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Memorial Picture "...CRAIG, AX/AT-1 (NAC) John J...Shipmate Pix...John Joseph Craig, 49, Indianapolis. Was born November 22, 1953 in Detroit, Michigan to Lynn and Anna Craig. Mr. Craig grew up in Warren, Ohio. He served in the United States Navy as a Naval Aviator (VP-10 Crew 11 from 1974-1978, VP-11 Crew 9 from 1978-1980, and VP-93 Crew 11 from 1990-1993) until November 1980. Mr. Craig was a member of the Association of Naval Aviators and VP International. He has worked as a Service Technician for Anacomp Inc. since 1981. His parents preceded John in death. His wife, Kathy; son, Justin; daughters, Tiffany and Jasmine; daughter-in-law, Jennifer; and grandchildren, Graydon and Victoria survive him. David Levesque dlvqaz56@gmail.com..." [14NOV2003]

Memorial Picture "...CRANFORD, Eric Allen...11SEP2001 (NYC World Trade Center/Pentagon) loss: Eric Allen Cranford, Home of Record: Drexel, N.C., Commissioned: Naval Reserve Officers Training Corps, University of North Carolina, May 27, 1992, Rank: Lieutenant, Date of Rank: May 27, 1996, Designator: Naval Aviator, and Age: 32. Duty Stations: Naval Aviation Schools Command, NAS Pensacola, Florida - 05/92 - 03/93, Commander Training Wing FOUR, NAS Corpus Christi, Texas - 03/93 - 02/94, Commander Training Wing FIVE, NAS Whiting Field, Milton, Florida - 02/94 - 02/95, Helicopter Anti-Submarine Squadron Light 40, Naval Air Station, Mayport, Fla. - 03/95 - 10/95, Helicopter Anti-Submarine Squadron Light 48, Naval Air Station, Mayport, Fla. - 10/95 - 04/96, USS Gettysburg (CG 64) - 04/96 - 12/96, USS McInerney (FFG 8) - 03/97 - 05/97, USS Carr (FFG 52) - 04/98 - 01/99, Helicopter Anti-Submarine Squadron Light 48, Naval Air Station, Mayport, Fla. - 01/99 - 04/99, and Chief of Naval Operations - 04/99. Awards and Decorations: Navy and Marine Corps Achievement Medal (2), Sea Service Deployment Ribbon (2), Armed Forces Expeditionary Medal, Navy "E" Ribbon, Armed Forces Service Medal, Southwest Asia Service Medal, National Defense Service Medal..." Contributed by John W. Hood, ATC, Retired JOHNWHOOD@prodigy.net [18SEP2001]

Memorial Picture "...CRANFORD, Frank...My Dad, Frank Crawford, was killed at NAS Memphis, Tennessee in 1947 while attending school for the Bikini tests. He was a Blimp crewman before going aboard the USS Chandeleur (AV-10). I never knew him, but I do know he was aboard the USS Bennington (CV-20). I served on the same ship 20 years later. I just would like to know if anyone knew him or served with him. Also, I would like to know what VP squadrons were assigned to NAS Alameda, California from 1963 to 1965. Thank you...Clifford Crawford mongo145@aim.com..." [13SEP2006]

Memorial Picture "...CRAWFORD, Douglas...With regret I am informing of the passing of Doug Crawford in December 2008. Doug served with VP-10, VP-31, VP-40 and VP-44. Obit can be found at Brackett Funeral Home or the Times Record in Brunswick, Maine. CHILDERS, AT1 Dave Retired p3abcift@aol.com..." [09JAN2009]

Memorial Picture "...CRAWFORD, Jerry...My Father, Jerry Crawford, served with VP-51 from November 19, 1941 to January 21, 1943. He served throughout the Pacific with the two squadrons, participating in the Battle of Midway. At Midway, he fished 4 fliers from the sea: Ensign John Talbot (8 June 42), LCDR Pat Mitchell, LT Stan Reuhlow (sp?), LTjg Dick Gray (lost at sea on 4 June 42). I'm interested in hearing from any of these men, if they still live. I'm also interested in hearing from any of his Shipmates still living, or their families, who may have pictures. My Dad wasn't much for pictures of those days, though he loved telling about it. I have a terrific photo of his plane over water, taken from above, if any Shipmates would like a copy. My Father passed away in 1991, still in love with the Navy. I served for 26 years in the Marine Corps. I'm proud of my Dad, and his service, eternally. Semper Fidelis!...CRAWFORD, Jerry c/o John Crawford john.crawford@dhs.gov..." [30SEP2004]

Memorial Picture "...CROFFORD, S1C A. B. Jr...Shipmate Pix...My Uncle, A. B. Crofford, lost his life (KIA) December 20th, 1944 while serving with VPB-117. I was named in memory of him and wanted to know more about him and his military service. Thank you..." Contributed by A. B. Crofford croffordab@comcast.net [PIX Added 09DEC2015 | 08DEC2015]

Memorial Picture "...CROWE, David Marvin...My father, David Marvin Crowe, served with a PBM crew in WWII. Unfortunately he died when I was 8 and his military records were lost in burgulary at my mother's house. I desire to find out as much as I can about what he did in WWII. I have asked my Congressman, Max Sandlin, for his Military records, but unfortunately I do not know his SS#. My father served in the Atlantic theatre. My oldest brother was born at Norfolk Naval Hospital in NAS Norfolk, Virginia. My father was stationed there. His Commanding Officer was nicknamed Pappy because he was the oldest guy in the squadron. I would like to contact or hear from anyone who might have known my father or someone who flew PBM's in the Atalntic theatre. I would like to know what it was like. Sincerely...have since discovered that my father was a member of VP-201...CROWE, David Marvin [Deceased] c/o His Daughter Linda Crowe abigailadams90@yahoo.com..." [BIO Updated 20AUG2002 | 06JUN2002]

Memorial Picture "...CRUZ, AWC Michael Jr...AWC Joe Cruz Jr. of Converse Texas passed away on March 7, 2009 at age 68. He honorably served our country for 30 years in the U.S. Navy with tours of duty in Japan, Vietnam, Hawaii, Philippines, Alaska and Rota Spain. 17 years of his career was spent at NAS Moffett Field, California assigned to VP-31 and VP-19. He retired in 1987. Michael Cruz cruzter672020@yahoo.com..." [16MAR2009]

CRABTREE, Richard Wayne rwcrabtree@frontier.com "...I served with VP-31 (11/1968-12/1970) as a Plane Captain on P2 Neptune..." [22JUN2012]

CRABTREE, AWC Robert G. c/o His Son Mark A. Crabtree crab911@msn.com "...My Dad flew with VP-40 AWC Robert G. Crabtree. I remember NAS Whidbey Island, Washington and being in NAS Moffett Field, California. I just thought id say howdie..." [01APR2000]

