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ALEXANDER, ARM1 Billy C. balexand@xroadstx.com "...I was in VPB-119 stationed at Clark Field, P.I. during the final phases of WWII..." WebSite: http://www.xroadstx.com/~balexand/ [06MAY98]

Memorial Picture "...ANTHONY, LT(jg) Robert J...My Dad, LT(jg) Robert J. ANTHONY, passed away June 11, 2005. Dad flew with VPB-119 aboard Crew-5 as a Co-Pilot. He earned a Bronze Star, 2 Gold Stars and a Distinguished Flying Cross. I miss Dad everyday. I would love to hear from anyone (Shipmate or relative) that may have known my Dad..." Contributed by Janet Anthony Stephens janetkanthony55@att.net [10JUL2014]

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CROWTHER, ADC George H. c/o His Son Jack Crowther hawncrow@email.msn.com "...I am seeking to contact members of VPB-119 who may have flown with George H. Crowther, ADC, USN during the 1943-1945 time period. George is my father, currently living in Georgia. Any contact with members of the squadron or their relatives would be greatly appreciated..." [12JAN98]

DaSILVA, Anibal Josť ww2ferreter@att.net "...It is very difficult finding much about "Dragon Patrol" VPB-119. Eugene Prezioso and I were ECM crewmembers after arriving from CASU-60. Previously we served aboard two Seaplane Tenders in Lingayen Gulf after arriving from CASU-60. When the second Tender was leaving for the states we asked to be returned to CASU-60. Can you provide any details about VPB-119? My plane was being locked on by radar fire control over the Haiphong/Hanoi area of French Indo-China when I detected it and warned the pilot in time to sweep downward as black flak peppered where we had been. With one sweep of a ship's radar detected, we homed in on a freighter with an aft superstructure and sunk it before we went up a Formosan harbor skimming the water. There were ships all around us but none fired since we were below their deck level. We exited as we entered. I was eventually assigned to VP-5. Towards the end of my enlistment, Pat Carr, a radioman whom I knew in VP-5, called me up and told me to apply for a Field Engineer position with Link Aviation, Inc. I did so and was hired. I worked at air force bases in the southeastern US, for MAAG(France) in West Germany and Morocco, the USAF in West Germany and at Link's plant as systems design engineer. I resigned to work for NASA at the Manned Spacecraft Center in Houston, Texas..." [25MAY2003]

DEATHERAGE, Paul E. c/o David C. Deatherage Shipmate Pix satx_dave@flash.net "...My dad, Paul E. Deatherage, served as an aviation radio technician (ART) with squadron VPB-119, operating out of Clark Field, Luzon during WWII. The squadron was the 1st to fly the newly issued PB4Y-2 "Privateer" patrol bomber out of the Philippines. Dad was still in high school at Salem, Missouri when the Japanese bombed Pearl Harbor. As soon as he graduated (June, 1943), he enlisted in the Navy and entered basic training at Camp Waldron of the Naval Training Station, Farragut, Idaho. After basic training, dad spent the next year and a half in various training schools [Chicago; Stillwater, OK; NAS Corpus Christi, Texas; San Clemente Is., CA] and was assigned to the squadron as an ART, 2c. His primary duty was a radar and counter measures technician. He caught up with VPB-119 at NAS Kaneohe Bay, Hawaii just prior to the unit's deployment to the Philippines in February, 1945. He was assigned to crew #4, commanded by PPC LT John W. Holt. Although he was assigned to Holt's crew, dad reported to the squadron's radar counter measures officer, LT(jg) Kent Comman, for duty instructions. On 1 May 1945, dad was on other assignment when LT Holt and crew #4 went on an offensive search mission over Hainan, Island. The plane failed to return and they were listed as MIA through the end of the war. The plane's crash site was eventually located in Ling Shui province, Hainan after the war and the crew remains repatriated to the States in 1949, see http://www.vpnavy.com/vp119_mishap.html. Dad continued to fly with various crews of the squadron through the end of the war, receiving his 1st class rating prior to returning to the States in November, 1945. Dad finished his enlistment in California and was Honorably Discharged on 1 July 1946. He was 21 years old when discharged. During his enlistment, dad received the Air Medal (+ Gold Star); Also, the Navy, Good Conduct Medal, the American Campaign, Asiatic Pacific Campaign, and WWII Victory ribbons/medals. Also, the Philippine Liberation Medal (+ Bronze Star). After the War, he went to college on the GI Bill and graduated from Austin College in Sherman Texas with a dual degree in mathematics and physics. He went to work in the burgeoning oil exploration business of north Texas and Oklahoma in the early 1950s. He became one of the top geophysicists for Shell Oil Company and eventually retired from them in the late 1980's. Dad had a stroke a few years ago and is disabled; he currently lives near Salt Lake City, Utah. We did manage to make it to the VPB-119/VP-7 Reunion in 2005 at the Museum of Naval Aviation in Pensacola, FL where he was honored with a plaque, commemorating his service during WWII..." [21JAN2007]

