX-11 (1951-1955). WebSite: Whites Funeral Home http://www.whitesfuneralhomes.com/..." [24NOV2013]

Memorial Picture "...STEWART, James D. "Jim"...Jim passed away Wednesday January 12th, 2005 at 6:30 at Our Lady of the Lake Regional Medical Center, Baton Rouge. He served ZX-11. WebSite: The Advocate http://www.legacy.com/obituaries/..." [25NOV2013]

TONGUIS, AT Tommy Shipmate Pix ttonguis@cox.net "...I served with ZX-11 (1952-1955) and flew (Radio). I would like to hear from former Shipmates via E-Mail and/or (225) 454-6086..." [PIX Added 24NOV2013 | E-Mail/BIO Updated 23NOV2013 | 25DEC2006]

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