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CARAWAY, AEC Tom Retired trbltom@earthlink.net "...I was an AEAN in ATU-10 in 1948, then to FASRON-114 in 49-AE3. transferred to FASRON-112 in 50. Made AE2 and was one of 26 regulars transferred with Cheif Fred Murcray to VP-812 to help them get checked out in P2Vs in 52. The squadron was redesignated VP-29. We deployed to NAS Atsugi, Japan where I made AE1. Upon return to NAS Whidbey Island, Washington I am told I was the first AE to be made Plane Captain on P2Vs. January 1954 we deployed to Kwajalien as Crew 8, Lt. Bob Hubenette was PPC, Ed Meyers Copilot, R. D. Butler AT1, W. R. Miller ALC, R. D. Day AT3, McMahon AD3 and Joe Teague. We participated in Operation Castle out of Entawetok. Went back to NAS Whidbey Island, Washington trained and deployed to Okinawa as Crew 5, LCDR Gene Lane PPC, Stan Onderdonk Copilot, Ens Graves Navigator, Zalenski AT3, Donahue AD3, J. S. McDonald AL1, Henrey Arrends AT3, and Phil Rossi AO1. We flew the Straits of Formosa. Upon arrival back at NAS Whidbey Island, Washington on 16 Oct 54, VP-29 was disbanded and redesignated VAH-2 home ported at NAS North Island, San Diego, California. I went thru the training for Plane Captain on A3Ds but went to B school. Made AEC in 1955. Shore duty and to AIRBOSSRON 2 at NAS Barbers Point, Hawaii in 1959. Flew as ECC and Chief Cook on SH 12 over a year. The squadron combined with the VWs to become AEWBarRonPac. Started teaching in BLDG 109 and set up a leadership program. I made E8. Capt John Mishan named me Leading Chief until shorevey got me in 1963 - to shore duty. In 1966 back to sea duty with VP-19 in NAS Iwakuni, Japan completed the deployment and back to NAS Moffett Field, California to retire October 1967. I have lots of memories, photos, and still remain in contact with several of my "old" Shipmates. Give me a call!..." [27JAN2001]

EGGERS, David D. Deggerssr@AOL.com "...I served with FASRON-114 in 1957 and 1958 as an aviation electrician..." [09NOV2001]

EDMINISTER, AT1 Walter H. whe76@scottsboro.org "...I just retired from a long career in the space industry. Before that I was an AT1 with VP-6, Crew 12, 1955-1956. Those were the best two years of my 11 year stay in Naval Aviation. Retired and with time on my hands, I decided to look around the net and see if there was anyone out there who remembered what a P2V was. I was surprised at what I found. I've already found some of my old flight crew and looking for more. I was looking through the history of NAS Iwakuni, Japan. I was there in 1956 but was also there much earlier. During the Korean war NAS Iwakuni, Japan was an Australian base with mostly Meteors and Sunderlands. I was with a small five man AUW detachment of FASRON-120 out of NAF Oppama, Japan. We had a small Quonset hut and a barracks with no heating and cold water showers. We ate in a Australian mess hall that served large amounts of mutton and cabbage. Before the war ended the Air Force set up a detachment as a turn around point for people going to and from Korea and set up their own mess hall. We'd walk by there on our way to the Australian mess and smell all those steaks cooking. We came up with a plan. We went to the Air Force version of small stores and bought some Air Force fatigues. Every day at lunch we'd put them on and go stand in line. We finally got caught and they kicked us out. For snacks we went to the Australian 33 club and bought huge bean sandwiches for four cents each and a quart of Lolly Water for a nickel. The most expensive meal in the place was the steak dinner which sold for 36 cents. After I was discharged from the Navy in 1956 I was talked into becoming a station keeper at NAS Atlantic City, New Jersey for two years. We started at NAS Chambley with a 3000 ft runway but later moved to Marietta. They had just switched from PBYs to P2Vs and needed someone who knew how to maintain and operate the ASW equipment. I went there just for a little weekend flying and ended up staying for two years. I couldn't resist it, they had three of my old P2Vs from VP-6. Would like to hear from anybody from the old P2V days and from FASRON-112, FASRON-114 and NAS Memphis, Tennessee in the 1950s. Those were the best years of my life..." [E-Mail Updated 24AUG2008 | 18MAR2000]

ELLIS, SM1 Carl G. Retired blkshoe@safelink.net "...I served with FASRON-114 from Feburary 1958 through February 1959 (I was an AN driving one of the gas trucks and refueled VP-22 aircraft), ATU-101 NAS Corpus Christi, Texas, ATU-800 NAS Corpus Christi, Texas and made a deployment with VS-37 aboard the USS Philippine Sea CVS-47. While at NAS Kodiak, Alaska I managed to change my rate from AN to SN. February 1959 I was transferred to VR-8, then convinced the powers that be to get me to sea where sailors belong. I caught the USS Midway CVA-41, rode her for 5 1/2 yrs, left as an SM2, went to shore duty at NAS Alameda, California, then to the APL-5 at DaNang RVN, USS Edson DD-946 and finally the USS Oriskany CVA-34. While serving aboard the USS Oriskany CVA-34 I ran across WO Jim Posey who was a ABC when we served with FASRON-114. I retired in 72 as a SM1..." [26JUN2007]

