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Crew M-16

VP CrewCREWs: VPB-197 Crew ThumbnailCameraVPB-197 Crew M-16 "...My father, Melvin T. Groska, was a member of VPB-197. I was recently given some pictures of my Dad when he was first enlisted in the navy and I now have a picture of him and his crew. CK-493 Crew M-46 NAAS Camp Kearny, California - June 14, 1945. Left to Right - Top Row: Hartwell, Unknown, W. Conway, J. J. Walsh, R. J. Wallenstein, Unknown and M. T. Groska. Left to Right - Bottom Row: Unknown, H. E. Hawman, Paul E. Hastings and Unknown..." Contributed by David Groska david_groska@msn.com [26APR2010]

Crew 153

VP CrewCREWs: VPB-197 Crew ThumbnailCameraVPB-197 Crew 153 "...Number: CK-494 Date: Jun 12, 1945 Taken By: Kearney Subject: Crew 153 of VPB-197..." WebSite: EBay http://search.ebay.com/_W0QQsassZblamartQQhtZ-1 [24MAY2007]

Crew Unknown

VP CrewCREWs: VP-197 Crew Thumbnail VPB-197 Crew "...Beer Party (Clipper Beach) MCAS/NAS Kaneohe Bay, Hawaii November 1945. Photo taken by Stephen Matriyitz VPB-197..." [01JUL2001]

VP CrewCREWs: VP-197 ThumbnailCameraVP-197 Crew "...Back: Nichols (1 Rad), Foley (Mech), Hanson (Ord), Thompson (Gun), Ball (Gun), and Brownlee (COP)...Front: Walkowiak (PC), Klotz (2 Rad), Peterson (?), Leydecker (Ord), Taylor (COP), and Sayre (PPC)..." Contributed by Jim Brownlee rkymtnnews@aol.com [27APR2000]

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