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ReunionsREUNIONs: "...VP/VPB-148 will hold it's 66th Year Squadron Reunion September 14-17, 2010 at the Radisson Suites Hotel, Tucson Airport, Tucson, Arizona..." Contributed by KALMANSON, William c130manson@aol.com [01SEP2010]

ReunionsREUNIONs: "...VB/VPB-148 will hold it's 58th Year Squadron Reunion October 3-5, 2002 in Albuquerque, New Mexico. The Sheraton Albuquerque Uptown will be the host hotel (505-881-0000). Earl Richards, Chairman (505-298-1825) and Perry Ustick, Secretary/Treasurer (850-932-6979)..." Contributed by J. T. Wilson WilsonJT_566@msn.com [05MAY2002]

ReunionsREUNIONs: "...VPB-148 Reunion is scheduled for San Antonio in October 2000..." Contributed by J. T. Wilson thomas45@gte.net [01OCT2000]

UPDATE "...56th year Reunion of VB/VPB-148 (1st & 2nd tours) October 9, 10, & 11, 2000.

Headquarters: Homewood Suites Hotel
423 West Market Street
San Antonio, Texas 78205-2920
PH: (800)-544-1425 or (210)-222-1515
FX: (210)-222-1575

Joe Steves, Chair Perry Ustick, Sec/Trea(830)-899-4992 (850)-932-6979..." Contributed by J. T. Wilson thomas45@gte.net, VPB-148, Crew 6, 2nd. Tour ..." [04OCT2000]


ReunionsREUNIONs: "...VB/VPB-148 at Albuquerque, New Mexico hosted by Earl Richards at (505)294-1301..." Contributed by William Kalmanson c130manson@aol.com [29DEC98]

ReunionsREUNIONs: VP-148 Reunion Pix "...Picture of ARM3C Thomas P. Humhrey and wife Martha at the 26SEP98 through 01OCT98 Reunion in Niagara Falls, NY..." Contributed by William Kalmanson c130manson@aol.com [29DEC98]

ReunionsREUNIONs: "26SEP96--VB/VPB 146: 26-28 SEPT '96, San Diego, CA. Contact Harry Haines, Jr., P.O. Box 29, Monmouth, ME 04259, (207) 933-4519." http://www.cais.net/fra/navalaff/9608/nareunio.html

ReunionsREUNIONs: ""...06NOV95--VB/VPB-148 on Nov 6-8'95 at San Diego, CA Contact Perry Ustick 28 Pine Tree Dr. Gulf Breeze, FL 32561 Phone 904-932-6979..." Source Shift Colors Fall 1995 "http://www.teleport.com/~jgriffin/lastyear.htm

ReunionsREUNIONs: "13OCT97--VB/VPB-148 (WWII), 13-15 OCT 1997, Oklahoma City, OK: Perry Ustick, 228 Pine Tree Dr., Gulf Breeze, FL 32561 (904) 932-6979..." http://www.erols.com/dutrauch/reunions.html

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