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FYNAN, John jjfynan@yahoo.com "...I was a "plank owner" on the USS Coos Bay (AVP 25) and served on board, as an Electrician's Mate, from 1943 until March of 1945..." [E-Mail Updated 14JAN2005 | 01DEC2001]

Memorial Picture "...KELLEY, AT1 Millard...My father, Millard Kelley, passed away in 1976...Dad served reported for service at NRS Pittsburgh, PA (25JUL42), NTC Great Lakes, IL (25JUL42-11OCT42), NAS Jacksonville, Florida (13OCT42-10FEB43), NAGS NAS Jacksonville, Florida (10FEB43-24MAR43), NAS DeLand (Datona Beach), Florida (24MAR43-22MAY43), FAW-1 (22MAY43-16AUG44), USS Coos Bay (AVP-25) (16AUG44-31OCT44), CASU-48 (31OCT44-07MAY45), Naval Air Station Terminal Island San Pedro, California (05JUL45-21APR46), NAS Corpus Christi, Texas (21APR46-08AUG46), R/S NAS Norfolk, Virginia (09AUG46_23AUG46), FASRON-1 (23AUG46-10SEP46), FASRON-2 (10SEP46-28MAY47), Attack Carrier Airgroup Three (28MAY47-14AUG47) and FASRON-1 (14AUG47-13JUL48). His awards were the World War 11 Victory Medal and the American Area Campaign Medal. My dad is buried at the Veterans Section of Vista Memorial Gardens in Miami Lakes, FL. When I visit, I can hear aircraft landing and taking off from the nearby Opa-locka Executive Airport, which was formerly the NAS Miami, Florida..." Contributed by Amy Carswel amyjeancarswell@gmail.com [22OCT2019]

RAMON, Lupe G. (Deceased) C/O His Son Samuel A. Ramon sramonfishes@yahoo.com "...My Father, Lupe G. Ramon (deceased), served on board the USS Coos Bay (AVP 25) during the Second World War. He entered the service on 9/4/43, and proceeded to the USS Coos Bay (AVP 25) directly from NTC in San Diego, CA. I too served in the Navy during the VietNam War, as a Search and Rescue Aircrewman with Helicoptor Combat Support Squadron One / Detachment Two. My father spoke rarely of the War, and I would like to know if someone could help in finding out when the USS Coos Bay (AVP 25) crossed the Equator during its Heroic tour of duty. I have an old Certificate that a "Shell Back" would receive when that tradition was accomplished, but it was never filled out. I crossed the Equator while I was attached to the USS MIDWAY, and I would like to have the dates that the USS Coos Bay (AVP 25) when my father was on board, and when I crossed be written into and authenticated by the Commanding Officer of NAS Corpus Christi, Texas. This would be my salute to my "Hero" and fellow Vereran, Lupe G. Ramon. Very Respectfully..." [12NOV2003]

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