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Note NOTICE: "...My name is Aaron Lehl and I am a World War II/Cold War Analyst at the United States Army Central Identification Laboratory, Hawaii (CILHI). CILHI is responsible for searching for, recovering, and identifying unaccounted for U.S. servicemen lost in past wars. I am currently investigating the loss of an aircraft crash site recently discovered on Kiska Island. Wreckage indicates that the aircraft is either a PBY-5 or an OA-10 (the U.S. Army version of the PBY). I am quite confident that the aircraft is in fact a PBY based on numbers found on the wreckage, and that the aircraft belonged to VP-142 and was lost on 4 June 1942. I am trying to find out the fate of the crew. I would greatly appreciate that anyone with information concerning this loss contact me. Thank you much, Aaron...Aaron N. Lehl DELETE_lehla@cilhi.army.mil..." [16NOV2002]

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