CRACCHIOLO, Tony louschu427@aol.com "...I was in the VP-49 from 63 to 65 and had a great time working as an AD. I am looking for a squadron patch of that time Logo: No Sanctuary in the Deep. If you have any info - please contact me - Thanks..." [01JAN98]

CRAFT, Bennie bcraft@jps.net "...I was stationed with VC-5 from 3-87 through 11-90 at NAS Cubi Point, Philippines..." [17MAR99]

CRAFT, Tillman "Tim" Hayne c/o Tim Craft, Jr. tcraft2@comcast.net "...I served with VPB-143 and currently reside in Houston, Texas. I would like to hear from former Shipmates..." [E-Mail Updated 21DEC2009 | 16JUL2006]

CRAIG, Gerald W. popandgamma@verizon.net "...I served with VP-21 (1967-1969)..." [23JAN2015]

CRAIG, CDR John A. USNR jcraig304@aol.com "...I served with VP-47 (January 2003-June 2005) with CACs 9, 2 and finally CAC-4. Left VP-47 and flew as an instructor pilot VT-2 at NAS Whiting Field, Milton, Florida. Now flying for United Airlines out of Washington Dulles Airport and living in Shepherdstown, WV..." [02JUL2010]

CRAIG, AX/AT-1 (NAC) John J. av8trr@comcast.net "...I served with VP-10 Crew 11 from 1974-1978, VP-11 Crew 9 from 1978-1980, and VP-93 Crew 11 from 1990-1993. I would Like to hear from former Shipmates..." [E-Mail Updated 25JUL2002 | E-Mail Updated 23APR2000 | 10SEP98]

CRAIG, ADCR Robert E. Retired sobcraig@jps.net "...I was ACMM Plane Captain Crew # 10 VP/VPB-116 origional squadron from January 1944 through April 1945. Plane Commander was Lt. J. (Jake) A. Miller. We operated from Eniwetok, Tinian, Iwo Jima. Plane # was 309, nose art Indian boy (Eager Beaver) carrying bombs and machine guns in arms, named Eager Engines. Also served in VP-12 (1940-1941), VP-43 1941-1942), T.L.U. (1942-1943, VP-61 (1949-1952, and VR-23 NAS Atsugi, Japan (1955-57). Retired 4-20-60 as ADCR..." [31OCT2000]

CRAIG, Weymon weymon.craig@ge.com "...I served with VP-24 from 1972 to 1975. I would like infomation about the next Reunion and would also like to hear from former Shipmates..." [03AUG2009]

CRAIN, Dan danc1@ctel.net "...I recognized many names of days gone by. I was in VP-23 from December 1968 to March 1971 and I bailed out. I re-enlisted in 1971 and spent a year and a half on shore duty in Key West, Fla before I could get back to NAS Brunswick, Maine again with VP-23 from August 1975 to January 1981. I then went to Commander Patrol Wing 5 to establish the Maintenance Training Team as the AT. Then in January 1984 it was to VP-44 til January 1987. Retired October 1989..." [21NOV99]

CRAIN, AMS3 Ronald R. craingraphics@sbcglobal.net "...I served aboard the USS Salisbury Sound (AV-13) from 1960 to 1964. Two years were spent in V-1 Division that provided support for VP-50's P5Ms. I was a Fuel Boat Coxswain during Operations. My Uncle, CDR W. H. Smith, was Commanding Officer (CO) of VP-50 from June 1963 to June 1964. I tried to transfer to VP-50 but was unsuccessful since my rate was ASM3. My remaining two years were spent as an aid to four of the ships CO's (Roemer, Holloway, Durham and Hershy). They even gave me a state room to work on designing our Cruisebooks. I signed up for the Underwater Demolition Team (UDT), but it didn't happen. It was great to serve, and I commend those men of VP-50 and other squadrons who put forth a great sacriface for our freedom..." [BIO Updated 13MAR2007 | 27JUL2004]

CRAMER, Chuck candtcramer@aol.com "...I was a member of VP-22 from mid 1960 to 1964. NAS Kodiak, Alaska, NAS Barbers Point, Hawaii and I NAS Iwakuni, Japan. I would like to know if there is anyone I can contact that would have info about personnel who may have been there the same time ? Possibly a Reunion committee, or even e-mail addresses. Thanks..." [08MAY2002]

CRAMER, Joseph J. calabashjoe@atmc.net "...I served with FASRON-107 (06/1957-06/1958) at NAS Keflavik, Iceland. I worked in the Hydraulic Shop. I would like to hear from former Shipmates..." [27OCT2013]

CRAMER, AMH3 Joseph J. calabashjoe@atmc.net "...I served with FASRON-104 (04/1955-06/1956) at NAF Port Lyautey, Morocco..." [10OCT2013]

CRANDALL, LCDR Woodruff M. "Woody" Retired woodruffcrandall@gmail.com Shipmate Pix "...I served with VP-22 from 1969 to 1972 as an AWN (my wife says I still Glow in the Dark sometimes!). Great experiences with deployments to NS Sangley Point, Philippines and NAF Naha, Okinawa, Japan with Detachments to U-Tapao Royal Thailand Air Force Base, Thailand and NAF Cam Ranh Bay, Vietnam. I left the Navy to finish College and returned via AOCS in 1975. After all the "Fun & Games" at AOCS I served with VT-10 ("FO" school), VT-29 (Loved those Convairs!!), VP-31 and arrived at VP-1 in 1977 for a deployment to NAS Cubi Point, Philippines and a wonderful Detachment to NAS Agana, Guam. In 1980 headed East to VP-30 as NFO Instructor and Naval Weapons Test Squadron (WST) Czar. 1983 saw me disappear into the Strange World of NMPC Sea Duty Component Det Dallas where my mind was "altered" and fingerprints erased (only kidding-I think). When released from confinement in 1985 had my pay back tour in DC in OP-13. Escaped to NAS Moffett Field, California in 1987 for re-programming at VP-31 then assigned to VP-19 for my DH tour. I had a blast on our NAF Misawa, Japan deployment thanks to the Soviets and Spring Ex 1989. It was amazing to see that many subs in one Op Area and that many P-3s fighting for rights to be ONTOP. We needed an Air Traffic Controller to keep us out of each other's way! After that last great melee, I was shipped off to Armed Forces Staff College and then back to DC to baby sit the NATOPS and Air Tac-Man conferences and publications. Retired in late 1991 and began working for Summit Research Corporation (DOD Contractor) out of Gaithersburg, MD as a Program Manager and recently, Director of Corporate Development. After 8 great years there, moved around to various other contractors until joining Adaptive Methods, Inc in 2003 as a Program Manager for NAVSEA IWS 5 SSQ-89 programs and several others. Currently, serving as Corporate Facility Security Officer and Operations Manager overseeing our 5 office locations across the East Coast. Browsing through the other entries has been a trip into the past and makes me realize just how much I miss the Squadron environment, hard work and fun we all had. Would love to hear from more of my former Shipmates and try to track down some buddies that have vanished. I'm still trying to find that "Bucket of Prop Wash" AWC Gary Dunlap sent me searching for that first week I reported to VP-22! I've reconnected with a number of my VP-22 Shipmates from the 1968 to 1972 era and we gather annually at different locations. We moved from Northern Virginia, just West of DC to Melbourne, FL. Have 2 sons and one granddaughter (She's beautiful!!!) and living in the Boca Raton, FL..." [E-Mail/BIO/PIX Updated 02FEB2019 | E-Mail/BIO/PIX Updated 14APR2010 | 16JUN98]

