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CARRIGAN, Paul E. "The Black Irishman" (Deceased) c/o His Brother Ralph O. Carrigan Rocarr28@aol.com "...Paul E. Carrigan (died June 22,2001) ex Chief Aerographer's Mate USN. Paul flew as a Fleet Air Wing Four Aerographer and a qualified combat aircrewman with VP-41, VP-42, VP-43, VP-45, VP-62, VP-131, VP-135, VP-136, and VP-139. Paul accumulated over two thousand flying hours in PBYs, PBY 5 As, PV-1 Venturas and PV-2 Harpoons. The author also served in the USS Casco (AVP-12), USS Hulbert AVD-6, USS Williamson (AVP-15)USS Gillis AVD-12, USS Indianapolis CA-35, USS S-35 S type Submarine (1923), and USS Lexington CV-2 (prior to Aleutian posting). Paul authored a book titled: "The Flying, Fighting Weathermen Of Patrol Wing Four" The book includes the two day bombing of Dutch Harbor by Japanese carrier planes. The continuous bombing of the Island of Kiska by the most unconventional dive bomber, The PBY Catalina and The Empire Express to Paramushiro. These three spiral bound volumes contain 868 pages covering World War II as it was fought in the Aleutian Islands of Alaska. These are the adventures of a seventeen year old enlisted man as he grows up in the next three years in this very cold corner of hell. . The book is available from the author's brother. And is printed as it was left due to the author's illness and death. Cost: $45.00 (postage included). Please contact Ralph O. Carrigan Rocarr28@aol.com or send a $45.00 check (postage included) to Ralph O. Carrigan, 5 Cutlass Way, Waretown, NJ 08758...I can now supply The Flying, Fighting Weathermen of Patrol Wing Four on a CD. The cost including postage is $25.00. Contact Ralph O. Carrigan Rocarr28@aol.com..." [BIO Updated 03JUL2003 | BIO Updated 02SEP2002 | 17OCT2002]

SCROGGINS, BM2 J.C. [Deceased] c/o His Son Tom Scroggins tom.scroggins@kmc-usa.com "...Are there any crew members of the USS Williamson (AVP-15) still amoung us? My father, J.C. Scroggins BM2, served aboard from '42 or '43 until the end of the war. Sadly, he passed away about eight years ago. If any of his old Shipmates have any memories of "Big Un" I'd sure like to hear them. Your generation's example inspired me to serve six years active duty and, so far, sixteen years reserve in the navy..." [23SEP2001]

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