Memorial Picture "...DOVE, CDR William Kenneth...CDR William Kenneth Dove, USNR (Ret.) died March 5, 2012, at his home in McLean, VA. His last squadron assignment of the war was Bombing Patrol Squadron VPB-119, which earned much notoriety for action in the Philippines and China seas area. He flew with that squadron until late 1945, at which time he returned to the U.S. and was ordered to NAS Banana River, Florida (now Cape Kennedy), as instructor for advance training units..." WebSite NewsLeader http://www.newsleader.com/ [09MAR2012]

FAIR, Harold "Bud" [Deceased] c/o His Son Dennis Fair dennisfair@aol.com "...My dad, Harold "Bud" Fair from VPB-119 crew 12. He is now deceased as of 01 10 98. He died quickly from the flu. Otherwise he was just fine considering. He lived in Anaheim for 30 years then moved to Junction City Ca. where he passed away. I have his squadron book and his flight log that he kept. He was shot up over China in June, 1945. That discharged him from the Navy. He managed to re-enlist for one day at NAS Los Alamitos, California before he discharged him. He returned to Western Gear in LA where he worked cutting gears at the time the war started. He later began a career with Compton Police Department in California and ended his law enforcement career at Anaheim Police Department in 1973. Bud was aware of the Reunions for the various squadrons. I think he went to one. I forgot where that was. He was reluctantto attend because he said the units had been combined and the crews were all mixed up. And most of his original squadrons were gone. They did not return from their missions. I remember him going through the squadron book and putting his finger on crew after crew and telling me they were all killed. That was sad to hear. He quoted some fond memories of a lot of the guys. He would point hour their picture as he told about them. The last I knew of Spatrisano, (Spats) that he resided in the Dakotas or Min. Somewhere up in that area. Kingery (Crew 16) also lived in the Northern part of the country. "Skipper" Murphy lived in Florida. They all used to keep in touch. I only wish I would have sat down and made notes on all of the pictures in the squardon book reference the action photos. He was personally on some of those missions that were recorded. Does anyone know what the actual translation on the Japanese wrting on the cover? I am not sure if I should risk offending someone by showing it for a translation. I don't have a problem with doing, but today who knows how people will react now..." [27APR2002]

FORT, Frank R. agfrf39@aol.com "...I flew with VPB-119 in PBY2 BUNO: 59677. The squadron was based at nas NS Sangley Point, Philippines. I question the picture about Samar (SEE: VPB-119 Mishap 12 JAN 46). We went there only if a TYPHOON WAS HEADING FOR Manila. We were redesignated as VPHL-9 and we flew our planes to NAS Agana, Guam and turned them over to VPHL-2. The squadron then went back to the States to Miramar, California and we were the first squadron to get P2V2's. I was a crew member in 39326 and the sqyadron was designated VPML-7. After receiving all our aircraft from Lockheed, we relocated to NAS Quonset Point, Rhode Island. It was then redesignated VP-7. SO I HAVE flown with that squadron also with Rocky Rouser from VPB-119, VP-HL-9, VP-ML-7 and VP-7..." [30SEP2006]

