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DALY, James c/o Scott Daly scottdaly@hotmail.com "...My Father, James Daly, was a Pilot and served with VP-772 our of NAS Atsugi, Japan from January 1951 to August 1951 and VP-142 during WWII. I'll forward all messages to Dad..." [08APR2009]

HORAN, LTJG John R. JHoranjr@aol.com "...My father, LTJG John R. Horan, was an aviator with VPB-142 during the war. He recently passed away. I am looking for anyone who knew him or knows of any more sites that might go into deeper detail about the exploits of the Squadron. Thank You.....Fair Winds and Following Seas..." [24SEP2001]

MARKHAM, Robert c/o His Son Joseph Markham jmarkha1@twcny.rr.com "...My father flew with VPB-142 and then VPB-137 as they left Hawaii for Midway and the South Pacific. He did two tours in the SP with VPB-137 (second tour the CO was Porter). My dad's name is Robert Markham. In Aug 43 he co-piloted for Fred MacFarland (Big Mac). Mac had come from the Aleutians and had some combat flying experience. At this time they were in VPB-142. In Sep or Oct 43 they transfered to VPB-137, went to Walace Island and then Funifuti Island in the Ellice Island group. In dec 43 they moved to Tarowa in the Gilberts about one week after it was taken by the ground troups. They were relieved by VPB-142 in Jan 44, returning to Alameda in Feb 44. After leave, the squadron reformed (VPB-137) and trained in the San Waken Valley in CA. Good friends were Schaffer, Carlson, and Berkowitz. They were stationed near Patterson CA and Berkowitz married Sue Patterson while there. Aug 44 VPB-137 left the US to the Philippines. They went to the Admiralty Islands flying sub patrols around Manus Island around Nov 44, Moriti Island Dec 44 and then Tacloman on Leyte Gulf. My father and Berkowitz were the first two Navy officers into Clark Field. Here, Berkowitz drew a pencil sketch of my father, Robert Markham. We still enjoy this drawing. From Clark Field they flew patrols over the China coast and Formosa. Here he bombed an alcohol factory on formosa and flew cover for the USS Bullhead as she picked up a downed piolet. The Bullhead never returned according to my father. On a search I recently did, the Bullhead is listed as going down on Aug 6, 45 in the west end of Lombok Strait. VPB-137 returned to the states in July 45. I would be interested in learning more about VPB-137 and would like to hear from anyone who knows more about what I described above..." [E-Mail Updated 28NOV2000 | 20MAR98]

Memorial Picture "...O'CONNOR, AO2 Henry S. "Hank"...My Father, Henry S. "Hank" O'Connor, passed away October 2, 2009 at the age of 84. Dad served with VPB-142 at NAS Los Alamitos, California with deployments to MCBH Kaneohe Bay, Hawaii (training) and Hawkins Field, Tarawa Atoll where they conducted strikes against Emidj Island, Jaluit Atoll, Marshalls islands. I would love to hear from anyone that may have known my Father..." Contributed by Bob O'Connor bo56678@gmail.com [17FEB2013]

WALKINSHAW, David djwinor@cp.com "...VB/VPB-142 ('43-45) Mr. David Walkinshaw, 358 Lower Vista Ct. NW, Salem, OR 97304. 503-373-9894..." http://www.warships1.com/reunion_airgroup.htm [21DEC98]

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