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Note NOTICE: "...My father, AO1 Walter (Bud) Polen Jr., died in a VP-26 NAS Brunswick, Maine Mishap (April 14th, 1952). According to my Dad's Flight Log - he also served with VB-4 NAS Masters Field, Miami, Florida, VPB-197 NAAS Camp Kearny, California, VPB-200 MCAS/NAS Kaneohe Bay, Hawaii and VPB-111 Palawan Is. P.I. I am hoping to find the man that was also aboard and survived E.G. Buck (Edward Guy Buck). I was a little girl when this happened and I so badly want to hear from anyone who knew my father. I am also looking for a man named Jack. He brought home my father's remains home to Alden, NY, near Buffalo, NY. He took us to Niagara Falls before he went home. I remember him so fondly. I would love to find him or find someone who knows who he is. Please contact me. Thank you, Cindy Polen Novick ourprince@verizon.net..." [Updated 24JUN2006 | 09MAR2006]

UPDATE I'm searching for Bob and Kay Lindberg. They were close friends of my parents (Bud and Eileen Polen) back in the 40's and 50's, when they were in the Navy. Bob & Kay were originally from Duluth, MN, probably born in the 20's. He was a radio man 1st class in the 50's. In 1960 - they were stationed in CA. They had 2 daughters - Kathy & Susan, I would love to find them or anyone who knows about them. My father, Walter Polen Jr. (Bud) was killed in Brunswick ME. in 1952. Any help appreciated....Cindy Polen Novick ourprince@verizon.net..." [26SEP2006]

UPDATE History ThumbnailCameraWalter (Bud) Polen Jr. "...Here are two photos of my dad. I am not sure how well the one in his uniform will show up. The other one is better and is the last photo taken of my father before he died.....Christmas 1951....Cindy Polen Novick ourprince@verizon.net..." [28AUG2006]

UPDATE "...I received a phone call from the son of the man who survived the crash that took my father's life. Thank you very much...Cindy Polen Novick ourprince@verizon.net...Cindy Polen Novick ourprince@verizon.net..." [08JUL2006]

Note NOTICE: "...Gentlemen: I represent the Stillwater Airport Memorial Museum of Stillwater, Oklahoma. For your information, our airfield was a storage and disposal site for 82 PB4Y-1's, (approximately a third of the total naval inventory of this particular type of aircraft), immediately after World War Two. Please be informed that for over the past eight years I have been writing a book about all of the 475 combat aircraft that were scrapped at Searcy Field. I am in the final stages of preparation of my book. Unfortunately, I'm lacking information and photographs concerning many of the Navy Liberators that were flown to Stillwater including: BUNO/SQUADRON: 31974 VF-4, 31986 VD-3, VMD-254, 32030 VB-103 VPB-105, 32041 VPB-105, 31991 VB-109, 32106 VD-1 VPB-197, VD-3, 32130 VB-109 VPB-121, 32133 VMD-254, 32152 VB-106 VPB-109, 32154 VB-106 VPB-109, 32156 VB-200 VPB-122, 32158 VD-3, 32232 VMD-254, 32311 VD-1, 32314 VD-1 VPB-122, 38970 VPB-103 VPB-114 VPB-117 , 46735 VPB-104 VPB-143, 65303 VB-112, VB-114, 65311 VPB-113, 65313 VPB-113, 65314 VPB-103 VPB-114, 65384 VPB-113, 65392 VPB-114, 65393 VPB-103 VPB-114, 65394 VPB-103 VPB-114, 90132 VPB-103 VPB-114, 90135 VPB-103 VPB-114, 90467 VPB-114, 90468 VPB-114, 90469 VPB-114, 90474 VPB-103 VPB-114. Any assistance you can give my organization will be greatly appreciated! Thank you. Sincerely, John L. Dienst, Curator (Emeritus), Stillwater Regional Airport Museum, 20365 Lorain Road B-7, Fairview Park, Ohio 44126...John L. Dienst Dienst@hotmail.com..." [Home Address updated 03MAR2004 | 13JAN2000]

Note NOTICE: "...Donald W. Burrack, Service #363838, Co-Pilot and Ralph R. Babler, Service #363632, Co-Pilot of PB4Y-2, VPB-197 are looking for Owen James Banks, Service #170364, PPC...USSDubuque@aol.com..." [01JAN99]

Note NOTICE: Shipmate Pix "...My father, LCDR Clifford B.Hawley Jr. flew for VPB-197 and VPB-102 stateside. Unfortunately he passed away in 1968. I'd like to hear from anyone who might have stories of his military years '43-'54 flying PV-1s, PV-2s, PB4Y-1s and PB4Y-2s. My father flew 38 different PB4Y-2s but I have only 3 confirmed photos/serial numbers...Steve Hawley stevepb4y@carolina.rr.com" [E-Mail Updated 30JUN2002 | 19JAN98]

UPDATE "...Here are some photo's from my Dad's collection. If you recognize any, please let me know - thanks...Steve Hawley stevepb4y@carolina.rr.com..." [22MAR98]

CrewCamera"...Row-Left to Right: Wm. Nicol, Radioman-Tommy Gardner, Mechanic-Unknown, Navigator-LCDR Clifford, B. Hawley, Pilot-Unknown, Co Pilot-Donald M.Roberts, Ordinance-Joe McConnell, Ordinance. Front Row: Charles J. Ernst Jr, Radioman-Charles J Schneider, Ordinance-H. A. "Pappy" Lieurance, Bombardier-C. H. Bogsrud, Mechanic-David Meadows, Ordinance...The crew shot was taken at Camp Kearney,Ca. (Note: In 1929 and 1930 the U.S. Navy was looking for a site for a west coast derigible base and had narrowed the initial long list to 2 finalists, Camp Kearney near San Diego and what is now NAS Moffett Field, California). LCDR Clifford B.Hawley is in the middle with Charles Ernst?..."
Aircraft "...The side rear shot of the PB4Y-2 is BuNu 59735,with 103 in white on the outer cowl..."
CrewCamera "...The PV-1 making a low pass by the tower at NAS Beaufort, South Carolina..."
CrewCamera "...My father is 'dead center' of the second row..." [Updated 11APR98]

UPDATE 02MAR98: "...Please let me apologize for not responding to the messages sent to me. My computer was down. Hopefully, all have received my thanks. If you have any stories about my father or anyone else, it's worth your time to respond. Each line is golden to the son, daughter, friend and will be remembered for a life time. I know. Just the little response I got made me laugh and cry. These were not elaborate tales but because my father died so young, it made me feel closer to him. Example: "Took a wild flight thru the Grand Canyon and scared the HELL out of a Boy Scout Camp by buzzing it." Another: "I know that we searched for a lost PB4Y-2 during training in Fla. Lost a good friend then. We had gone thru radio school together. Never found the plane." Thank you Charles Ernst Jr. Thank you forever!...Steve Hawley stevepb4y@carolina.rr.com..."

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