GRATTAN, George H. ggrattan@microconnect.net "...I served as co-pilot with VPB-119 at Clark Field, Philippines, Isl. For "old times sake" I've been seeking former crew members. So far, I've found two only. I have all their names ,official ratings and their file numbers,but not their cities of origin. Does anyone out there have any ideas as to where I can go from here.Please e-mail me if you have some ideas. Thank you..." [09APR2000]

HOLLAND, Clarence c/o Mark Holland marmelemly@aol.com "...My Dad, Clarence Holland, served with VPB-119 and VPB-200 in 1945. Dad would like to hear from former Shipmates..." [22JAN2011]

HOULE, ATCS Frank Retired fhoule@bellsouth.net "...I am currently chairman of the VPB-119/VP-7 Reunion Committee and we have held Reunions since 1985. I have photos of P-2V-5 BUNO: 128373, 131449, and 131400. I also have a history and listing of the BUNO which was lost at NS Rota, Spain in 1964. I was the radionman on that flight and one of the last to speak with the crew when they relieved us on station near Gibraltar at approximatly 0200 hours. Any person who wishes to inquire about VP-7 and its history can contact me via email or fax at 904-269-3037,tele 904-264-9623..." [E-Mail Updated 22JUN2004 | 31DEC97]

Memorial Picture Shipmate Pix "...McINTOSH, PO3 Meldon...I am sad to report that Mr. Meldon McIntosh, who served with my dad in VPB-119 during WWII, passed away on January 12, 2007. I spoke with Mel often about his experiences during the war; he was an aviation radioman 3rd class & foreward top turret gunner on a PB4Y-2 bomber. He was one of the surviving members of Crew #12 (LT F.D. Murphy, PPC) that was shot down on the Luichow Peninsula on June 17, 1945 and rescued with the assistance of Chinese guerillas. Mr. McIntosh received the Distinguished Flying Cross, Air Medal, and Purple Heart. I really enjoyed talking with Mel. David C. Deatherage (Son of Paul Deatherage) satx_dave@flash.net..." [11MAR2007]

MORGAN, Albert L. almorgan@hal-pc.org "...I was a radio/radar operator assigned to VPB-119 at and immediately following the end of WW2. (Don't remember the exact dates.) We served at Clark Field on Luzon, Palawan and Samar in the Phillpines. I was discharged in July of 46 and re-enlisted in Aug 1948. I was immediately assigned to VPHL-3 in Miami, Fla. I served with VPHL-3, VP-23, VJ-2 and VW-4 in Miami and NAS Jacksonville, Florida from August 1948 until July 1956, flying PB4Y-2's, P2V's and WV's as a radio/radar operator. I flew many hours and in many hurricanes, (as we were called the "Hurricane Squadron") and visited many places. I'm sure not many on the net go that far back, but if so, let me hear from you..." [13JUN99]

PARIS, Emory D. paris1229@bellsouth.net "...I served with VPB-119 (Crew 14) from the time it was organized at NAAS Camp Kearny, California until August 1945. At that time our tour was completed and we returned to the states. In 1995 our crew had a Reunion in Dallas, Texas and there were eight members attending. One had died at that time (Robert Smith). I am happy to say that I still talk to our PPC Bill Schedler, who lives in Alameda, California. At this time there are five members of the crew still living. Flying with Bill Schedler was a great experience and as an 19 year old we learned alot about life in a hurry. Thanks for the opportunity to keep the history of Naval Aviation alive..." [29JUL2008]

