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BooksBOOKs: VPNAVY BookTitle: "VPNavy! USN, USMC, USCG and NATS Patrol Aircraft Lost or Damaged During World War II" by LCDR Douglas E. Campbell, USNR (Retired) dcamp@aol.com "VPNavy! USN, USMC, USCG and NATS Patrol Aircraft Lost or Damaged During World War II" Thousands of hours of research have culminated in this First Edition of U.S. Navy, U.S. Marine Corps, U.S. Coast Guard and Naval Air Transport Service patrol aircraft lost or damaged during World War II. Within these 600+ pages can be found more than 2,200 patrol aircraft across nearly 300 squadron designations; the majority of the aircraft complete with their stories of how they were lost or damaged or simply Struck Off Charge (SOC) and removed from the Navy’s inventory. Of interest to the reader may be the alphabetical Index to the 7,600+ names of Officers, aircrewmen and others mentioned in the book. Squadrons, etc. mentioned include: VB/VP/VPB, FAW, VD, VH, VJ, VMD, VR, NATS, NAS, etc. You may purchase as copy through: Lulu Press, Inc.. Contributed by LCDR Douglas E. Campbell, USNR (Retired) dcamp@aol.com [26FEB2018]

VP ModelsMODELs: Pacific Aircrft ModelVP-17 P2V-5 Neptune P2V-7 Neptune: The P2V Neptune was the standard reconnaissance plane of the US Navy during the post-war period ending in the early 1960s. The P2V-7 had twin turbo jets in addition to the two piston engines, a design that began with the P2V-5. Model #: AP02V7 Span: 17.25" Length: 15.25" Price: $139.95 [27APR2006]

VPNAVY gets 25% commission for every aircraft sold!

BooksBOOKs: VPNAVY Book PBM ThumbnailCamera Title: The Fighting Flying Boat: A History of the Martin PBM Mariner by Richard Alden Hoffman dickdot@san.rr.com.

Squadrons, Tenders, etc. include: VP-13, VP-16, VP-17, VP-19, VP-20, VP-21, VP-22, VP-25, VP-26, VP-27, VP-28, VP-32, VP-55, VP-56, VP-73, VP-74, VP-98, VP-100, VP-104, VP-111, VP-117, VP-119, VP-120, VP-201, VP-202, VP-203, VP-204, VP-205, VP-207, VP-208, VP-209, VP-210, VP-211, VP-212, VP-213, VP-216, VH-1, VH-3, VH-4, FAW-3, FAW-5, FAW-9, FAW-11, FAW-12, FAW-16, USS Albemarle (AV-5), USS Pocomoke (AV-9), USS Casco (AVP-12), USS Chincoteague (AVP-24), USS Pocomoke (AV-9), and USS Chandeleur (AV-10).

BooksBOOKs: Title: "C-C-Cold War Syndrome: Or Remember, It's Break Ground and Fly Into the Wind" by SPAULDING, CAPTAIN Gerry Retired gerkar@comcast.net. The book is a collection of 43 humorous non-fiction short stories including some about VP-17 and VP-23. [05DEC2001]

UPDATE "...I'm happy to report that the second edition of Cold War Syndrome, my book of short stories (including half a dozen VP-17 stories and a couple from VP-23), has just been republished in e-book, soft cover and hard cover formats. Also, my first novel, Decree, will be republished in all three formats in early 2003, with its sequel, Takeout, due to be published approximately nine months later. Eight of the short stories from Cold War Syndrome are posted along with a bunch of other stuff on my web site at http://www.ghspaulding.com/. Two of the eight stories, "Waddlethromp" and "Zero-g," are about VP-17. While the web site is unabashedly promotional in nature, it is not a commercial site, as nothing is sold from it. Its real purpose is to post things I hope friends will enjoy reading. It also takes the place of a Christmas letter. Hope you are all well and have a great new year...SPAULDING, CAPTAIN Gerry Retired gerkar@comcast.net..." [29DEC2002]

BooksBOOKs: Title: "Last Battle: The Mayaguez and the End of the Vietnam War" by Ralph Wetterhahn WCadence@aol.com. It covers the history of the final official battle of the Vietnam War, the Mayaguez Incident, in which P-3 Orions from the Philippines and Thailand were major participants. The engagement occurred near Tang Island from May 12-15, 1975, during which P-3s were instrumental in the conduct of combat operations, one of the Orions sustaining AAA battle damage while identifying the hijacked merchant ship, SS Mayaguez. The USS Wilson later recovered the hijacked crew of the US registered container ship. This occurred after a P-3 spotted the crew on a Thai fishing trawler during a 14-hour ground battle which was underway involving US Marines, Sailors, and Air Force crews against a well dug in force of Khmer Rouge defenders. In the process of researching this book in Cambodia, I uncovered the fate of the final three casualties of the war. Squadrons mentioned include: VP-4 VP-17. [29MAR2001]

