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Circa 2004

HistoryA BIT OF HISTORY: "...C-40A CLIPPER - NAVAL FLEET SUPPORT AIRCRAFT..." WebSite: Naval-Technology http://www.naval-technology.com/projects/clipper/ [25MAR2005]

The US Navy has ordered nine C-40A Clipper aircraft under the Navy Unique Fleet Essential Airlift Replacement Aircraft (NUFEA-RA) program. The aircraft are to replace the Naval Reserve fleet of C-9B Skytrain aircraft which is approaching the end of operational life. The C-40A is the first new logistics aircraft in 17 years to join the United States Naval Reserve. The Naval Reserve provides all the US Navy's worldwide in-theatre medium and heavy airlift requirements. Compared to the Skytrain, the Clipper has higher fuel efficiency, increased range and payload capabilities and meets or exceeds the requirements of international noise and environmental standards.

The C-40A is a variant of the Boeing Next-Generation 737-700C civil aircraft which is an increased gross weight, midsize version of the 737 family of twin jet airliners. The first flight of the aircraft took place in April 2000. The first of the C-40A aircraft entered service with the United States Naval Reserve Fleet Support Squadron in April 2001. The seventh was delivered in November 2004.

Circa 1987

HistoryA BIT OF HISTORY: "...HM-12 Command History..." WebSite: Naval-Technology http://members.aol.com/helmineron/hm-12.htm [25MAR2005]

From December 1983 to April 1987 the squadron served as home base for HM-12 Sea Detachment, an independent contingent of personnel tasked with providing logistic support to the fleet units along the East Coast and throughout the Caribbean. Operating two CH-53E aircraft, the "Hawlin Hogs" served with distinction, receiving two Meritorious Unit Commendations within the brief span of three years. In the Spring of 1987 the Sea Detachment personnel and aircraft merged with elements of neighboring units to establish HC-2, a composite Fleet Support Squadron.

Circa 1965

HistoryA BIT OF HISTORY: "...July 1, 1965, VU-2 was redesignated Navy Fleet Support Squadron TWO (VC-2)..." WebSite: The VC-2 Falcons http://www.skyhawk.org/3E/vc2/vc2.htm [25MAR2005]

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