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MishapsMISHAPs: 17 FEB 44 A/C: PB2Y-2 Coronado LOCATION: NAS North Island, San Diego, California BUNO: 1635 CAUSE: Killed in a Take Off Accident (Operational Flight) CREW: (Pilot) Struthers, Frederick E., Hobson, Samuel A., Larson, Milliman, Leonard T., Schumacher, Charles F., Gulley, J. H., Isenberg, M. F., Dodge, L. K., Ramsey, J. C., Verburg, W. G., Hushbeck, H. B. and Epperson, F. W. WebSite: Aviation Archaeological Investigation and Research http://www.aviationarchaeology.com/ [23SEP2008]

MishapsMISHAPs: 28 APR 44 A/C: PB4Y-1 PB4Y-1 Location: Green Island Strike: Yes BUNO: 32170 Cause: Test hop and engine run-in. After two hour test flight plane was on landing roll-out, when port tire blew. Plane sheared nearly one-hundred-eighty degrees to left on runway shoulder, after port side mount landing gear collapsed and nose wheel oleo subsequently collapsed. Plane and two engines :"Strike" Crew OK. Pilot Ens Ernfred Carlson A-V(N) USNR and Ens Robert J. Erlandson (co-pilot) A-V(N) USNR and seven ok. Contributed by Terry pb4y-2@sbcglobal.net [04SEP2001]

UPDATE"...My father, LT William J. Barry, served with VPB-115 in the Pacific in 1944. Dad was Crew-17 PPC. These are photograph's from Dad collection..." Contributed by David Barry irishbarr@yahoo.com [26JUN2018]

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MishapsMISHAPs: 22 APR 44 A/C: PB4Y-1 PB4Y-1 Unknown Strike: Yes BUNO: 32222 Cause: Unknown Killed in Action: LT William R. Doerr, ENS Harold E. Barrett, S1 Steve C. Burkhart, ARM3 Rocco C. Capobianco, AOM2 Reno A. Chiste, ARM2 Robert F. Holman, Bernard L. Johnson, AMM2 John J. Marrapodi, AMM3 John W. Megginson Jr. and AOM3 Thomas F. Reed. Contributed by Terry pb4y-2@sbcglobal.net [Crew Name Corrected 09JUN2015 | 04SEP2001]

UPDATEHistory ThumbnailCameraVP-115 Mishap Article "...I am still collecting information for my uncle’s story, Steve C. Burkhart, Jr. The 72nd anniversary of this plane’s disappearance was 22 Apr 2016. I thought you might like to see a summary of the 11 men on the plane—10 Navy and one AAF/Corps. I now have my uncle’s records and this information is confirmed in various records I received..." Contributed Martha Burkhart Collins marthacollins50@gmail.com [07MAY2016]

UPDATE "...You have an error on the name of one crew member. My uncle was Steve C Burkhart Jr. I am trying to identify the rest of the crew on that plane and found a group headstone listing 6 of the crew: http://www.findagrave.com/cgi-bin/fg.cgi?page=pv&GRid=40440897. Your website lists a Bernard L. Jackson but this marker and other information I have indicates the last name should be Johnson..." Contributed Martha Burkhart Collins marthacollins50@gmail.com [09JUN2015]

UPDATE "...My uncle, Rocco Charles Capobianco, served in the US Navy branch VB-115. He was reported missing on 4/22/44. I would love to know what happened to his plane, why did it go down, was it attacked, did it have trouble, did he survive the crash? I cannot find this information anywhere. His body was found buried in a grave, after the war, on an island and sent home for burial. Thank you...Lynn Vallario shortstuffteeny@yahoo.com..." [16NOV2005]

MishapsMISHAPs: 17 MAY 44 A/C: PB4Y-1 PB4Y-1 Location: Green Island Strike: Yes BUNO: 32115 Cause: Search Crashed, unknown cause. No inj "Strike". Contributed by Terry pb4y-2@sbcglobal.net [04SEP2001]

UPDATE After I questioned that post, Terry supplied the following:

"Naval Aviation Safety Center Aircraft Accident Reports" Microfilm roll #25 Aircraft accident card #44-14273:PB4Y-1;32115;VB-115;Green lsland;17 May 1944;Cause unknown;"Strike".