CRANE, Dunton duntoncr@hotmail.com "...I served with VP-22 (1961-12/1963. I started out as an ECM operator & finished as a radio operator. I got my radio training from "Sully" one of the best. I have memories of Johnston Island, Somoa, Austrailia, NAS Iwakuni, Japan, NAF Misawa, Japan, Hong Kong & Hawaii..." [E-Mail Updated 21JAN2014 | 04FEB2001]


CRANE, Elihu M. jecrane@earthlink.net "...Looking for any members of VPB Squadron 105 stationed in Dunkeswell, England between June 1, 1944 and Dec, 1944; also VPB-112 in Port Lyautey, Fr. Morocco from Nov 7, 1943 to April 1944..." [02JUN98]

CRANE, Steve Madi@penet.com "...I served with VP-48 from Nov`78 thru Oct'80. I flew mostly on crew 4 as a SS2 and then as SS1. I transferred "sea to sea" to VP-56 from Nov.'80 through Nov85 as a SS1/2/3 and 4. Please, if we flew together - send me an E-mail..." [16JAN99]

CRANSTON, CPO Alan Retired gonavy@metc.net "...I served with VP-4 Special Projects (12/1971) at NAS Barbers Point, Hawaii. I was one of the first six enlisted men assigned to VP-4 Special Projects. We had 3 Officers, 3 Chiefs and 3 1st Class Shipmates. I was the Senior Chief. I am very proud of the work we did and to see that VPU-2 was the end result..." [19APR2013]

CRAVER, Anthony J. ajcraver@argohouston.com "...Served with VP-48 from 1982-1986 out of NAS Moffett Field. We deployed to Okinawa, Diego Garcia, Misawa, Phillipines, and (cough, hack) Adak during those years. Seemed that the Navy liked to send me to Adak pretty often. Not only am I searching for any and all of my brethern (enlisted and officers alike), but I would very much appreciate any knowledge on the whereabouts of Senior Chief Gallagher (USN Retired). A man who kept me laughing no matter what the circumstances..." WebSite: http://www.argohouston.com/

CRAVER, Bob derry@wa-net.com "...I served with VP-17 / VAHM-10 from 1956 to 1958..." [E-Mail Updated 09MAR2013 | 01JAN2007]

CRAWFORD, NCCS(AW) AL (Big Daddy) adc_al@hotmail.com "...I startee my P-3 tour with VP-30 STU, went to the Fighting Forty-Niners (W.F.W.P) VP-49 in January 1985. The next stop was AIMD NAS Jacksonville, Florida for a few, then went on to become a member of the Mad Foxes of VP-5 until January 1995 were I'm a Recruiter stationed in Motown. This site brought back a lot of smiles. Just remember guys, I'm still the President of the G.O.B.C. For you guys still on active duty hope to get with you in NAS Jacksonville, Florida in about a year...Well Shipmates - looks like I won't be going back anytime soon. I picked up the new rate as an NCCS(AW). So for now I am in charge the middle of Michigan to the Upper Penusula. Will see what happens next. Keep in touch..." [BIO Updated 23DEC2000 | E-Mail Updated 16FEB99 | 19DEC97]

CRAWFORD, Barry b.crawford63@attbi.com "...I was in VX-1 from May of 1983 to May of 1985 then I was in VP-50 from Jun3 1985 until late 1989. I'm a Blue Dragon to the core I have too many memories to mention (and some that I can't remember, That's what two deployments to NSF Diego Garcia will get ya.) I was on CAC-5 and CAC-8 with some of the closest friends I've ever had! I was also an instructor at FASODETMOFFET until I took the early out in 1992. I couldn't resist. I hope to hear from any former Shipmates who care to talk about the good times. I'm presently living in Colorado, GO BRONCOS!..." [E-Mail Updated 31JUL2002 | E-Mail Updated 03SEP99 | E-Mail Updated 07JAN99 | 28AUG98]

CRAWFORD, Bill gacmech@pacbell.net "...I flew with VP-46 from 90-93 as an F/E on crews four and five. How's the brotherhood of 8251 doing these days? Hambone are you out there!!!..." [E-Mail Updated 26JUN2000 | 26MAY99]

CRAWFORD, Douglas dougc@javanet.com"...I was with VP-31 twice..3/69 - 5/71 and 11/74 - 2/78, VP-40 5/71 - 11/74, VP-10 2/78 - 1/83. Left VP for six and a half years for a VT and HC in Sig. Returned to VP with a tour in VP-44 8/89 - 5/91 when we disestablished. I joined VP-10 in 7/94 and will be with the squadron until I retire in 4/98 as a W4 (former AT, radio operator/ift P-3B's now a Maint type)..."

CRAWFORD, Ed ed_see@yahoo.com "...Retired frm VP-40 91-93; VX-1 E6-A project,Command DAPA, 88-91; VP-9 Flt Eng, on almost every CAC at one time or another, Also QAFE. 85-88; AIMD NAS Moffett Field, California PowerPlants, TestCell, 83-85; VP-40 first qualed as Flt Eng, If anyone knows were John Kilroy, Steve Bryan, Terry Berg, Pete Condon, and all the others that gave me a helping hand please let me know, Flt Eng School, VP-31 79-80, made it by the skin of my teeth, ASW Test Directorate NAS Patuxent River, Maryland, ground pounder mech. 78-79; VP-46 ground pounder mech, 76-78, VQ-1, Mech ground pounder mech EP-3E/B's EA-3B plane capt. Phase mech. with Berry Penninger. Any and all Shipmates let me hear from you..." [15AUG99]

CRAWFORD, F. O. epho1962qa3@comcast.net "...I served with VP-22 from 1962 to 1965 (Flight Crew), NAS Point Mugu, California (Maintenance and Missle Support), VA-27 at NAS Lemoore, California in 1967, PMR at PT Muguin in 1970 (flew EC-121 until 1975 until I retired. I missed the Navy ever since. I should have stayed until I was 65. Love all you military people..." [04MAR2009]

CRAWFORD, AE1 Greg gacrawford@windstream.net "...Attended AE Class "A" School, VP-94 (1975-01/1978) at NAS New Orleans, Louisiana as an Training and Administration of Reserves (TAR) and VP-66 (02/1978-05/1982) NAS Willow Grove, Pennsylvania as a Reservist and currently live in the Charlotte, NC area..." [08NOV2011]

