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Note NOTICE: R4D ThumbnailCameraR4D Picture "...I recently acquired an R4D-5 BUNO: 17135. History shows it was assigned at various times to: November 1944 - MAW-4, VMR-353, MAW-3, MAR Far W., MAG-15, MAG-25, VMR-153, Com Air Phil, and CASU-4, FASRON-120 November 1946, VRU-3 February 1947, VR-7 June 1947, FASRON-11 November 1947, FASRON-111 January 1948, NAS North Island, San Diego, California April 1948, Columbus June 1948, and NAS Lemoore, California 1962. It was transferred to the Naval Arctic Research Lab, Pt. Barrow, Alaska and remained there until 1977. It was converted to Civil DC-3C cargo configuration and has operated commercially ever since. I am looking for any history during these applicable periods (photo's, stories, etc.)? Thanks in advance to all who have served and this aircraft was some part of their careers...Dick Osborne raosborne@compuserve.com..." [05JUN2003]

Note NOTICE: "...My father has asked me to find something for him and im having a hard time, mabe you can help.He is looking for Roster of men, stationed at No B, bermuda during 1955-57, squadron FASRON 111, Fleet Aircraft service Squadran one hundred and Eleven. If you can help me please contact me at once. I would really appreciate it. Brenda C. Hubbard CANTRELL@compuzone.net..." [07OCT98]

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