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Note NOTICE: "...I am doing research about a small seaplane tender USS Coos Bay (AVP 25) that served in the South Pacific during 1944. Her primary responsibility was to tend planes that did the Dumbo missions. She cared for planes primarily from squadrons VP-23, VP-71, VP-14 and VP-91. I would love to visit with anyone who is familiar with the USS Coos Bay (AVP 25) or how the squadrons she served operated...Steve Ekholm ekholm33@yahoo.com..." [26SEP2004]

Note NOTICE: "...I'm looking for bio information on Staffort L. Lambert, who served on the USS Coos Bay (AVP 25) in WW II. Don't know his rank, probably LT or LCDR. Any help appreciated...Colin Doane crdoane@earthlink.net..." [04JUL2001]

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