CRAWFORD, Jack "JC" airdale03@aol.com "...I served with VP-49 as ADJ3 power plants mech. in 1963-65. NAS Patuxent River, Maryland and NAS Bermuda. Would like to thank all former squadron members for a wonderfull experience. The 1964 NAS Bermuda deployment was a blast! Any oldtime WOODPECKERS can drop me a line..." [04MAR98]

CRAWFORD, AE2 Michael "Mike" "Super Grit" mhc@windstream.net "...I served with VP-5 from January 1970 until October 2, 1972. I was an AE2 at the time I completed my service. My nickname in VP-5 was Super Grit. I made two deployments to NAS Sigonella, Sicily and one deployment that was split between NAF Lajes, Azores, Portugal and NS Rota, Spain. I also went to Springboard in NS Roosevelt Roads, PR in 1970. During my last couple of months in the squadron, I was "Sailor Of The Quarter" because I developed a system of troubleshooting the temp-datum system on the P-3 engines. I met my best friend in VP-5, Fred Howell. We still get together about twice a year. I married my wife, Beth while I was serving in VP-5. I started law school the day after I checked out of VP-5. I served in the Districat Attorneys Office of the Mountain Circuit Of Georgia from 1976-2008. The last 23 years of which I served as District Attorney. I am now retired. I have two children and two grandchildren. I have a lot of fond and not so fond memories of VP-5. God has blessed me and one of his blessings was serving in VP-5..." [18SEP2010]

CRAWFORD, AD1 Rick Retired rickcrawford8251@yahoo.com "...I served with VP-24 (1978-1981), VP-30 (1981-1984), FE School, VP-47 (1985-1989) at NAS Moffett Field, California, VP-31 (1989-1992) and VP-91 at NAS Moffett Field, California. I'm now employed as a Controller for a company and enjoying the civilian life. Would like to hear from former Shipmates..." [E-Mail Updated 26SEP2018 | E-Mail Updated 19JAN2001 | 10DEC98]

CRAWFORD, AD3 Sylvester "Sl" crawfordtx@tx.rr.com "...I served with VP-8 (1954-1957) at NAS Quonset Point, Rhode Island with a deployment to NAS Argentia, Newfoundland, Canada. I flew with CDR (XO) W. E. Thomas..." [E-Mail Updated 24APR2011 | E-Mail Updated 24NOV2010 | 30JAN2009]

CRAWFORD, ATN2(AC) Tracy trcraw4d@verizon.net "...I served with VP-2 YC6 Radio from 1965 to 1967 "Launch The Back-up."..." [E-Mail Updated 26JAN2011 | E-Mail Updated 17FEB2004 | 28MAY2001]

CRAWLEY, Anthony cuervochampion81@aol.com "...I was with the VP-66 Liberty Bells from June of 2001 to October of 2004. I'm just hoping to get in touch with some old Shipmates. I'm also wondering what ever happened to that darn sheep. W/C 210 was always getting into trouble somehow. The Animal House was cool too..." [31JUL2005]

CREARY, ADJ2 Benny bencreary45@hotmail.com "...I served with VP-7 (1966-1969) and flew with Crew-5. I would like to hear from former Shipmates..." [E-Mail Updated 05NOV2013 | E-Mail Updated 19JUL2013 | 11NOV2010]

CREASER, PO1 Frank frankcreaser@coralwave.com "...I served in the Navy from 1943 to 1946. I served aboard NAS Corpus Christi, Texas, Aviation Repair and Overhaul Unit ONE (AROU-1), CASU with deployments to New Caledonia, Marianas (Los Negros), NAS Tanapag Harbor, Saipan, Marianas Islands and Tinian. I joined Philco as a Tech Rep after the war and spent my life with the aerospace industry [thanks to the Navy V-6 program). I would like to hear from former Shipmates..." [14FEB2011]

CREASEY, CDR Mark https://www.cnet.navy.mil/vp30home/xo_bio_creasey.htm "...Commander Mark Creasey is a native of Wilmington, Delaware. He graduated with merit from the United States Naval Academy in 1990 with a Bachelor of Science degree in Aerospace Engineering. He reported to NAS Pensacola, Florida and NAS Corpus Christi, Texas for flight training and received his pilot wings in December, 1992. Upon completion of Fleet Replacement Squadron (FRS) training at Patrol Squadron THIRTY (VP-30), Commander Creasey reported to the "Batmen" of Patrol Squadron TWENTY FOUR (VP-24) stationed at NAS Jacksonville, Florida in December 1993, completing a deployment to NAS Keflavik, Iceland. Following VP-24's decommissioning in April 1995, Commander Creasey reported to the "Mad Foxes" of Patrol Squadron FIVE (VP-5), where he completed two tri-site deployments to NS Roosevelt Roads, PR, Panama, and NAS Keflavik, Iceland. He served as the Operations Plans Officer, Quality Assurance Officer, Mission Commander, and Instructor Pilot. He was selected as VP-5's nomination for the Association of Naval Aviation's (ANA) "Pilot of the Year" award in 1996. In October 1997 Commander Creasey reported to VP-30 for duty as an FRS Instructor Pilot. He served as the Human Resources Officer, Schedules Officer, and Flight Officer and was also selected as a Pilot Instructor Under Training (IUT) Instructor and Airshow Demonstration Team Leader. In February 2000 he reported aboard USS GEORGE WASHINGTON (CVN-73) in Norfolk, Virginia as Catapult and Arresting Gear Officer. He served as the V-3 Hangar Deck Officer, V-2 Catapult and Arresting Gear Division Officer, and qualified as Officer of the Deck (Inport). He deployed to the Mediterranean and Arabian Gulf in support of Operation SOUTHERN WATCH. In May 2002 Commander Creasey reported to the "Fighting Marlins" of Patrol Squadron FORTY (VP-40) in NAS Whidbey Island, Washington for his operational department head tour. He completed a deployment to the Fifth Fleet AOR while serving as Safety / NATOPS Officer, Maintenance Officer, and Officer-in-Charge, NSF Diego Garcia detachment. In December 2003 he reported again to VP-30 for duty as Training Officer. He assumed the duties of VP-30 Executive Officer in 2005. His awards include the Navy Commendation Medal (three awards), Navy Achievement Medal (two awards), and unit and campaign decorations..." [27MAR2005]

CREASY, Jim k3jjc@verizon.net "...I served on Crew 6 at VP-56 NAS Norfolk, Virginia in 1963 and 1964..." [17MAY2006]

CREASY, AMCS John P. Retired jcreasy@juno.com"...Served in VQ2 79-82 as AMCS, Retired in Aug 1982 at Rota, Sp. Was assigned to VQ1 in 1984 as EA-3 rep until 1985 then went to VQ2 again as EA-3 Rep. Am interested in attending a reunion if any. Would like to hear from others. Am presently with the marines as a AV-8 rep. Served with marines in Desert Shield etc..."

