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Note NOTICE: "...My father flew a PBM in squadron VP-207. As his health is not good I am trying to locate information for him on his old squadron. His name is Robert Masters, and he flew alongside Richard Hartnup. Unfortunately he cannot remember the names of any of his crew or buddies from that time. Would appreciate an e-mail from anyone who has additional info on this squadron, or perhaps knew my father or his Shipmate...Richard. Craig Masters mediamaven2@yahoo.com..." [06OCT98]

Memorial Picture "...My father, Robert Masters, died this past January. Prior to his death we had a final chance to discuss his Navy experiences. He entered Northwestern U.'s Naval Aviation school in June 1943. Was assigned to VP-207 and piloted a PBM Mariner as LTjg. Dad flew missions out of Florida. One of his crew members was Richard Hartnup. His Flight Log lists the last names of some of his crew/passengers: Cowperthwaite, Smith (who was the second pilot), Dougal, Lehman, Brooks, Grant, Stahl, Clapp, Ratti, Gott, Olson, Hallmark, O'Kelley, Swann, Prose, and Hamister. The PBM he flew was RP-53. One of their biggest missions was flying escort to the Yalta Conference...Craig Masters mediamaven2@yahoo.com..." [02SEP99]

Note NOTICE: "...My father was a member of VPB-207 and VP-25 during WW2. My father was Kenneth Gage Macaulay passed away 16 September 1994. I know he was very proud of his service life... If anyone knew my Father or has any information they would like to share - please e-mail me. Thanks... Respectfully: ATC(AW) David A. Macaulay xpc01@voicenet.com, Patron 64, NAS Willow Grove, Pennsylvania...."

UPDATE 28JAN98-"...When I called my dad he remembered Kenny Macaulay very well and he had a very poignant story to relate. If Mr. Macaulay is who he remembers he was involved in an incident during the second invasion of the Phillipines that may be very interesting to his son. Seems Kenny and another pilot were taking off from Mindora when they hit a reef. The aircraft broke up and was burning. Kenny and all hands got out but the other pilot had a foot trapped under the rudder pedals. Kenny tried valiently to get him out but was unsuccessful. He was deeply troubled by this and never really got over it. He couldn't sleep and would wakeup screaming for the lost man. I sent this information to Mr. Macaulay's son...Tim Whaylen Timamcdlh@aol.com..."

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