Memorial Picture "...PEACOCK, ADJ3 Myrle W...Shipmate Pix...My Father, Myrle W. Peacock, passed away 4/23/2009...Dad was a Aviation Machinist Mate Third Class in the Navy in both the Second World War and Korea. During WW-II He was a tail gunner on a PB4Y-2 (The Navy version of the B-24) with VPB-119, Crew-22, and served in the Pacific including at Clark Field in the Philippines. He flew patrols that lasted up to 14 hours when they patrolled from Formosa (Taiwan) to Indo China (Viet Nam). He says he some how survived the bomb runs which were made at an altitude of 200 feet. He received the Distinguished Flying Cross and 4 Air Medals as well as numerous campaign medals. He was recalled in 1950 from the inactive Reserves and served in Korea during 1950 and 1951. While he was in Korea he was assigned to fly in a PBM flying boat squadron...I would like to hear from some of Dad's former Shipmates..." Contributed by Cecile Nessler cnessler@cox.net [04AUG2011]

Memorial Picture "...PRUITT, Julian E. Jr...I am sad to report that Julian E. Pruitt Jr. (VPB-119 Crew-16) passed away on September 28, 2012. He was in touch with several people on this board looking for information about loved ones. He shared a copy of the VPB-119 "yearbook" with several people and was glad to do so. He is missed by all that knew him..." Contributed by Karen P. Wilson kpwilson@wctel.net [27JUL2013]

SANDERS, Larry sandersla1@msn.com "...I served with VPB-119. I was a Naval Air Bomber and Bow turret gunner on a Privateer Bomber and we flew patrols on Formosa-Tip of Indochina-Hoi How and Swatow. We flew one patrol on a Typhoon and nearly lost our lives. The bomber following two hours behind us never returned..." [27JAN2003]

Memorial Picture "...SHANNONHOUSE, Russell William...Sunday, December 17, 2000 - Mr. Russell W. Shannonhouse of Lynn Haven passed away quietly at home Friday December 15, 2000, after a long illness. No services will be held. Russell Shannonhouse was born on August 2, 1921 in Edgewood Arsenal, Md., the son of Col. John G. and Lulu M. Shannonhouse, formerly of Ridge Road, Nevada City, Calif. In January 1961, after 20 years of service, Russell Shannonhouse retired from the U.S. Navy as a chief aviation ordnanceman. His 20 years of distinguished naval service included assignment to the U.S. Naval Training Center in NAS North Island, San Diego, California (1940-1941); MCAS/NAS Kaneohe Bay, Hawaii (1941-1943); Heavy Patrol Squadron VP-19 (PB4Y2) NS Sangley Point, Philippines (1944-1945); Aviation Supply Depot in Samar, Philippines (1945-1946); VPB-119 (1946-1947); VP-7 (1947-1949); NAS Alameda, California (1949-1951); USS Philippine Sca CV-47 (1951-1953, Korean War); FASRON-8 and VP-19 (P2V Neptunes) in NAS Alameda, California (1954-1959); NAS Moffett Field, California Attack Squadron VA-125 in Sunnyvale, Calif. (1959-1961). His naval fields of expertise included aviation ordnance, combat air crewman, special weapons and ordnance, and aviation fire control coordinator. After retirement from the U.S. Navy, Russell went to work as a planner and estimator at the Naval Air Repair Facility in NAS Alameda, California. Upon retirement from civil service, Russell Shannonhouse and his late wife Georgia Frances Purkett of Leadville, Colo., returned to Nevada City, Calif. in 1976. He was honored in 1995 as a Pearl Harbor survivor by Presidential decree. Upon the death of his wife Georgia in Dec. 1999, Russell moved to Lynn Haven to live with his son John and his daughter-in-law Susie. Russell is survived by his son Capt. John R. Shannonhouse USCG (Ret.) and his daughter-in-law Susie of Lynn Haven; grandson Greg and his wife Allison of Lynn Haven; great-granddaughter Brittany of Lynn Haven; and sister Jean Knowlton of Fresno, Calif. He will be missed dearly by all who knew and loved him. A special thanks to Hospice of Northwest Florida. At the request of the family, in lieu of flowers, please send donations to M.D. Anderson Hospital, Thoracic Research, UT, Houston, TX. Southerland Family Funeral Homes - Panama City, Fla. 32405 - 785-8532 - 100 E. 19th St..." http://www.newsherald.com/articles/2000/12/17/ob121700.htm [10JAN2004]