CREASY, PR2 Michael C. michaelc1405@aol.com "...I was attached to VP-50 between August 1985 to May 1988 as a PR2. Not to long after I left NAS Moffett Field, California was scheduled to be closed..." [E-Mail Updated 16FEB2006 | E-Mail Updated 13JAN2005 | E-Mail Updated 20FEB2003 | 05APR2001]

CREATH, Tim timcreath@gmail.com "...I served with VW-4 (06/1972-04/1975), VP-45 (1975-1978) and VP-1 (1983-1986)..." [16MAR2014]

CREECH, Bobby bobbycreech@yahoo.com "...Did two Westpacs with VP-42 Crew 5 from 1965 to 1967, TAR with VP-69 from 1971 to 1975, transfered to VP-91 released from active duty in 1978 and retired as a reservist with VP-91 in June 1995..." [E-Mail Updated 15APR2006 | 02JAN98]

CREED, Richard F. riccreed@povn.com "...I served as an Aerial Photogtrapher in VJ-61 from January 1954 thru April 1955 in both the PB4Y-1 and AJ 2P. Was on Det. Queen 4 at NAS Atsugi, Japan. Would like to hear from any of the old timers who were around during that time..." [09DEC2005]

CREEL, Larry gaprailroad2010@yahoo.com "...I served with FASRON-106 NAS Argentia, Newfoundland, Canada (03/1957-12/1958). I worked on the line crew, fueling, and plane spotter. I have flown in Super Connies, P5M-2's, P2V-5F, Canadian Lancaster Mark 10, SNB-5, R5D-2, Twin Beach, C-119, C-130, and about 2 or 3 different kinds of seaplanes. Have a few pictures at different bases in Newfoundland. I also served with VF-32 NAS Jacksonville, Florida, VX-3 NAS Atlantic City, New Jersey, VX-1 at NAS Key West, Florida (to phase out the Navy Blimps). I was discharged January 27, 1959 (wish I had of stayed in to retire)..." [E-Mail Updated 15AUG2011 | E-Mail Updated 16JUN2005 | E-Mail Updated 04APR2004 | E-Mail Updated 04JUN2002 | 15DEC2000]

CREESY, Linda LCreesy@cfl.rr.com "...I was editor of the NAS Glenview, Illinois GlenViews from July 1987 until July 1988. One of my first assignments after arriving at the base was to compile and make a history display for the annual air expo. I still feel a strong attachment for the little "Gem In Rhe Rough" as my detailer called it. It saddens me that it's gone. I would love to hear from anybody who was stationed there at the time. When you're editor of the base newspaper at a small command, I feel like i knew everybody. I'm retired and living in Florida..." [10JUN2003]

CREGG, AK3 Michael W. mcregg@charter.net "...I served with VAW-33 (04/1958-07/1961). I had a brother (Fran Cregg) in the Electroncs Shop worked for Chief Applegate on the APS-31 radar..." [16JAN2012]

CREIDER, CDR Anthony Spence Retired asmdcreider@msn.com "...I served with the Navy from June 1935 through December 1965 rising from Seman to CDR. I would like to contact old friends from VP-31 (June 1940 through January 1944)..." [16JUL2002]

CREIGHTON, AE2 Cecil cecilmarg@verizon.net "...I served with VP-4 from 1955 and 1956 (deployed to Australia). What a great time we had. I met my future wife and we have had a wonderful life together. I also served with VP-57 from September 1953 to July 1955 (deployed to NAF Kadena, Okinawa, Japan). I have kept in contact with several guys and hope to hear from more. Hope to see many of you at Reunions..." [E-Mail Updated 13JAN2005 | E-Mail Updated 28APR2004 | BIO Updated 11AUG2001 | 23SEP2000]

CRELLER, James R. c/o his son Jim Creller JCCreller@webtv.net "...Looking for crew members for VP-22 from 1966-68 who may have served with my father (James R. Creller)..." [01JAN99]

CRENSHAW, Raymond jstod7918@yahoo.com "...I served with VP-2 (1945-1948) and crewed as a Radio Operator..." [05AUG2013]

CREPEA, Andy atcksc@olg.com "...Served with VP-40 "Fighting Marlins" from 1981-1984 with two NAS Misawa, Japan deployments/ NSF Diego Garcia/ NAS Adak, Alaska dets. Attended Naval Postgraduate School from 84-86 for MS in Ops Research. VP apprecation tour to USS Coral Sea and then a year with OPTEVFOR before getting out. Served in Reserve with VP-91, TSC 1080, NR CRUDESGRU 5, and am now an AEDO with Air Systems program 0166 supporting the E-2C class desk. Working as civilian with NAVAIR at NAS Patuxent River, Maryland now..." [11JAN2000]

CREPEA, AT Nicholas nrcimpact@mac.com "...I served as a Reservist with VP-91 from 1982 to 1990. I would enjoy catching up with old Shipmates from the Avionics deptarment and squadron as a whole..." [15JAN2009]

CREPON, Don dcrepon@aol.com "...I served with FASRON-4 from 1948 to 1949 at NAS Atlantic City, New Jersey..." [26JAN2008]

CRESCINI, Mike nathan.crescini@PACBell.com "...Former AW3 with VP-23 ("Little Giant" CAC-9-74-76) and VP-91. Great time at the right time. NS Rota, Spain-Azores- NAS Bermuda deployments. Would like contact with former 23'ers, and if anyone knows whereabouts or how to contact Myles Yamamoto (was from Hawaii- sent to NAS Brunswick, Maine VP-8 or VP-11 then to NAS Barbers Point, Hawaii in about 76 or 77: Former LTJG. Gary Miller ( CAC-9 PPC ) best pilot around: and Chief Joe Urban ( AWC - was in VP-23 till 76, then sent to Florida or NAS Patuxent River, Maryland for last year or two before Retiring (go Figuire). Anyway God Bless and great memories..." [22JUN98]

CREVERLING, NCCS Dan H. Retired ninadan@charter.net "...I served with VP-50 NAS Whidbey Island, Washington from June 1959 to March 1962 with one deployment to NAS Iwakuni, Japan. I was a left-handed pitcher for VP-50 and traveled all over Japan. I retired June 1981 and have resided in Grants Pass, Oregon since. Would like to hear from former Shipmates..." [E-Mail Updated 23JAN2008 | 15NOV99]

Shipmate Requested Name Removal  [Shipmate Removed 13DEC2005 | 01MAY2000]