BooksBOOKs: Title: "Seaplanes at War: A Treasury of Words and Pictures" A history of Combat Aircrews in Navy Patrol Bombing Squadrons in the pacific during WWII by Don Sweet SweetUsn@aol.com...WEBSITE: http://hometown.aol.com/sweetusn/index.html [30APR99]

BooksBOOKs: Title: Patrol Squadron Seventeen: NAS Adak, Alaska deployment, December 1989 - June 1990. Also known as: White lightning world tour : NAS Adak, Alaska, Dec '89 - Jun '90...Patrol Squadron Seventeen 1990...Other Information: Publisher: [S.l : s.n., 1990?]...Description: 128 p. : ill. (some col.), ports. ; 29 cm...Location: GEN. COLL. VG94.6.P36 U6 1990 cc.1[(Lib. use][only)] http://www.history.navy.mil/library/ [Link Updated 24APR2001]

BooksBOOKs: Title: "PBM Mariner in Action Including the Martin P5M Marlin, JRM MARS and P6M Seamaster Number 74" [VP-7, VP-14, VP-16, VP-17, VP-18, VP-19, VP-21, VP-26, VP-31, VP-32, VP-45, VP-47, VP-48, VP-50, VP-55, VP-74, VP-202, VP-206, VP-211, VP-216, etc.] [23DEC99]

BooksBOOKs: Title: "Decree" The lead character is a former P-3 pilot. Authored by former P-3 Pilot Captain Gerry Spaulding, Retired gerkar@comcast.net who served with VP-17 and VP-23. [17JAN2000]

BooksBOOKs: "...I'm interested in obtaining post WW-II photos of PB4Ys including those that served with France, China, and other countries. A few squadrons that flew PB4Y include: VD-2, VP-9, VP-17, VP-22, VP-23, VP-24, VP-28, VP-42, VP-120, VP-122, VP-143, VP-197, VP-200, VP-772, VP-871, VPW-1, VPW-2, VPW-3, VPM-1, VJ-1, VJ-61, VW-1, VW-2, VC-11, to mention a few! As you know, the PB4Y-2 continues to serve after 56 years of service. I am thinking of doing a pictorial history of the PB4Y-1 and 2 (1946-Present). Anyone interested contributing photos and stories will be credited in the book. I will pay for the cost of copying. Sincerely, Alan C. Carey acarey@austin.rr.com..." [06JUN2000]

BooksBOOKs: VPNAVY BookTitle: "COFFEE ON THE WING BEAM-Memories of the P2V Neptune" By Capt. Brian McGuiness USNR (Ret.). (Coffee On The Beam Order Form) From Operation Market Time in Vietnam to the latter days of the Cold War, with vignettes of the Pueblo seizure, the earlier Korean War, the Truculent Turtle, and all eight models of the venerable P2V Neptune aircraft. The author recalls the excitement, luck, redeemable stupidity, brilliance and shenanigans that made up the modus operandi of patrol aviation. Knights of the Red Branch Press, P.O. Box 296, Clearlake, WA 98235-0296. 140pp of text, maps and illustrations, and 16pp of photographs. Paperback $11.95 plus $3 shipping/handling. Contact author for Brochure and ordering information at (360)856-4010. [Price Updated 05DEC2001 | 10SEP98]

UPDATE "...Coffee On The Wing Beam is SOLD OUT. I don't intend to produce a 3rd printing. I am (the author) NOT the seller of used copies of the book as promoted and priced on Amazon.com at over $100 per copy. I hope no one buys any of them..." Contributed by Captain Brian McGuiness [10MAR2010]

UPDATE "...I just released a "second printing" in larger format! It is now available for ordering (Coffee On The Beam Order Form)..." [05DEC2001]

UPDATE "...First printing sold out: Contact Knights of the Red Branch Press to have your name placed on a mailing list for notice of the second printing sometime in 2001. Sorry, I don't have any idea at this time of the future cost...Brian McGuiness..." [21JUN2000]

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