VPNAVY Operation Poppy by Captain Edward M. Brittingham
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BooksBOOKs: "...I am the author of three previous books on PB4Y Operations in World War II (The Reluctant Raiders, We Flew Alone, and Above an Angry Sea). I am looking for veterans of PB4Y-1 Liberator Squadrons VB-103, VB-105, VB-107, VB-110, VB-111, VB-112, VB-113, and VB-114 for a possible book. I need photographs, first-hand accounts, and any other documentation that would be useful in explaining the use of the PB4Y-1 Liberator against Germany. As in my previous works, material used will be credited to the owner and returned. Thanks. Alan C. Carey acarey@austin.rr.com..." [11NOV2001]

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