CRICHTON, Robert "Bob" bob101@bigriver.net "...I served with VP-45 at NAS Coco Solo, Panama, Canal Zone from November 1954 to December 1956. After attending the FAW-11 Radio School, I was assigned as a crew member on the PBM-1 (EE-6). We moved from NAS Coco Solo, Panama, Canal Zone to NAS Bermuda in September 1956..." [24FEB2010]

CRIDER, AE2 Garth S. garthcrider@comcast.net "...I served with VP-40 from 1973 to 1976 at NAS Moffett Field, California. I served under CPO Tom Walker and LT(jg) Bill Grace and along side other magnificent sailors including Joe Strunc, "Tex" Hulon, Gale Klopfenstein, Richard Garoutte, Rich Raymond, Terry "Buddah Bag" Lore and the guy who bought a Jag with his reenlistment bonus - what was his name? Also, looking for a Shipmate by the name of Carey McClellan. I think he worked in sonar, but was a member of a flight crew. Anyway, would love to hear from former Shipmates..." [04MAY2011]

CRIGLER, Bob airflyer2@juno.com "...Member of VP-42 and VP-31 at NAS North Island, San Diego, California between 1959 and 1961. Enjoyed my time and have many memories of that time. Since leaving the Navy, I have been flying Search and Rescue for the USAF in Birdogs since 1969..." [BIO Updated 16NOV2005 | 06JUL2004]

CRIPPES, Robert krispy_critter@earthlink.net "...I found quite a few of the Shipmates I was stationed with both in VW-11 and VQ-1. I was on Crew 4 with the Captain at NAS Argentia, Newfoundland, Canada. I was on active duty from 1963 to 1970 with my last outfit being VA-122 at NAS Lemoore, California. I went back into the reserves in 1975 and finally retired from VP-90 and COMPATWINGLANT in 1994..." [24MAR2003]

CRIPPES, ATC Robert J. Retired krispy_critter@earthlink.net "...I served with VQ-1 from 1966-1969. If I remember right, I was in crew 4. I was stationed at FASU/NSA DaNang, Republic of Vietnam when we were mortared on an earlier evening and two of our ground crew were injured by the mortar. One was permanently disabled and the other one spent about three months in the hospital. Also my 2nd radar operator was on radio monitor duty the day our "Willie" was shot down by North Korea. It's been quite awhile but some of those things are coming back with the way the situation has been lately..." [06MAR2003]

CRIST, Thomas R. cristtr@aol.com "...I served with FASRON-111, NAS Bermuda, latter part of 58-60. Does anyone remember when the Bermudiana Hotel burnt down? I think it was over on North Shore Rd. It lit the whole island up!!! We had one Albatross flying boat......a good ship------! Does anyone remember when LTCD Corey made full CDR.? That was truley a fun day!!!!!!! He had to carry is new scarmbled egg hat around all day in a big box, tied around his neck!!!!!! The box read; I am a boot cammander!..." [23DEC2001]

CRISWELL, George Robert (Bobby) c/o His Daughter Dorothy Criswell the_oz_girl@yahoo.com "...I am looking for information, stories, comments, etc. from anyone who may have known my father before, during, or after WWII and his time spent with the navy. I have some information about him, but would love to have more. He was active from February 20, 1942 for 6 years. Some of the associatoins listed on his discharge papers include: NTC, Great Lakes, Ill., Hdq. Sqd FAW-2, CASU(F)48, and FASRON-14. If you know of anyone who might have known George Robert(Bobby) Criswell, or if you knew him, please feel free to email me at any time. If you need more information, or have any questions, please feel free to contact me, as I may be able to find something in the papers I have but do not understand very well..." [24AUG2002]

CRITES, ADJ3 Ken toranarrator@earthlink.net "...I served with VP-47 (1965-1968) at NAS Moffett Field, California..." [26OCT2011]

CROCKER, AW3 Anthony W. "Tony" cisco398@outlook.com Shipmate PixCirca 1976-1978 "...I served with VP-56 (1976-1978) with deployments to NAS Sigonella, Sicily and NAS Keflavik, Iceland. I flew with Crew-2..." [20AUG2023]

CROCKER, Emmett klcroc@aol.com "...I was an FE with VP-6 64/67, VP-19 68/71, VP-30 71/75, VP-22 75/79, VP-19 81/85, and range ops NAS Point Mugu, California till I changed into civies in 88. I'm still hangin around P-3s. "Wake me up if you get scared." Would love to hear from some old Shipmates. According to these guys I work with nowdays any Shipmate of mine would surely be "OLD"..." [E-Mail Updated 28OCT2000 | 22MAR99]

CROCKER, Mike "Joey" mcrocker@gci.net "...I served in the VP-10 airframes shop under Chief Pharr from 69 to 71. Did two deployments to NAS Keflavik, Iceland and NAS Sigonella, Sicily. Anyone remember "Mama Elios" across from the base or how about "Tina Catwoman". Back in NAS Brunswick, Maine, hung around Andys Beer joint and Earnies Night Club. Looking for my old pals Scott Sherry, Bud "Buddly" Williams, Terry Temanson, Chuck Robinson, Glen Brown and anyone else who remembers that crazy guy from Alaska..." [14SEP2000]

CROCKETT, CPO Paul L. "Davy" c/o His Daughter Linda Crockett Seal southernkisst@yahoo.com "...I am looking for anyone who may have served with my Dad Paul L. "Davey" Crockett. Dad enlisted in 1946 and served with VP-MS-4, VP-56, VP-24, VS-27 and VP-44 until his retirement in 1975 at NAS Jacksonville, Florida. If you knew my Dad, have any pictures of him, or just some interesting stories please contact me. Dad turns 80 next month and I would love to help him contact former Shipmates. Thank you..." [E-Mail/BIO Updated 11JAN2009 | 03JUN2001]

CROCKETT, Todd (Sonny) sonny1c@hotmail.com "...I served with VP-10 from 1990 to 1995 then tours in VP-30, TSC NAS Sigonella, Sicily and CVN-65. Now I'm back in the VP Navy with VP-30 again. Would love to hear from any old friends..." [E-Mail/BIO Updated 22NOV2003 | 19OCT2000]

CROFT, AT2 Larry larry@lazyr.us "...I served with VQ-2 (1958-1959). I operated ECM equipment aboard the P4M and P2V aircraft..." [28AUG2016]

CROMPTON, Gordon gxc21@psu.edu "...I served with VS-23 on the USS Yorktown (then - CVS10) in 1967/68 and enjoyed that old twin engine so much. Imagine my suprise when my wife and I visited South Carolina a few years ago and went on board the "Fighting Lady" - much to my surprise the S2 on the flight deck was my old plane (I was her Plane Captain)! My wife asked my what was wrong - I must have choked up at seeing the names of the Officers and Crew that I had worked with..." [20JUN2002]

CROSIER, Dave davecrosier@hotmail.com "...If anyone remembers me from my crazy days with VP-17 from 69 to 71 please drop me a line. I would really like to hear from you. Murphree, Kiner, King, Dwyer, Evans or any of the rest..." [19FEB2000]

