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ReunionsREUNIONs: "...A montage of the NAS Trinidad Reunion (FASRON-105, VPMS-8, VP-34, VP-48, and VP-208) Group Memphis Reunion 9/26-9/29, 2002 and a picture of VP-34 attendees..." Contributed by Nick Farnett njf5@comcast.net [22NOV2002]
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VP-56 Roster Picture ThumbnailCamera
VP-56 Roster Picture ThumbnailCamera


ReunionsREUNIONs: ASSOCIATION: VPB 208, FASRON 105, Mar Det Trindad, Mr. A. F. Selbel, Exec Secry 704-279-7773, 130 Willow Dr., Salisbury, NC 28146-9376 http://www.tkusa.com/usmc81/usmcorgs.txt

UPDATE "Please disregard Art Seibel for VP-208 Reunion Information. He is deceased. I am the new secretary of the NAS Trinidad, British West Indies VPB-208, FASRON 105, USMC Trinidad Det. organization. Contact me at E-Mail address or 870-496-2285. We have Reunions yearly the first weekend in October. In 1999 we will have a Reunion in Trinidad. This year (1998) we will meet Oct 1 thru 4 in Tampa, FL at the Four Point Hotel...F. D. Barrett barrett@ozarkisp.net..." [20AUG98]

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