Memorial Picture "...SHELTON, Dwight...Dwight Shelton - Peoria Journal Star, October, 2003. PEKIN - Dwight Shelton, 85, formerly of Pekin, died at 6:18 p.m. Thursday, Oct. 23, 2003, at Elks National Home in Bedford, Va., where he has resided the past 12 years. A World War II Navy veteran, he attended aviation ordinance and air bomber schools. He served in the Naval Air Long Range Patrol Bomber Squadron VPB-119, based in the Philippines..." http://www.findarticles.com/p/articles/mi_qn4232/is_200310/ai_n11336445 [29MAR2005]

Memorial Picture "...SHUTE, ARM3 Kenneth W...Mr. Kenneth W. Shute, formerly ARM3c of VPB-119, passed away April 6, 2018. I enjoyed exchanging several emails with Ken regarding his service and the history of squadron VPB-119. He was a member of Crew #21 and flew out of Clark Field, Luzon, Philippines in 1945. His obituary is available online at https://www.panebakerfuneralhome.com/obituaries/Kenneth-Shute/#!/Obituary..." Contributed by David C. Deatherage satx_dave@flash.net [05AUG2018]

STEMPLE, Herbert B. http://www.timesreporter.com/left.php?ID=22673&r=5&Category=5 "...Salute to WWII Veterans -- Stemple served as aviation mate - Herbert B. Stemple, 78, of New Philadelphia served as an aviation machinist's mate 2nd class in the Navy Air Corps for almost three years during World War II. He trained at Great Lakes, Ill., attended Aviation Machinist's Mate School at Chicago, Ill., trained at Naval Air Technical Training Center at Memphis, Tenn., and spent six weeks at Naval Air Gunnery School at Hollywood, Fla., three months at the U.S. Naval Air Station at Fort Lauderdale, Fla., and five months at Santa Rosa, Calif. Stemple was a member of Torpedo Squadron 6, which included fighter planes, dive-bombers and torpedo planes. His was among several crews combined to form a night flying squadron. He was transferred to patrol bombing squadron VPB-200 and then to VPB-119, the squadron he served with in the Philippines from the spring of 1945 until after the war ended. Stemple said a heavily armed, lone plane with a crew of about a dozen men patrolled one of three sectors every third day. Two other planes patrolled the other sectors. The average flight lasted about eight hours, but some lasted 12, he said. For his service, Stemple was awarded the Air Medal, Distinguished Flying Cross, Victory Medal, Asiatic Pacific Medal with one star and Philippine Liberation Medal with one star. A 1942 graduate of Tuscarawas High and a 1947 graduate of Akron Trade Institute, Stemple worked for several area businesses before retiring from the City of New Philadelphia in 1992, after 22 years of service. He and his wife, June, have one daughter, Jodotha Hren of New Philadelphia, three grandchildren and one great-grandchild..." [29NOV2005]

WORD, Walter c/o Loyd M. Thompson, Jr. loyd_thompson@hotmail.com "...I've had the great fortune to befriend Walter Word who served with both VPB-122 and VPB-119 as a pilot during WWII. During the past two years, I've had the priviledge of listening to his many stories from the war years. As Walt's friends and I prepare for his 82d birthday, I started researching a way to pay tribute to his service. Thanks to your website, I've been able to have both VPB-122 and VPB-119 insignas and artwork produced for him. Walt and members of one of his crews (sorry, I'm not familiar with the tail number, or other designation) have had re-unions for numerous years. Unfortunately, their numbers have started to decline as is inevitable with age. Recently, two members of that group were able to attend a re-union in Grandbury, Texas, where they participated in a patriotic salute to our veterans. Please post this to your VPB-122 and VPB-119 page and ask that members of those units who remember Walter Word to contact me via e-mail so that I can include their names make a part of his birthday celebration on April 13th. Thank you for the service you provide to the veteran community..." [04APR2004]

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