CROKE, AT2 Christopher chriscroke@hotmail.com "...Served with VP-1 89-91. With VP-68 91-95. Currently a structural engineer working in Northern Virginia. Would love to hear from VP-1 and VP-68 Shipmates...Would like to hear from Jeff Hayes and J. T. Brown...I have recently completed OCS and am now an Ensign. I will be stationed at Quantico Virginia as a Civil Engineer..." [BIO/E-Mail Updated 06SEP2000 | BIO Updated 21JAN2000 | 08JUL98]

CROLY, ARM George geocroly@webtv.net "...The ranks are thinning. I was at NAF Naha, Okinawa, Japan when WWII ended. Are there many of us left? Reunion? Was an ARM night patroller. I now live in CA..." [05MAR2001]

CROMLING, Ted Cromling@aol "...I was in VW-4 from early 1972 through the decommissioning ceremony in 1975. I've lost my squadron insignia over the years. Does anyone know where I can get another? "Once a Hunter,always a Hunter"..."

CROMWELL, AT1 Nick Retired tncro@yahoo.com "...Served as an IFT in VP/VQ from 1989 to 2002. VP-31, VP-40, VQ-1, and Force Warfare/VX-20. Old Shipmates, please feel free to drop me a line or two..." [29APR2002]

CROSBY, Bruce bruce2edie@aol.com "...I served with VR-8 at NAS Moffett Field, California from 1960 to 1962..." [08AUG2010]

CROSBY, Thomas tcrosby10@cox.net "...I served with VU-2 from 1958 to 1962 at NAS Quonset Point, Rhode Island and NAS Quonset Point, Rhode Island Aircraft Maintenance in Land Plane Hanger 2 which was right next to VU-2 until I got out in 1964. I still live in the same house in the same town in Warwick, R.I. where many of my Shipmates hung out. If any of you guys are out there drop me a line..." [E-Mail Updated 11AUG2005 | E-Mail Updated 13JAN2003 | 11APR2000]

CROSBY, Vincent vrcjrlake@midmaine.com "...I served with VS-915 before being transfered to VS-31..." [E-Mail Updated 14AUG2003 | 15AUG2000]

CROMBACH, AD2 John john.crombach@ventura.org "...I served with VX-4 (1972-1976) in the Power Plants Shop with AD1 David MEDLER and Chief Mo WALSH. LCDR Larry JENNINGS was our Division Officer..." [28AUG2013]

CROSMAN, John Henry C/O His Son Mike Crosman Crosman@aol.com "...My Dad was in VT-5 (Torpedo Squadron) as a gunner on a TBF in 1944-45. I am trying to find any and all information on this squadron. If anyone can help me I would appreciate it. Thanks..." [30JUN2001]

CROSS, CWO3 James E. Retired hwvwjec@comcast.net "...I served with VP-49 Woodpeckers from June 1960 until June 1963. I reported as AE1 and put the hat on in May 1962. I have many Happy Memories of my time in NAS Bermuda. I retired from NAS Memphis, Tennessee in August 1975 after heart surgery. I remain in contact with AEC C. F. Fogg and AEC D.R. Brigance. Would like to hear from any and all Woodpeckers from that era..." [31MAR2004]

CROSS, Ken ken494@msn.com "...I served at NAS Adak, Alaska from 1967 to 1968 as an Air Traffic Controller. I worked in the Tower & GCA trailer. Looking for Shipmates Bill Rogers (Florida) and Ed Milsom (?) (New York). Are you out there somewhere?..." [E-Mail Updated 05MAR2004 | E-Mail Updated 04NOV2002 | 09APR99]

CROSS, ADC Roger E. Retired shaginroger@cox.net "...I served in VP-7 from February 1968 thru July 1969. I checked in as an ADR-3. I had previously been in the Army as an Aircraft Mechanic (CV-2) Caribou discharged as E-5. I came into the Navy as ADR-3. Thanks to ADR-1 Bill Hensleys' encouragement and continuous questions, I was able to make ADR-2 the first time up. Also, thanks to John Landsittel, I made Plane Captain in good time. I look back on this time in my career very fondly. I retired in January 1982 as ADC. I now live in Portsmouth, VA..." [13FEB2008]

CROSS, AXCS Rollin V. Retired gordon1951@san.rr.com "...I served in VW-11 (1963-1965), VC-4 touring targets from Oceana, VA, VP-31 (1966-1969) helped transition the Aussie and Kiwi's into P-3s, FAW-1 (1969-1971) Det NS Sangley Point, Philippines, NAMTD 1083 S2Fs and NAMTD 1036 S3As, FAW-1 (1972-1975) Det NAS Cubi Point, Philippines and AIMD NAS North Island, San Diego, California AIMD VAST CPO retired 1981..." [29OCT2022]

CROSS, AE2 William A. william@crosspumping.com "...I served with VAP-62 (1959-1962). I have many good memories also had mission to North Africa and reenlisted. I would like to hear from former Shipmates and any Reunion information..." [22NOV2017]

CROSSLEY, Dave dcross@penn.com "...Retired Navy Jan 97. Tours in VP-11 (76-80), VP-47 (81-84), FASO NAS Moffett Field, California (85-86) VP-48 (89-90), VP-46 (91-93), Recruiting District San Fran (94-97). Drop me an e-mail; when I get back from fishing I'll read it..." [30DEC98]

CROSSMAN, Dale genxer74@gmail.com "...I served with VP-46 and did a multi squadron deployment to Japan. The guys in VP-9 had a great couple of vidoes by "Madboom". Have searched google, etc. to try and find these vidoes online. Does anyone have any of these videos?..." [14AUG2008]

CROUCH, Johnny johnny.crouch@lackland.af.mil "...Served with VP-50 from January 1963 to July 1965 in Crew 1 and 7. Started in NAS Iwakuni, Japan and wound up in NAS North Island, San Diego, California. It was a memorable time for me and more memorable when I attended my first Reunion in Tuscon this year. Looking forward to hearing from old friends and Shipmates..." [28DEC2001]

CROW, AX2 Billy wcrow002@satx.rr.com "...I served with VP-5 from 1964 to 1967 with Crews 1 & 7 (AX2). I would like to hear from anyone who served with me..." [E-Mail Updated 10JAN2007 | 03FEB2000]

CROW, AW1 (AC) GEORGE HortyCro@aol.com "...I came to VP-56 in 68'as an AO1 (AC) and flew wth Lcdr. Frank Beebe's crew. I changed my rate to AW and was then assigned to the crew of Cdr. Macintire CO on the first P-3C that the squadron transitioned to . My last PPC was Cdr. Meltzer CO before I retired in Mar. of 71'..." [14MAR99]

