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How Do I Get Personnel Records? - Records - By law records can only be released to an individual or their next of kin. To get the record of a former Navy member who has served more than one year ago.

OnLine Request for Military Personnel Records WebSite

The National Personnel Records Center
9700 Page Avenue
St. Louis, Missouri, 63132
Phone: (314) 538-4141/3135/3071/3132

You will need to provide the following information: full name under which service was performed, service number and/or Social Security number, branch of service, dates of service, date and place of birth, and grade or rank at time of separation/retirement. The name is the most important piece of information to be provided. However,the more information you can provide, the better chance the person's record will be found. Record retrievals are an arduous process and may take up to three weeks.

For records of former Navy members who have served within the last six months to a year, contact:

Department of the Navy
Bureau of Naval Personnel
Attn: PERS313C1 REC
2 Navy Annex
Washington, D.C. 20370-3130
Phone: (703) 614-2983

UPDATE[14SEP2001] The National Personnel Records Center in St. Louis, Mo. (the repository for nearly all U. S. military records starting with WWII) announced four new customer service telephone numbers. They are:


Regardless of branch of service, NPRC says veterans can call any of the four numbers.
Is their a company that could research information on my Dad for a fee?

LinkGolden Arrow Military Research: Navy Military Service Records

I've included a link there to our Navy page where folks can request WWII Navy files. We have access to the service files from all time periods (prior to about 1975) but the major bulk of the work that we do is with the files from WWI through Korea.

Our services

We cut out the bureaucratic and at times frustrating experience of dealing with the government archives so that descendants of veterans can gain convenient access to all of the available records pertaining to their individual veteran. Our research service is faster, more conveneint, and often cheaper than ordering the same groups of records from multiple archival facilities where they are stored. Additionally, we offer digital scans of original archival records so that you can view your veteran's original documents, including complete military personnel records and photographs, exactly as they appear in their original form at the National Archives. We digitally scan your veteran's service records and then send the recods right to your email address. Our clients can experience the thrill of viewing their ancestor's military records without having to travel accross the country or navigate the often confounding archives ordering process.

Our expert researchers are physically on-site at several National Archive research facilities accross the country, including St. Louis and College Park. We work only with the original unit and personnel records that are maintained at these archival facilities. None of these records, which are physically housed at the National Archives, can be found on the internet. We take the guesswork out of which records you should request when researching your individual veteran, and we can put together a comprehensive research package often at a lower cost, and in a fraction of the time it would take you to order these records directly from the archival facilities where they are stored.

The process

We locate your veteran's military service records in person at the U.S. National Archives and then scan the entire record, page by page. Most military service records are ready within 1-2 weeks. Once we have your veteran's military service record scanned we send an invoice to your email address. You can pay the invoice securely using a credit/debit card or Paypal if you prefer. Once the invoice is paid the scanned service records are sent right to your email address. Our service is simple, convenient, and fast.

Geoff Gentilini
Lead Researcher
Golden Arrow Military Research

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