The Aircraft Action Report that I have attached indicates that BuNo 32115 participated in an a photo reconnaissance mission over Ponape, as a part of VD-4, on 17 May 1944. That is an obvious contradiction of the Navy data that Terry used. I have numerous other Aircraft Action Reports, each signed by Lt. Cmdr. C. H. Clark, Commanding Officer of VD-4, that report BuNo 32115 participating in reconnaissance missions until November of 1944 when we returned to the United States.

Two possibilities present themselves to me. One, and the most likely, is that the reference to BuNo 32115 in the Navy reports that Terry used are in error. If one examined the records of VB-115, I suspect that they would find that a plane with a BuNo similar to 32115 is the correct subject of these reports. In my opinion, the reference to the transfer between VD-4 and VB-115 is probably the result of an auditor revising the erroneous records to make them consistent.

He also offered the following in support of his position:

"Naval Aviation Safety Center Aircraft Accident Reports" Microfilm roll #25 - Aircraft accident card #44-14273:PB4Y-1;32115;VB-115;Green lsland;17 May 1944;Cause unknown;"Strike".

If I am correct in my belief that the serial number #44-14273 indicates that the aircraft was not delivered until 1944, then it is physically impossible for it to have been in action with VB-115 in 1943. Further, I can show you entries in my log book for 1943 and the first quarter of 1944, where I flew as a crewman in BuNo 32115. BuNo 32115 and I were attached to VD-4.

Below you will find copies of the official reports..." Contributed by T. W. McCarthy twmccarthy@aol.com [10NOV2002]
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MishapsMISHAPs: 20 MAY 44 A/C: PB4Y-1 PB4Y-1 Location: Green Island Strike: Yes BUNO: 32159 Cause: Crashed and exploded in the water three miles east of Pinipel Island after take-off on an operational mission from Green Island. All personnel killed: Pilot LT(jg) Steve Bolton Pitt A-V(N) USNR, ENSIGN Philip Frederick Reese A-V(N) USNR, ENSIGN Charles R. Marquois A-V(N) USNR, CAP Robert Cassleman (AA) USN, ACM Thomas Wilson Miller (PA), AOMB3 Howard Stanley Hasbrook, AOM2 Basil Edward Whitney, RM2 John Harvey Mitchell, RM2 Elmer Allan Bowman, AMM2 Andrew John Jelak, AMM3 John Francis Sturtevant, AMM2 James Fisher Stille, Jr. and AMM3 Tino Martinez Flores. Contributed by Terry pb4y-2@sbcglobal.net [04SEP2001]

UPDATE "...Cassellman should be Cassleman and Steele should be Stille. My reference is the Defense Prisoner of War - Missing Personnel Office (DPMO) and the National WWII Memorial web-sites for both crewmen and the Enlisted pilot name list on http://bluejacket.com/ for Cassleman..." Contributed by BASS, AD1 NAC/AW Tom Retired fortnut@gmail.com [21MAR2011]

MishapsMISHAPs: 12 JAN 45 A/C: PB4Y-1 PB4Y-1 Location: Unknown Strike: Yes BUNO: 38914 Cause: Routine Search. Take-off was started at 0612. Immediately leaving deck, pilot stats plane swerved to port and sever vibration was felt. This was verified by all surviving crew members. Pilot elected to cut throttles and plane continued down runway until it ran off the end. At a point seventy-five yards past end of runway, port gear struck a coral boulder at the edge of a roadway crossing end of strip. Port gear and nose gear collapsed at this point and plane skidded on it belly and remaining starboard gear until it came to rest eight-hundred feet beyond end of strip.Fire started in port wing section and immediately and rapidly enveloped the entire plane, which burnt to destruction. Crew: Pilot Lt E. Schreider USNR/Ok, Ens J. W. Welinski USNR/Ok, Ens W. R. Layne USNR/Ok, Rm3c R. N. Lipscomb USNR/Ok, Amm2c G. Padgett USNR/Seriously Inj, Rm3c F. Alesso USNR/Killed, Rm3c E. R. Moylan USNR/Ok, Aom3c G. B. Bind USNR/Ok, Aom3c F. I. Lee USNR/Seriously inj, Sea1c M. J. Lewis USNR/Ok, Sea1c B. G. Rivers USNR/Ok, and Art1c W. R. Hefferman USNR/Ok. Contributed by Terry pb4y-2@sbcglobal.net [22NOV2001]

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