ESCH, CDR R. R. "Bob" Retired resch2@woh.rr.com "...In WW-II from a few days after Pearl Harbor I served sequentially in VP-74, then VP-18 and finally in VP-99 until January 1946. I served on board the USS Greenwich Bay (AVP-41) a Seaplane Tender from Jun 1948 to Mar 1950. I was Commanding Officer of FASRON-114 at NS Kodiak, Alaska in support of PBM and P-2V squadrons from June 1952 to Jan uary1953..." [01FEB98]

GLIME, AM Byron F. J. bylaine@comcast.net "...Was a member of FASRON-114 1949/1950. Worked in the metal and machine shop which had three heat treating ovens and other major tools and equipment. Our ovens were used for frying dolly varden trout (on duty nights) when they were not being used for the intended use. Maintained our one F6F Hellcat,one JRF and many VP squadron P2Vs. Our outdoor activities consisted of climbing "Old Woman Mt" and sliding wildly by down again. We fished, hunted and went on many weekend survival trips on Kodiak. We lived off the land for three days. I wonder if my friends (Bird, Bronson or Mckiszic) remember the unknown police dog that accompanied us on one of our many trips into the wilderness?..." [11JAN2006]

HANHAM, Jack D. goldentalon@comcast.net "...I served with FASRON-114 (01/1956-01/1957). I was 17 years old and this was my first duty station in the 8 years I was in the Navy. I was a punk kid fro LA and boy did I get homesick. But that's ok because I learned to fish at NAS Kodiak, Alaska. I tried to get back to NAS Kodiak, Alaska on my second enlistment but got sent to NAS Adak, Alaska instead. Bummer. I have many good memories of my tour in NAS Kodiak, Alaska. I hope to someday return for a visit. I wish I could find some of the friends I had there. I am 73 and still working in my career of Law Enforcement. I have a few pictures but wish I had more. I hope someone who was there with me would say hello and let me know they are still kickin..." [06APR2012]

HOYT, Bob lhoyt4@cox.net "...I served with FASRON-114 in 1952..." [13AUG2002]

JONES, JAMES F. JIM4138@MSN.COM "...I was stationed at NAS Iwakuni, Japan from 1958-58 with VP-48 a seaplane squadron at the time (P5M's). We lost one on takeoff and several of the crew were lost. VP-48 rotated from NAS North Island, San Diego, California to NAS Iwakuni, Japan. Prior to VP-48 I was with FASRON 114 at NAS Kodiak, Alaska from 1955 to 1956. I've lost track of all my Shipmates except one. Will celebrate my return to civilian life on 3/31/99. Forty years ago..." [14MAR99]

KELLEY, Ron rontkelley@aol.com "...I served with FASRON-114 from 1954-1955. We had got hold of a 1936 Chev Pick-up to run into town what a truck mech brakes, etc. It was a good time up there would like to here from anyone remembers. Thanks..." [21JUN2002]

LESLIE, Vernon andanteiii@deccacable.com "...I served with FASRON-114 and was Plane Captain on UF-1..." [07SEP2015]

MITCHELL, Richard L. richiem@mcn.net "...Would like to locate any surviving hunting buddies from FASRON-114 in NAS Kodiak, Alaska (1950): Alvie Lewis, Ringo Bird, Parker or others..." [10OCT2001]

ROBINSON, Walter J. (Robbie) waltrob@airmail.net "...I served with ATU-12 NAS Corpus Christi, Texas from 1951 to September 1952, ATU-600 NAS Hutchinson, Kansas from September 1952 to August 1953, and FASRON-114 NAS Kodiak, Alaska from August 1953 to December 1954..." [02AUG2003]

SNIDER, Don sniderfo@softcom.net "...From early 1956 until late 1958 I served as a newly-minted JO at FASRON-114 NAS Kodiak, Alaska. Jobs included personnel, legal, I&E, aircraft maintenance, communications, etc. My wife, daughter and I lived in WWII housing at Lake Louise, before moving into town. The only heat was from an oil burning stove in the front room. Were the bedrooms ever cold! Must have taken hundreds of pictures of Lake Louise at different times of the year. Who could forget catching our limit of King salmon and Dolly Varden trout, and buying large King crabs for a dollar from the fishermen on their return to town? They would feed the family for three days. FASRON-114 had an old war surplus quonset hut that was our fish smokehouse, run by a CPO. I also remember my first flight on our UF (Air Force SA-16 Albatros - backup for the Coast Guard, with a young Navy pilot that had never flown a seaplane before! That was exciting!..." [29JUL2003]

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