CROW, AXAN Jim jcrow@caltel.com "...I served as an AXAN aircrewman with VP-18 from 1967-68 and VP-45 from 1968-69. It was great seeing these pictures and logos and the aircraft of course..." [05NOV2001]

CROWELL, John JohnCrowell@webtv.net "...I flew with VP-9 during their Far Eastern Deployment, Nov. 1964 to June l965..." [11MAR99]

CROWHURST, Dean H. DCrowhurst@aol.com "...VP-6 1988-1991, NAS Cubi Point, Philippines ASWOC 1991-1992, Naval Air Training Unit 1992-1995, USS Dwight D. Eisenhower 1995-1997, VC-6 1997-1998. Would like to hear from past Shipmates..." [13JUN98]

CROWLEY, Robert A. robertacrowley@cfu.net "...I was a pilot/navigator in VPB-147. We flew the PV1's off Hato Field, Curacao NWI when the squadron was, believe, disbanded in the spring of 1945. Are their any PV1's still flyable?..." [17NOV99]

CROWTHER, ADC George H. c/o His Son Jack Crowther hawncrow@email.msn.com "...I am seeking to contact members of VPB-119 who may have flown with George H. Crowther, ADC, USN during the 1943-1945 time period. George is my father, currently living in Georgia. Any contact with members of the squadron or their relatives would be greatly appreciated..." [12JAN98]

CROY, PHAN Kenneth P. kc1262@yahoo.com "...I served with VP-16 from May 1977 to July 1978. Alot of good men to work with and work for..." [06OCT2009]

CROY, Robert L. croy@radiks.net "...I served with VP-24 at NAS Patuxent River, Maryland from June 49 to July 52 as an Aviation Machinist Mate..." [25APR99]

CROZIER, Frank Retired fcrozier@cfl.rr.com "...I served with VP-16 from 1960 to 1963, NARTU NAS Lakehurst, New Jersey from 1965 to 1966, USS Forrestal from 1966 to 1969, VX-1 from 1969 to 1973, NAS Cubi Point, Philippines from 1974 to 1976, VAW-116 at NAS Miramar, California from 1976 to 1978, NAMTRA DET 1008 NAS Miramar, California from 1978 to 1981 and then I retired..." [23AUG2009]

CRUM, Chris CDCrum@aol.com "...I served in VC-5 det NAS Cubi Point, Philippines from 5/68 through 12/69. I was assigned to KD unit 25 at the boat house down by the seaplane ramp. We flew MQM36A target drones for the US Navy, British Navy and the Thai Navy. I had a great time and grew up a good bit..." [21SEP99]

CRUM, Dale dalecrum@att.net "...I served in VH-1 PB2Y-3 squadron in the NAS Kwajalein, Marshall Islands & NAS Tanapag Harbor, Saipan, Marianas Islands from June, 1944 to May, 1945. Worked in a Test & Acceptance Squadron for all Consolidated PBY, PB2Y-3, PB4Y-2 airplanes from 1942-1944. My VH-1 Commander was Captain Adam. Would like to hear from anyone working or flying in those areas. Have written several stories of my experiences..." [23MAR2010]

CRUM, Dave dcrum@tu.infi.net"...I served with VW-4 from '61 - '63 and am the younger brother of another VW-4 "Old-Timer," Daniel R. "Dickeybird" CRUM, AMHC, Retired who recently passed away. I flew as a Radio Operator (AT) when attched. Anyone remembering me may feel free to contact me..."

CRUM, Harold tiohal@hotmail.com "...I joined VP-8 at NAS Quonset Point, Rhode Island in 1958 as a AOTAA (airman apprintance) and left the squadron in Dec. 1960 as a AO2. I have many fond memories. VP-8 was one of the best if not the best squadron. I was a crewmember on LC-2 which was re-numbered LC-7 and flew with the XO and Skipper (Cdr. Hoserikher SP?) when he took command. I would like to hear from anyone..." [20MAY99]

CRUM, Jeff jcrum@hotmail.com "...I was a member of VP-28 from April 1966 through May 1968. Joined the squadron while deployed in NS Sangley Point, Philippines 1966. Lived in the quanset(sp) hut lovingly refered to as QC69. Assigned at that as a Duty Driver. After returning to Hawaii I moved to the riggers shop, (I was the guy you went to for your flight gear) where I stayed until we returned from NAS Adak, Alaska in 68. I was an AME3 (no ejection seats in P-3's). Would like to hear from anyone from that time period or anyone that knew any of my "Shipmates"..." [25JUL2001]

CRUM, Lawrence "...VP-201 Mr. Lawrence CRUM, P. O. Box 137, South Fork, PA 15956, 814-495-9204..." http://www.warships1.com/reunion_airgroup.htm [21DEC98]

CRUMLEY, PH2 Steven scrumley42@gmail.com "...I served aboard NAS Jacksonville, Florida (1962-1966) and worked in building 913..." [02NOV2016]

CRUMP, CTT3 Mike johnsongaric@icloud.com "...I served with VQ-1 (1973-1975) at NAS Agana, Guam. Flew quite a bit in EP3B, EP3E, C121 and EA3B. Flew out of NAS Cubi Point, Philippines during the refugee evacuation in 1975. Flew the Mayaguez mission. Spent a lot of time in the SOJ. Flew out of NAS Atsugi, Japan, NAF Misawa, Japan, NAS Cubi Point, Philippines and Osan Air Base, South Korea. A lot of 10 hour missions, but some good times and a lot of learning at a young age..." [14NOV2019]

CRUTCHFIELD, Edward mecrutch@comcast.net "...I served with VW-3 at NAS Agana, Guam (Duva Duva) from 1958 to 1960 (through disestablishment) and AEWBarRonPac at NAS Barbers Point, Hawaii from 1960 through 1962. Great duty with a lot of great guys! I was on Crew 8 with LCDR Heffernon (PC). Sounds great about having a VW-3 Reunion soon. I would like to hear from Shipmates during those glorious years (Jerry Glover, Les Sells, J. B. CraneGene Saner, Mad Dog Minor, Gillibeau and Robbins)..." [E-Mail/BIO Updated 29MAY2010 | 12JUL2001]

CRUZ, ADCS Benito Retired bacruz@cox.net "...I served with VAW-114 (1983-1986). We were the "Bbest in the West." I still have my HAWG Cap and NY HAWG Check Keychain..." [22FEB2013]

CRUZ, PNC Bob Retired robert.n.cruz@navy.mil "...I served with VP-6 from 1978 to 1981. I reported as a PNSN fresh out of "A" school and stood my 1st Line Watch within a week of reporting to the squadron while on deployment to the PI. Transferred as a PN2 to work as a Classifier at various stations in Ohio, Puerto Rico and Florida. Retired as a PNC, 2001 at NAS Pensacola, Florida. Currently working at PSD Pensacola as a Civil Service MIitary Personnel/Pay Clerk. Aloha to all..." [14NOV2009]

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