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VP CrewCREWs: VB-112 Crew ThumbnailCameraVB-112 Crew 54 "...This picture was the official Navy picture of Crew 54 taken on July 11 at NAAS Chincoteague, VA. Fr- row L-R Ens, Allan Ray Larson, Lt. John E. Stevenson, Ens Karl Ray Marrs. Back L-R, L. R. Thurston AMM 1/c Plane Captain, R. O. Ricard S 1/c, Transfered, J. Haggerty ARM 3/c, R. L. Packard AOM 2/c, S. E. Northrup ARM 3/c, G. S. Bradford ARM 3/c First Radioman, We added two members to this crew before we joined VPB-112 that are not shown. They were C. E . Miller ARM 3/c and W. R. Thomas ARM 3/c..." Contributed by MARRS, K. Ray raymarrs@hit.net [26MAR2001]

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