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Note NOTICE: "...I am a armed forces radio television insignia collector. I am looking for patches from Oceanographic Air Survey Unit (OASU) "Blue Eagles", Vietnam era. Would appreciate any help. Thank you..." Contributed by Howard Danforth, MD howdan4th@msn.com [24SEP2015]

Note NOTICE: Lockheed Aircraft ThumbnailCameraOASU EC-121 BUNO: 145925 "...NC-121K 145925 NAS Patuxent River, Maryland September 1965 OASU Project Magnet - J. G. Handelman. NC-121K Paisano Dos that I took in June 1965 while I was stationed at Pax Riv. The interesting aspect of this image (a scan of a 43 year old Ektachrome) is the unusual presence of two center line tanks on this Connie. It was 43 years ago, but I do believe that these were modified tip tanks and were used to increase the Constellation's range. In fact this aircraft in the pictured configuration may have set a long distance unrefueled record for land based multi- piston engine a/c. The US Navy Test Aircraft yahoo group has a member who questions the use of these ventral tanks as auxillary fuel carriers. Is there anything or anyone who can testify as to whether or not these were fuel tanks?..." Contributed by Joseph Handelman 600eastport@comcast.net [19SEP2008]

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