VP-5 Squadron Shipmates
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BESZE, AD3 Gerald pipeman011@gmail.com "...I served with FASRON-116 (1955-1956)..." [21JAN2016]

BISHOP, Harold G. chiefbishop@att.net "...I served with FASRON-116, VFAW-3, VX-4, VP-44, VP-19, VP-31, VF-152 USS Princeton (CV37) and VF-653..." [E-Mail Updated 17FEB99 | 29JAN98]

MATSON, AT3 Russ russmatson@gmail.com "...I served with FASRON-116 from 1955 to 1957 and currently living in Miami, Fl. I would like to hear from former Shipmates..." [06JAN2009]

McCLENATHAN, Roger RogerMc1@msn.com "...I served with VP-47 from l955 to 1956 then was transferredred to FASRON-116 till 1957. Haven't seen any names from that time period. If some are out their let me know. Darryl DeNevue is still around and also Donald D. Dicks. Any one know a Robert Morris? Any way if former VP-47 from 1955 to 1957 give me a jingle..." [08JUN2002]

MYRICK, Edward A. hyu05santafe@embarqmail.com "...I served with VA-95 at NAS Alameda, California, FASRON-8, FASRON-116 (04/1952-08/1954) and NAS Kodiak, Alaska. I would like to hear from former Shipmates..." [E-Mail Updated 14NOV2014 | E-Mail Updated 05DEC2000 | 12MAR99]

NELSON, AE2 Dean "Daddy Rabbit" denelson71@infostations.com "...I would like to hear from any one who served with FASRON-885 between 1952 and 1953. I was in Electric Shop and Engine build up during my servicewith FASRON-885. During this time FASRON-885 was closed down and it became FASRON-116. I have been looking for Glen Slick (Store Keeper) for a number of years who was a close friend. Also Mc Laughton who was a First Class Yeoman. Mac was a good friend and I sure would like to know where he is today. In 1953 I shipped out to VF-152, CAG15 where I served aboard USS Yorktown for one cruise..." [21NOV2002]

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